Avoid wrong people

10 Things a person should avoid doing if you have fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia condition is commonly seen in people of different age group. Some actions of the person can be responsible for complicating the condition of fibromyalgia.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia can be different from one person to another. So it is very important to first understand your condition.

Gather more details on what works for you and what you should be avoiding. If you identify something is bothering you, then you should take necessary steps to avoid such things to get a clear mind.

Some people have the curiosity to try out new things to see if that can be helpful for them. When doing it they are not sure when to stop if it is not working for them. They end up complicating their problem.

1- Avoid doing unplanned items

Planning your work is very important. It may not be very easy to do many things at a time.

Some people especially women who are highly responsible take care of many things in their family. While doing so they forget about their body condition and stress so much.

This can lead to complications in the body and they end up giving no rest to their body.

When you have fibromyalgia condition, consider doing things by having a list in your hand. Avoid doing things that are on the list.

2- Avoid wrong people

Mingling with wrong people can be dangerous. Some people will not understand the pain that you undergo. They either demotivate you or speak to you in such a way that you are incapable of doing something.

You have to be strong by yourself and avoid the company of wrong people who don’t give any value to you.

3- Stop explaining yourself

You may find it difficult to do something. But it is not necessary that you should be providing an explanation to everyone. Just say that you can’t do it and walk away.

If you start to explain things to them, not everyone will understand you. It is better to avoid such situations and move on.

4- Forget your past

Some people live more with their past. It is fact that you would have been a capable person in the past.

But the fact is that you have to accept the incapability on certain things and have a positive attitude towards the things that you are still capable.

Worrying about the past will not strengthen you in any aspect. Just wipe it off and walk you can do for the future.

5- Don’t be jealous of others

When you look at people who are doing so many things in their life, it is quite obvious that you will be jealous thinking about your incapability.

You have to have something in mind that you are always special. There will definitely be something that you can do which they can’t do.

After all, everyone has limitations on what they do. In some way or the other, they may not be able to do something but you will be able to do. Think about it and move on.

Avoid wrong people

6- Stop worrying about perfection

You would have been a perfect person in the past. But due to your inability, your perfection level would have gone low. But there is nothing to worry about it.

You can still bring perfection to the things that you are currently capable of doing.

Ignore the fact that people around you are in perfect and think that you should be perfect on the things that you are capable of doing.

7- Avoid alcohol consumption

High alcohol consumption is something that people with fibromyalgia usually do.

There are several reasons for it. Alcohol provides them a state where they will be able to forget things and move on easily.

Also, the other fact is that people, when they find difficult to sleep with fibromyalgia pain consume alcohol to get good sleep. But this is something that should be avoided.

When alcohol goes away from the bloodstream, it leads to a wide-awake state where you find it very difficult to sleep.

In some cases, during such situations, people also experience more pain in their body compared to the normal state.

8- Keep exercises in limits

People are very much focused on getting a relief from their fibromyalgia symptoms. In order to do that, they take various steps out of curiosity. One such step is to do exercises.

Considering the fact that exercises are very good to keep the body fit, it is also important to know that it should be kept under limits. Too much of exercise beyond your capability can create further complications leading to other problems in your body.

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9- Stop comparing yourself to others

Fibromyalgia is something more to do with a mind for some people compared to their body. When people get fibromyalgia they naturally develop anxiety and stress in their mind.

The depression is also increased leading them to get confused about little things. Some people start to compare themselves with others thinking that others are capable of doing something but they are finding it difficult to even move from their place due to severe pain in their body.

For every person, there will be bad times but you have to be strong and self-motivated to overcome bad times.

10- If something is not okay express it

People have a bad habit of not expressing what they actually think in their mind. It is okay to express if something is not right.

If you have someone by your side, it is good to express the suffering that you undergo. They may not be able to cure it for you but they will be able to support you or help you with the burden.

It is also said that when the pain is expressed to someone the pain level psychologically reduces.

Your lifestyle may be different to that of others with the symptoms of fibromyalgia but when you do things in the right way with the good amount of self-confidence, you will be able to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Some small changes to your life can be very helpful in suppressing all your problems and provide you a good quality of your life.

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  1. In terms of exercising while I see you’ve mentioned that it’s good to do so in moderation, is there any form of physiotherapy that could potentially help with the symptoms?

