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Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disease

Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disease?

Fibromyalgia can be a difficult disease to understand. The short definition of fibromyalgia is that it is a common musculoskeletal condition that includes chronic pains around the body and also often includes fatigue and anxiety. Currently, experts believe that this is due to a dysregulation of the immune system but […]

Fibromyalgia hereditary

Fibromyalgia: Is It a Hereditary Disorder?

Fibromyalgia (also abbreviated as FM) is a chronic disorder in which those who have it suffer from health problems like intense pain and fatigue. Although there are other conditions that often overlap with Fibromyalgia, the symptoms that make up the disorder have the ability to disrupt the lives of the […]

Differences Between Fibromyalgia and CFSand ME

CFS/ME Versus Fibromyalgia: Which Ailment Could You Have?

There are several different illnesses that have similar characteristics, which can make it hard for a person to get the right diagnosis. For those who are dealing with chronic fatigue, along with pain or other issues, they are going to find that there are three main illnesses that could be […]

Diagnosing Fibromyalgia

Diagnosing Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder whose cause is still unknown, and there is no one test that can diagnose this condition. Furthermore, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are easily confused with other chronic issues like thyroid problems or Lyme disease, and as such it is commonly misdiagnosed at first. In […]

Fibromyalgia 18 Pressure Points of Pain

Fibromyalgia: The 18 Pressure Points of Pain

One of the most common signs of having fibromyalgia is the tenderness that is felt throughout the body. While the person may feel pain in numerous areas of their bodies, there are 18 points within the body that are even more tender to the touch. When these areas are touched, […]

fibromyalgia disability research

Fibromyalgia: Is It Declared a Disease in The USA?

Some women suffer from a rheumatic disability known as Fibromyalgia. The disorder also effects men but not quite as much as it does women. Symptoms are often hard to pick up in the early stages and will fluctuate as time passes. In this article, it will discuss as to whether […]