trigger point massage for fibromyalgia

From Ohhh to Ahhhhh! Get fibromyalgia managed with massage therapy!

massage therapy for fibromyalgia

After a tiring and busy day, getting the massage therapy at a nearby salon is more than soothing and relaxing effect for your entire body.

Most of the people take the massage session to calm down their mind, whereas, other people take massage to loosen up the muscles after the tough session of exercise.

As massage is a myriad of benefits, it would be a great deal of benefits for managing the fibromyalgia. Not only, it is a wonderful addition to your treatment plan of fibromyalgia, yet, it can improve the overall quality of life.

According to Salifou N. Bishop, a licensed massage therapist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, ‘message has enormous benefits to the fibromyalgia patients’ he further added that, along with alleviating the pain, massage can also ease the discomfort associated with the condition’.

In the Rheumatology International Journal, a latest Israeli review has been published and it is revealed that high evidence has found regarding the effects of massage on fibromyalgia patients. In fact, the study concluded that massage is the most effective option for treating the fibromyalgia.

However, certain specifications have been explained in the massage therapy which everyone should know, like, the intensity for the severe fibromyalgia should be increased gradually and the nature of massage should be painless. Getting enrolled in the session for about twice in a week is also recommended.

Perhaps, if you’re experiencing that medicines are not helping to get the instant and optimal relief eventually, do massage at the most aching points!

Why is massage therapy effective for fibromyalgia?

As fibromyalgia affects you physically and psychologically, it is more important for you to solve your every problem associated with the condition through one tool-massage.

The fibro people tend to have doubled the sleep problems, mental issues, and musculoskeletal pains. Massage will work for making your condition better. So, here are the reasons to why massage therapy should be included in your treatment plan,

1- More you relaxed, more better sleep

If you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, more often you’ll experience the sleep problems. If your sleep is disturbed, your entire biological clock will be disturbed and compromise your quality of life.

By attending the sessions at night, the quality and quantity of sleep will be improved, making the repair and rejuvenation process of your body more effective at night.

2- From tense to relax!

So, what did you get from this? Well, whenever fibromyalgia is at peak, your body’s entire muscles become tensed and cause more pain. Somehow, you would feel stiffness in your joints and you won’t be able to move proficiently.

When you get the slow, soothing massage, your muscles hypertonicity will be lessened and your muscles will be relaxed. That’s all you need to stay away from the fibro flare ups. Make sure that your therapist is including more petrissage strokes for accomplishing this goal.

3- De-clutter your mind

More you’re getting the fibro flare-ups, more you’re getting the anxiety and depression episodes! With the help of massage session, it can uplift your healthy awareness. Additionally, stress can be out of your life through the message.

Nevertheless, by eliminating the stress, you’re also reducing the chances of potential fibro flare ups, because it is believed that stress is the major culprit worsening the symptoms in most of the people.

4- Soothes your nerves

Headache is another most common symptom that fibro people encounter. When you get the right type of touch with the appropriate strokes, the blood flow in the body will be increased and your blood vessels will be relaxed. Thus, it alleviates a headache and provides the sense of mental clarity.

5- Boosts your compromised immune system

As your immunity is suppressed due to the fibromyalgia, when you get the appropriate stroking at the key points of your body, the several relaxing-neurotransmitters are released, closing the gateway of pain and generating more white blood cells, which are the immune cells.

Hence, to make your immunity powerful and strong enough, massage sessions should be taken on a regular basis.

What types of massage are helpful for fibro people?

Massage therapy is one of the most widely used alternative medicines to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and depression-all benefits are extremely important for the fibromyalgia.

During a massage session, your body releases the endorphins which work as the natural painkillers of the body. The key to getting numerous benefits of massage is to select the best type.

Of course, massage therapy is an umbrella term, encompassing a variety of kinds, including, friction, kneading, stroking, pressure, and heat in order to increase the circulation and alleviating the symptoms. Also, massage removes the built-up toxins present within the muscles.

Choose the most suitable one among the list and get an appointment with your massage therapist now!

trigger point massage for fibromyalgia

1- Trigger point therapy

Due to incorrect posture and continuous taut muscles, the painful spots may be located in the muscle fibers. In trigger point therapy, the painful spots are resolved by applying pressure over it.

Once the pressure is applied at the specific points, good outcomes can be suspected for fibromyalgia discomfort and pain management.

2- Hot stone massage

This type of massage is a unique type in which the therapist put the heated, smooth stones on the key points of your body and uses it as a massage tool.

3- Swedish massage

It’s a combination of gliding/sliding, kneading, friction, and beating, all of these movements promotes the fresh blood supply to the nutrient deprived and starved areas of the body.

Swedish massage is highly recommended to the fibromyalgia patients having lots of stress in their lives because this massage will encourage the great relaxation.

4- Myofascial release

In this technique, a gentle sustaining pressure is applied on the connective tissues so that the muscle fibers can be elongated. When you get this massage, you’ll surely see the difference in the pain level and range of motion.

Though, the fibromyalgia is a chronic, long-term disorder, but how are you dealing with the pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia will reflect your best choice of treatment.

Other than medicine, you should take the massage sessions. But, be sure that your doctor has given a green light for this option.

So, look out the massage therapist near to your home and book your sessions as soon as you can!


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  1. So you mean I can reduce fire caused by fibromyalgia with massage? Interesting.Massage has been known to relieve stress and ease the body.enough rest, taking a balanced diet and massage could go a long way in relieving fibromyalgia

  2. I have been considering massage therapy for my fibromyalgia. I am at the point of trying almost anything to get relief. I believe trigger point and Swedish massage would be the best for managing my fibromyalgia. Hopefully it works!!

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