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What Causes Fibromyalgia Flare-Ups
Living with Fibromyalgia

What Causes Fibromyalgia Flare-Ups?

What is fibromyalgia, and what do you need to know about it? Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by musculoskeletal pain with other symptoms, including mood swings, memory loss, fatigue and lethargy, and insomnia. Fibromyalgia is the second most common condition which affects our bones and muscles. This disease is often […]

Fibromyalgia Back Pain
Fibromyalgia Symptoms

How to Get Rid of Fibromyalgia Back Pain

The extremely complex chronic pain disease known as Fibromyalgia seems to be growing in severity and population over the years. Occurring in people of all ages, including children, this ailment makes it its job to attack your tender muscles and soft tissue. As a result, your symptoms can multiply quickly […]

Does Tramadol Works For Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia Treatments

Tramadol for Fibromyalgia: Does It works!

Around 12 million Americans are suffering from fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain and fatigue. If you’re feeling generalized musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, memory, sleep, and mood issues, then, it is more likely that you’re suffering from Fibromyalgia. When you’re suffering from Fibromyalgia, your brain processes the […]