Rehabilitative Yoga for fibromyalgia

Similarities in Fibromyalgia and CRPS treatment

The symptoms of fibromyalgia emerge in an individual due to various reasons and some of the reasons are still unknown to mankind.

Comparing fibromyalgia with Complex regional pain syndrome, we can see that CRPS starts in an individual prior to surgery or trauma.

Both fibromyalgia and CRPS share same mechanism as the brain response to chronic pain in the body part. This pain is usually caused in arms and leg regions of an individual. In some cases people also feel a hot or cold sensation with a swelling.

In fibromyalgia pain, there is no external traces of the pain making it difficult to diagnose the actual reason but when it arises as a combination of fibromyalgia and CRPS, the symptoms are seen with the help of swelling. Other symptoms of CRPS are as follows:

  • Hypersensitivity experienced when touching or during cold condition
  • Continuous throbbing or burning pain experienced in individuals
  • Joints show swelling and stiffness
  • Nail and hair growth pattern is changed
  • Motor function is decreased and disability occurs
  • Colour of the skin is changed based on the changes to temperature

Causes and risk factors of CRPS

Producing the above symptoms, complex regional pain syndrome occurs in an individual due to various factors.

It can be a case when an individual is exposed to forceful trauma such as crush injury, fracture or amputation to a limb, CRPS occurs. Some of the other factors that can cause CRPS are as follows:

  • Surgery
  • Infections
  • Heart attacks
  • Emotional stress
  • Sprains
  • Cramps

Though all the exact factors that induce CRPS is not yet identified, it is believed that the symptoms attack the nervous system creating a dysfunction and inappropriate response.

Inflammation is also seen in some of the individuals. When the internal healing process in the body is disrupted, this can cause CRPS. The outcome of this can be warmth, swelling and redness to the affected region.

It is very important that complex regional pain syndrome should be diagnosed and treated in the early stages with the help of a specialist.

This can create further complications in the body and lead to other dysfunction in the body. The other risk facts can be changes to skin that occurs when not treated properly.

There can also be cases where the mobility of the person is decreased leading to disability.

The treatment should be started in the initial stages to get good effect from the treatment.

Often in the later stages the treatment for CRPS becomes difficult and the healing procedure takes quite a lot of time.

CRPS is considered to be the first step for fibromyalgia symptoms. However there are lots of similarities observed between fibromyalgia treatment and CRPS treatment.

CRPS treatment in relation to Fibromyalgia treatment

Many pain management treatments are available for CRPS and fibromyalgia in both natural ways or with the help of medications.

In order to feel a good improvement in the pain and effects of fibromyalgia and CRPS one can also choose therapies.

There are also many natural home based remedies available to treat this condition.

However if you are not finding any improvement in the natural methods that you are following to reduce the pain and symptoms, then it is advisable to consult your doctor to get further medications. Some of the treating methods for CRPS are as follows:

Rehabilitative Yoga for fibromyalgia

Limb mobility therapy

For people with CRPS, gradually mobility of the affected part is decreased causing disability. Some people find it very painful if they try to move the affected part. The limbs also become rigid preventing from movement.

In such cases limb mobility therapy involves in creating movement to the affected part that gradually helps in the condition of CRPS. This therapy can also be used in fibromyalgia patients.

Desensitization therapy

In this therapy method, the affected part is relieved from the hypersensitivity that it is exposed to.

This can be due to a malfunctioning of the nervous system in the affected region creating hypersensitivity to touch or cold conditions.

In this therapy hot or cold application is done in the affected site to remove the hypersensitivity. This will also give a relief from the pain after good practice.

Neurostimulation therapy

This therapy is done for some specific cases and not common for everyone with the problem of CRPS.

This treatment is done with the help of low voltage electricity by doing a safe delivery of it for spinal cord stimulation.

The patients are first given a trail to see the condition of the pain relief they get.

If they get a good pain relief from the therapy, then they will be implanted with neurostimulator permanently.

In many people this has helped a lot in pain control where the pain signals are replaced with the help of a soothing or tingling sensation.


This is a natural way for treating problems with CRPS and fibromyalgia. In other terms this is also called as Acupressure where the pressure points in the body is treated with the help of wafer thin needles.

This treatment usually gives no pain but helps in healing painful conditions like CRPS or fibromyalgia. This is very popular in Asian countries.


This is one of the most common method of treatment followed everywhere to treat body pain.

Though this is not considered to be a permanent solution for the body pain, it is considerably good against continuous pain syndromes.

It is also experienced that after a good massage, people get good amount of sleep that helps them to be energetic the next day.

Rehabilitative Yoga

This type of yoga is very effective for chronic pain symptoms usually experienced by CRPS and fibromyalgia patients.

With the help of Yoga a parasympathetic system is activated focusing on regulating the resting, healing and digesting system in the body.

With a knowledgeable practitioner, anyone with chronic pain can start doing yoga to get good relief.

If they are comfortable with basic yoga, they can also advance to other forms of yoga that is usually difficult for the beginners.