Learning to Live with Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia and Meditation

1- Meditation

Meditation is a great stress reliever. To have a positive effect from meditation, it may take a while in learning how to simply clear your mind.

To start with meditation, sit in a comfortable position. Many people sit on the floor, but for those with fibromyalgia, this could make their pain worse.

You can meditate while sitting upright in a bed or even a recliner. Do what makes you feel comfortable, as being comfortable is one of the biggest elements of meditation.

Once you are comfortable, focus on clearing out your mind. Do not worry about what you must do, and try to not focus on the pain that you may be feeling.

Start deep breathing exercises, and simply do this for a few minutes every day. Many people find that 20 minutes of meditation per day is a great way to help relieve the stress that they are feeling.

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