Fibromyalgia: Is It Declared a Disease in The USA?

Declaring Fibromyalgia

Some women suffer from a rheumatic disability known as Fibromyalgia. The disorder also effects men but not quite as much as it does women. Symptoms are often hard to pick up in the early stages and will fluctuate as time passes.

In this article, it will discuss as to whether Fibromyalgia will be declared as a disease in the USA and to what the disease can do to a person’s body.

The article will also describe what the symptoms are and what to do after it has been confirmed that a patient has Fibromyalgia.


  • Been trying to get ssi for years have fibro and back problem keep getting denied even though I can’t work anyone know any good lawyers in Southside va

    • Binder and binder. I used them for my husband and now I’m going to call them for myself. Just got a scheduled hearing. This is my 3rd time. Hope all goes well for you.

  • Was on pip for my depression and fibromyalgia and now having to apeal it’s ridiculous just because your illness is invisible it dont mean it’s not there 😢

  • I am 79 years old, and have had Fibromyalgia for 30 years, the first 25 they had NO idea what it was. Would I be able to apply for SSI at my age, even tho I am getting Social Security ? I had to close my photography business when I was 58 due to my Fibro….which was during the time that they did not “know” what Fibro was. NO INCOME for many years, and now, inadequate amount of money for SS as well.

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