Unexplained hand pain a symptom for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has now become very common for people of any age. People get the symptoms of fibromyalgia even in the young age.

They experience chronic pain in some part of their body which becomes difficult to diagnose.

Usually body parts experience such pains mainly in the muscle region and soft tissue region.

This pain can be sometimes severe but there will not be any symptoms of swelling in the bone joints or the affected part.

Fibromyalgia can be considered as the mysterious disease in the modern era. It is believed that some of the human activities are the direct responsible factors for fibromyalgia and it effects.

Hand pain due to continuous writing

Some people experience severe hand pain when they write for few hours continuously.

When they are practiced to such things they tend to get such hand pains even in a short span of time.

Patients with fibromyalgia report persistent pain in their thumb making it difficult for them to write continuously.

People suspect this can be a symptom of fibromyalgia as they experience continuous problems with their hands and foot when this usually happens in all other parts of their body.

If you have a fibro body it might be difficult to distinguish between a normal pain and a pain caused by fibromyalgia.

In the case of continuous writing, the hand pain and fibromyalgia can be a major reason for your continuous problems.

Sometimes when a hand pain can even occur if you don’t use your hands.

This can happen when you actually try to pick up some object with the help of your hand.

For a fibro body, a light touch can create severe pain in some of the body parts.

Understanding hand pain and fibromyalgia

In case of hand pain and fibromyalgia, some factors that can be a reason for severe hand pain can be to ones that you do every day.

Usually when there is no proper blood flow in the hand muscles, it can constitute to fibromyalgia.

Sensitive nerves present in the hand when exposed to damage or any other disorder can give you continuous pain.

This pain can be experience during the day time when your hand is involved in various activities and even more during the sleep.

Some people keep their hand in the wrong position during their sleep. This will increase the pain that they normally experience in their hand.

During sleep pain may not be experienced but pain comes only after the person wakes up.

Avoiding unnecessary hand movements is very important. Due to unnecessary or wrong hand movement the pain can be stimulated and thus complicating the condition that you have.

Most of the fibromyalgia patients experience pain in the body only in the soft tissue or soft muscle region. We can see more soft muscles in a person’s hand easily.

fibromyalgia hand pain

Daily living with hand pain and fibromyalgia

For some people Fibromyalgia is a tough condition for doing a daily living. Many remedies are available helping people forget about their pain.

h are very popular and is always suggested by people who are affected by fibromyalgia.

Day to day activities can be a cause for this disorder. Some of these activities include writing, lifting objects, using computer, using cell phone etc.

In some people we can even see that they find it difficult to hold something for grip when they are standing or travelling.

Against the normal pain people have, if they tend to do hard work in lifting objects with affected hand, they will be exposed to more pain ultimately leading to complications.

The weather change and environment change can also be a major constituent for sudden pain in the hand.

It could be a case where your hand becomes more exposed to cold leading to pain. As a day to day activity people can also prevent their hands from such exposures by protecting it with gloves.

Gloves that you wear during your bed time or workout should be a light gloves as some people have reported that they get problems and pains increased after wearing the gloves. It is thus important that you choose the right pair of gloves for your hands.

Sleep is very important. If some of these factors are disturbing you from getting a good sleep, it is important that you take necessary steps to control those problems and get a good sleep.

During sleep your body takes automatic measures to heal some of the basic problems in the body.

You can also do a gentle massage to your hands to make it easier to heal faster. Before you do any type of massage to your hand, visit your doctor and ask advice from them.

They will be able to guide you on which direction you should follow when you are doing a gentle massage to your hand.

Help in fighting fibromyalgia hand pain

As we are aware about the extremity of the pain that occurs when you have the symptom of fibromyalgia condition, there are many experiences that we can share with people who already experience such problems.

Some people come up with successful ideas to overcome the problems with fibromyalgia.

The pain experienced by the people first starts from one part of your limb and gradually moves to the hands and fingers. The actual cause can still remain a mystery.

A strain that you give on your hand in your day to day activity can be healed by soaking your hands frequently in Epsom salts.

This also gives a better result when you have frequent pain in your hand or even other part of the body.

If your body is having problems with magnesium deficiency, Epsom salt will help in enhancing it for you as it is rich in magnesium.

You have to take a large container and fill it with water and Epsom salt and soak your hand inside it for some time.

This gives a great relief from your pain. Epsom salt can also be consumed inside to get better results against magnesium deficiency.

People also soak their feet in Epsom salt get relief from fibromyalgia foot pain.

Yoga therapy and exercise to your hands is another best method to get a relief from the pain. The exercises can also include some stretching exercises or gentle massage.


  • If taking Gabriel or neurotic don’t take magnesium two hours before or after these tables as, the magnesium will not be obsorbed b6 body

  • I am sending a message about fibromyalgia I have thumb pain and other parts of my body aches all the time more when doing something or to much my question is could this be signs of fibromyalgia? I am really wondering because with doctor’s I don’t get a truthful answer. Please give me some answers to my questions.

    • Hi,
      Fibromyalgia at times, can be difficult to diagnose. I’ve had symptoms for 15 years and barely got diagnosed. I’d talk with your Healthcare provider as there is well over 200 symptoms that can be easily misdiagnosed with something else, and go from there.

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