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blood test for fibromyalgia
Fight Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia: Getting Tested

Fibromyalgia is an illness that affects many people throughout the world. Getting tested and confirmed to have fibromyalgia is something that does take time. Why is this? There are several other illnesses out there that have similar conditions that are associated with fibromyalgia. That is why tests must be completed […]

fibromyalgia and bladder problems
Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia May Cause Leaks

Fibromyalgia is a disorder most often associated with pain in the muscles, tendons, and joints, constant fatigue, red face (rash), and memory problems. The cause of fibromyalgia is not fully known, but research has found various factors that play a role in developing the disease. Treatments and medications are available […]