Fibromyalgia Treatments

Chamomile for fibromyalgia

13 Herbs For Fibromyalgia

Many of those who suffer from fibromyalgia are looking for alternative ways in which they can help their symptoms. Herbs are one of the more common elements that people are interested in taking. It should be noted that if you decide to take herbal remedies for your symptoms, you should […]

Can drug abuse cause fibromyalgia

Can Drug Abuse Cause Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia refers to a group of common rheumatoid ailments characterized by achy pain, tenderness, and stiffness of muscles. The pain in the joints are rare but under special circumstances, you can feel them. For both beginners and fibromyalgia veterans, the excruciating pain that emanates from this condition can be too […]

Keppra for fibromyalgia

Keppra For Fibromyalgia

For those who suffer from fibromyalgia, the pain can sometimes be intense. There have been situations in which those who have intense pain suffer from mild seizures. For these people, the effect of the illness on the immune system is what causes the body to go into a seizure. To […]

Best Type of Massage for Fibromyalgia

Best Type of Massage For Fibromyalgia

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are often riddled with pain and aches that last throughout the day and night. This pain is so much that is can interfere with the sleep of the person, as well as affect their emotions. That is why most people are willing to do whatever […]