Fibromyalgia and bra hurts

Fibromyalgia Makes Bras Painful to Wear

Can Fibromyalgia cause Breast Pain?

Yes, it can. Fibromyalgia can cause pain that radiates to your neck, chest, shoulders, upper back, thighs, lower back and rib cage. Majority of the pain in Fibromyalgia focuses on the chest, mainly the breast bone and rib cage.

According to Medical News Today, When you have Fibromyalgia, the pain that you feel when your chest is tight is due to the pressure that happens when your cartilage inflames. The tightness doesn’t hurt, but you will feel uncomfortable.

What the chest pain feels like when you have Fibromyalgia?

Costochondritis is the chest pain caused by Fibromyalgia. It is a stabbing, aching pain that can terrify people who haven’t ever had it before.

This is because it mimics a stroke or heart attack. It is common among people who have had Fibromyalgia for a long time.

Symptoms of Costochondritis

Some of the symptoms you might experience when you have Fibromyalgia and Costochondritis.

  • Pain in your upper chest area
  • Sore and tender ribs
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Pain originating from your chest and moves to your neck and shoulders

This YouTube video will help you deal with the breast pain. It shows remedies that can be at home to help you deal with breast pain.

Anyone with chronic pain knows that there are certain things that will make the pain flare up.

Those who have fibromyalgia are particularly vulnerable to this, as there are a lot of things they can’t do.

Sleeping becomes increasingly difficult, as it is painful to lay down and sleep. Going out and tending to the garden becomes out of the question, as leaning over is too painful.

The same thing goes for the clothing you wear. Likely, the looser the clothing is, the better. Therefore, bras become out of the question.

It doesn’t matter if they are soft, sports bras or ones with a wire in the front, they will hurt. They press in some of the most painful spots for those with fibromyalgia.

Many people who have fibromyalgia have had a very difficult time finding the right bra for them.

They have likely spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect bras for their needs, but have been unable to. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect bra.

There are a few things you should always keep in mind when you are going to look for a new bra. These are all essentials for those who have fibromyalgia and can no longer wear the bras they love.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are a sufferer of fibromyalgia, you might find it hard to pick out the right bras. Some of them might seem to work, but then don’t. Others you know will never work.

However, it’s always good to have a list of things to remember when you are out shopping for that new bra.

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No Synthetic Material

It’s true that synthetic bras are not only cheaper but extremely easy to find. However, they are not good when you sweat.

They don’t wick away the moisture but instead keep it where it is. For those who already have fibromyalgia, this makes wearing a bra that much more painful.

This brings you to wear primarily cotton or silk bras. They can’t have any synthetic material in them if you can help it, as they need to be able to breathe as much as possible.

If you absolutely can’t get away from synthetic materials due to budget or allergies, then try something that is a microfiber blend.

Microfiber is made to wick away the sweat that accumulates, making you less likely to have more pain than you need.

No Back Closures

For those who have fibromyalgia, you likely already have noticed that having closures in the back makes everything more painful.

Joints are among the main things that are painful with fibromyalgia, so reaching behind you to clasp your bra shut is hard.

Even if you generally clasp it in the front and then move it to the back, it is still likely painful to put the straps up on your shoulders.

Therefore, you should look for front closing bras over everything else. It is much easier to close a bra in the front with all the pain you are being subjected to. The pain you might have is lessened dramatically when done this way.

A great thing that comes with that is the fact the bras with front closures are generally much smoother in the back.

This will help if your main source of pain from bras is on your back. Even if it isn’t, it will still prevent some pain from coming.

Are Underwires Bad?

This comes down to something that is more a personal preference than anything else. Some people like them.

They give a good amount of support and they hold your breasts where you want them to be. They don’t feel like they are falling out and could go anywhere.

However, others don’t like them, as they can be very uncomfortable. Even the ones that are padded over the wire might be too uncomfortable. They might feel as though they are stabbing some people, even if they aren’t.

For those with fibromyalgia, it comes down to whether these make the pain worse or don’t change anything.

If you can find a front clasping bra that is made of natural material, getting one with or without an underwire depends on what you believe feels the best. Try ones with and ones without to see if one feels more comfortable.

Fibromyalgia and bra hurts

Make Sure It’s the Right Size

It’s surprising that so many women still don’t know their size when it comes to bras. Many just go with whatever they think feels right.

However, if you aren’t wearing the right size bra, there might be problems that arise later on.

Anyone who has fibromyalgia can probably say that a bra that is too small will be extremely painful. Therefore, if you have the correct size, it might relieve some of the more intense pain.

To figure out what your size is, there are plenty of sites online that will take the information you give them and convert them into the right size.

These are measurements that either you or someone else can take of your breasts, including how long it is all around your torso and how big your breasts are.

Go to a Professional

If you want to make sure that you have the right size, you should go to a store where someone can size you.

Not only can they size you, but if you tell them the issues you are having trying to find a bra, they can give you bras to try out.

Through this, you will have someone who is actively helping you figure out what ones are the best and what ones to skip over.

If you have a local store that can help you with this, you should definitely go and try it out. You might be surprised at how easy it is to find the bras you need.


It’s crazy to think how much a single disease can affect your life. Fibromyalgia not only is painful but can make a lot of the things you do on a daily basis impossible.

Wearing a bra is something many women do, but if it is painful, they might be forced to not wear one.

Depending on your choice, you might have to find the perfect bra to wear. Hopefully, some of these might help you figure out exactly what bra you should be buying and what one you will buy.

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  1. I have fibromyalgia and bulging discs, along with other back problems. Yes, I’ve gone through so many types of bras because of the pain. Recently, Victoria’s Secret started making “Bralettes” and I highly recommend this for anyone with fibro. There are no closures, you pull it on over your head. They are very lightweight, but do offer enough support to get away with (I’m a DD with heavy implants). They are also pretty, which makes you feel kind of nice. I own some made of stretch lace and some made of cotton. There are many styles. I have purchased several of the racer back Bralettes because they have generously wide straps that almost feel like wearing a tank top, and wearing a racer back keeps all parts of the Bralettes off of my very painful shoulder blades. I hope this info helps someone.

    1. With fibromyalgia comes a LOT of arm and shoulder pain. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it was to read that you recommend pulling something that is elasticized over ones head. Then struggling to then pull it down over your breasts. I can only imagine you work for this company because it’s impossible to think you are recommending this otherwise. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 32 years and I’ve tried most everything out there. This is absolutely not a solution to the problem, in fact it would exacerbate it.

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