Living with Fibromyalgia

What age do you get fibromyalgia

FAQ: What Age Do You Get Fibromyalgia?

One of the more commonly asked questions that are out there concerning fibromyalgia is just what age do you get this? Is there are certain age that you can start watching for signs and symptoms? You must remember that we are still looking into fibromyalgia, we are still studying all […]

things that make fibromyalgia worse

Worsening of Fibromyalgia

Are you suffering from fibromyalgia? Do you know what it is? Fibromyalgia literally means pain in muscles. It is a common muscular disorder that leads to chronic pain in the muscles. It also leads to headache, sleep problems, memory problems, fatigue, depression, mood change issues and many more. It is […]

aerobics for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Exercising: Where to Start

Those who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia are often told that they should stick to a few rules in order to ensure that this illness does not overtake their lives. Many people complain that fibromyalgia results in not having the freedom to do everything that you once did. This can be […]

fibromyalgia and depression

Dealing with Depression and Fibromyalgia

Studies have linked those with fibromyalgia to having a three times greater chance of developing depression compared to someone without fibromyalgia. This is an interesting statistic and one that many people want to know the root cause of. Is the depression causing the fibromyalgia? Does the fibromyalgia cause the depression? […]