      1. Hydrotherapy is a god send!! I was put on medication, and gained a lot of weight very quickly. I was quite upset, knowing that for right now I would flare in a major way and become bedridden for days if I was to do anything overly exerting (e.g., at this point, I am unable to even vacuum the house without flaring), I expressed to my dr how I was feeling really low, depression worsening due to weight gain. He suggested hydro therapy. I absolutely love it (this is from a person who has always HATED any form of exercise lol). I now go most days, I use the foam dumbells, play some rock music via my Bluetooth splash proof head phones and focus on the beat. Water has amazing healing powers 🙂

        1. Hi, I am going through the same thing. Is your hydrotherapy like water aerobics, and where do you do it? Do you get a prescription for it? Thanks.

          1. I do aquatic therapy also. I had tried physical therapy twice which caused more pain. I started seeing a wonderful new doctor who wrote a prescription for the aquatic therapy. It is done through a physical therapy center at our local athletic club which has an indoor pool. My exercises are catered to my specific needs. This is one of the best forms of treatment I have found.

        2. I’d love to add music to my walking water workout (hope to get back into it soon!). What headphones do you use/recommend?

        3. I am excited by what you said. I am starting hydrotherapy on the 31st.
          Where do you go? It sounds like you go every day. Do you?
          I will be going twice a week. I hope that will help.

      2. Aqua therapy was torture for me. I went two times a week for a month and every visit I worsened . At ER that it took me months to recoup. Not one person I have ever met that has fibromyalgia ever finishes

        1. It was the same for me. Aqua therpy was painful it takes me a week to recoup from alot of activities. I like to walk which is ok for now. 😀

          1. I also found it torture – I was in pain at the outset and it just got steadily worse throughout the sessions, it only took 5 visits for the physios to realise it was wrong approach for me (but then I do have a bulging disc in my lower back which didn’t help matters !)

    1. I find t 25 with Sean t modified of course helps me and I have rheumatoid arthritis and sacroilitis and ankylosing spondylitis also included in less pain when I do it

    2. Swimming is good I use a float so I dont totally knacker myself and disabled horse riding strengthening for top body swimming for lower body

    3. Hi Melissa, I got sent for physiotherapy for my fibromyalgia, they put me into a group exercise programme for 8 weeks to start building up the muscles gently. You could do as low or high velosity as you wanted in moderation. I then went up a class to the gym where the physio gave me a programme to strengthen my core muscles to help day to day.

      Hope this helps

    4. I have used acupuncture for fibromyalgia. It works great for me. Also Dr Hoh’s pulse machine which u can get at Superstores or Walmart even works awesome for me too!

  2. Seems like this illness that attacks the musculoskeletal system also attacks the way a person is wired also. Mental health is significantly overlooked in America until something happens to a person that deals with mental issues. Finding out people with Fibromyalgia deal with serious mental issues is eye opening.

    1. I want to ask if any women notice in evening I start feel like my rib cage & muscle that the bra hurts. So Iu where front hook sleeping bra. It enables me to unhook it towards evening. I know the weather is changing for next 3 days. All rain for 3 for sure. Any feedback freem? Appreciate it😁

      1. I have had incredible pain in my rib cage and muscle area also. My cat will walk across my chest and I almost scream it hurts so much. I have been reading about costochondritis and fibromyalgia. I can’t paste the link here but this it the title of the article if you want to search for it: How Chest Pain and Fibromyalgia are Related.

        1. I have chronic costochondritis that flares under stress and it’s extremely painful. When my body tightens up against pain waves I try to breathe through it but it exacerbates the muscle pain in my neck and shoulders and upper chest. Try experimenting with pillows placed in strategic areas to support your arms and neck when you are in bed and be careful how you hold a book, tablet or laptop. I’ve found listening to music or podcasts is helpful.

          1. Thank you for your suggestions. It’s nice to be able to share with others who know exactly what you are going through.

          2. o boy, me too, but I came off of a motorcycle, on the ground, chin and shoulder down. fourty year later, everything hurts, well almost. also I roll a huge towel, rubber band it, there’s your soft roll. Roll and stretch on it, yeah, its part of my P.T. Deep breaths.

          3. Oh God !! Ive had this about 6 times in the last year +had to be admitted to hospital several times !! For me it was worse than giving birth , Its like someone crushing your lungs literally . This horrid disease is worse than any terminal illness for me, because there is no end to the pain its constant makes you wonder how you find the strength to carry on 😩😩 sorry if this comment offends anyone ❤

        2. I also had the chest pains you are talking about. It is part of Fibro and it is the cartellege between the ribs. Ask your pain Dr. to inject freezing into the most painful spots. After several treatments I can go up to a year between attacks. Best of luck. I really helped me.

