good sleep routine for fibromyalgia

Different ways to Cope with Fibromyalgia

good sleep routine for fibromyalgia

Although fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, there are various ways for a person suffering from fibromyalgia to cope with it

Fibromyalgia is a condition categorized by chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain. The good news is that a person suffering from fibromyalgia has various ways to cope with the condition and lead a better quality of life.

Coping with fibromyalgia or learning how to manage fibromyalgia is very important for a fibromyalgia patient. Once you know how to deal with it, it will improve the way you look at life with fibromyalgia.

Apart from medications there are simple coping strategies can help a person suffering from fibromyalgia live well.

Sleep Routine and evaluation

Creating a good sleep routine is one of the most important coping strategies for fibromyalgia patients. You should create a conducive environment for your sleep.

Your room should be free of any disturbances like noise and light. Avoid coffee or caffeine, sugar, and alcohol or eating before going to bed.

It is also recommended that you keep a sleep diary and evaluate your sleep. This will help you keep a record of how you slept each night so that you can review it at a later stage.

Avoid taking daytime naps because this can interfere with your nighttime sleep. Another way to get a restful and relaxing sleep is to participate in relaxation therapies.


Exercising regularly is one way of coping with fibromyalgia. However, it should be noted that heavy exercise will exert a lot of pressure and create fatigue.

A person with fibromyalgia should do light regular exercise. Light exercise such as walking, swimming and biking can help enhance a sense of well-being and fresh.

It is important to start slowly and gently.

A fibromyalgia patient should always be active since it helps in reducing pain sensations, improve restful sleep, thought processes, and create a more positive outlook on life. Start off with a light exercising plan and it will help with your symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Stress and Emotions

Stress and emotions play a vital role in dealing with fibromyalgia. It magnifies a small problem and becomes dangerous for a person with fibromyalgia. It can also take a toll on your health.

It is, therefore, important to manage your emotions and stress. There are various methods to keep calm and deal with a problem. Various therapies are recommended for such issues.

For example, a Cognitive behavioral therapy can help reduce pain and improve the overall physical functions. Therapies like mind-body connection and meditation can help reduce stress and emotions.

A person suffering from fibromyalgia should remove himself or herself from stressful situations. It can lead to anxiousness, nervousness and even create panic.

A good working environment

Making changes to your work environment is another important strategy for fibromyalgia patients. Avoiding stress and anxiety is key to cope with fibromyalgia.

However, if your working environment is not well you may be at a risk of getting too much stress and anxiety.

A person with fibromyalgia should always try to create a better job site where you are not susceptible to stress or anxiety.

Planning out your work schedule by taking to your employer is the best way to create a good and balanced working environment.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation helps you become calm and relaxed. This is key to eliminating stress and anxiety. There are different types of yoga and meditation available today.

Register yourself in one of the yoga and meditation centers for proper methods. There are also many relaxation techniques that can be helpful in coping with fibromyalgia.

Meditation for fibromyalgia

Some of the yoga centers provide classes that include gentle poses, meditation, breathing exercises, and group discussions. These are very helpful in reducing pain, fatigue and improve your mood.

Some of the classes teach you to relax with guided imagery, visualization, muscle relaxation, and breathing techniques that may relax you.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapies have been found to be very effective in reducing pain in fibromyalgia patients. It helps a patient cope with various symptoms of fibromyalgia. Therapies such as trigger point injection, massage, and whole body cryotherapy have been found to be very effective.

Join a fibromyalgia support group

Joining a fibromyalgia support group has its own benefits. This kind of support groups are geared toward meeting the needs of people with fibromyalgia. The group creates an open forum to talk about yourself and how to deal with fibromyalgia.

When discussions take place, sometimes it can be very educational. A person suffering with fibromyalgia may tend to feel accepted and even receive comfort since other fibromyalgia patients also go through the same thing. It is a place where one can share or pour out his or her feelings which may be held inside for a long time.

Eating right

When a person suffers from fibromyalgia, eating the right kind of food is very important. The kind of nutrition that your body intakes makes a lot of difference.

Eating whole, fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, and high-quality fats and protein) is the best way to support your body.

However, there are also supplements that help fibromyalgia patients such as Vitamin D. It helps in reducing pain since most of the fibromyalgia patients suffer from low level of Vitamin D.

Keeping a diary or a daily journal

Keeping a diary or a daily journal is a great way of accessing yourself. There are various stages and incidences that a fibromyalgia patient experiences.

Recording it in a daily journal will help understand how and when symptoms start. With all the information in it, you can understand the symptoms much better and deal with it accordingly.

It can also help in tracking your muscle pain and fatigue and start identifying what causes them.

For example, if you note down an event or series of events, months later you can look back and may recognize a pattern that increases your fibromyalgia symptoms. That way you can help yourself lead a better and a healthy lifestyle.

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