10 Most Common Fibromyalgia Flares – Causes and Issues

Fibromyalgia Flares

What Is a Flare?

A fibromyalgia flare is a temporary increase in the intensity of the condition symptoms.  Generally, the first two symptoms of what’s known as a fibro-flare, are increased pain and increased fatigue.

Other symptoms of a flare also include poorer sleep, increasing cognitive problems and digestive problems.

Flares can last for a day, weeks, or months. When flares last a long time it can be very hard for a patient to cope with. It is important to remember that it will reduce and won’t last forever.

But the best way to prevent flares is to identify the causes and then try to avoid the triggers. Sometimes it can be hard to identify triggers as flares can take place 48 hours later.

What Causes a Fibromyalgia Flare?

There are a wide variety of causes and of course, every patient and every case is unique, however, there are a number of common triggers which fibro patients have identified as causing these problematic flare ups of the condition. Here is the top ten:

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