      2. I’m constantly in pain with rib cage is hurting I’m in so much pain sometimes I wear the soft sports bra.. my neck my shoulders and my upper back are I’m constant pain xx

      3. I had to stop wearing regular bras because they would leave terrible rashes under my chest. I went to Genie bras and that all I can do now. I hate not being to wear nice underwire, but you do what you have to!

        1. I hv trouble with those type bras. Horribly painful to put on and worse even to get off. I wear a lot of camisoles with bra built in. These are very helpful for me. Reasonably priced as well.

      4. Cheryl, I have horrible pain on my left side, over ribs, from my bra. I’ve changed bras, even just tried wearing sports bras, all with no effect. I find it so frustrating to have this one sided horrendous pain,

        1. I have the same left side pain of which you speak. I have tried topicals with no relief. Since I stay at home, I go with no bra for a few days and eventually get the relief I need.

      5. Does fibro pain occur on both sides of the body at once? That’s what my doctor told me, and I think he’s wrong.

      6. I quit wearing a bra 1 1/2 yrs ago for the same reasons. Sooo much relief!! If I need something I wear a tank top under what I’m wearing.

        1. Ok, the Rx is klonopin. I take the generic clonazepam and it does the trick. Hope your dr will prescribe for you! Let me know how you do if he/she does.

      7. I have the same pain. I’ll have to go look what the dr prescribed for me. It works. I take two each night. Helps with the pain and my anxiety. I’m in a tub of hot water with Epsom salts and baking soda trying to alleviate some pain. Will have this for you in a little bit.

    1. Mary, It is easy to feel isolated, frustrated, misunderstood, and a sense of loss (of your old life). This can lead to depression. Also, “fibro-fog” can make you question your mental acuity. This part of the condition can cause you to lose focus, not be able to remember simple things, and even make you feel like you’re in a “cloud.” You can talk to your doctor about these symptoms. Exercise (within your limits), yoga, meditation, support groups, and counseling may also be options that may help you.

      1. I suffered so much from fibro fog that I thought for about five years had altzhimers but thank god it has improved a little over the past couple of months… I was so frightened it was soul destroying. I seem to have symptoms that I haven’t heard mentioned by others… It is a tiredness that I can’t explain and I would sleep for like 4days at a time. That has gone on for about 8 years. I’m not so exhausted for the last month.
        I was so exhausted I couldn’t do anything. I feel that from when that intense exhaustion started I have lost at least that amount of my life.
        Has anyone else felt like this and how did they deal with it please.

        1. I went through that in the beginning stages of my illness, get your bloodwork done, I was severely low on my Vitamin D levels, also had a “positive “ ANA (antinuclear antibody) reading. This made my diagnosis after much, much testing etc., to be Fibromyalgia, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, & Chronic Pain. I’m on full disability now, I’m 54 & have been since age 49. Only took me about 6 months to get on, & I did my own application and paperwork. I’m pretty savvy, though. Still suffering daily, waiting for my state (Ohio) to begin issuing the Medical Marijuana cards/doc appt so I can try topicals, etc cuz all these 8-10 rxs aren’t working anymore. Best wishes to you! Hang in there, I am…

    2. Yes it is normal. I have a Masters degree but I now stutter and search for words when talking. Sometimes I can give you the definition of the word but not the word, other times , I can only physically describe it. My daughter won’t even invite me to speak to her biology class because of this. My memory gets so bad I straight up tell strangers to give me a minute when talking I’ll get to the right memory/word eventually and I hate people trying to guess for me. Just tell them I have bad short term memory issues.

      1. Yes I’m the same, trying to find words,stutter and soon lose my thread and forget what I was trying to say or the subject we were talking about

        1. Omg. It’s not just me. Why is this and how can we fix it? I do take potassium since I take so many medicines and it helps sometimes. But before you try this, please check with your doctor as Potassium should not be taken in excess or if you have certain conditions, such as heart concerns.

      2. You just described me to a T! Thank you! I am a very educated person, but some days can’t even get out the simplest words, my husband is so used to it that he doesn’t miss a beat most of the time. LOL. One of the first times it happened the world I “lost” was bicycle, but all I could do was explain ” the thing you ride with peddles and two wheels” luckily he picked right up on it. But it can be scary sometimes, and make you feel like you are loosing it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this.

        1. How long have you had FM? It is yrs later for me & this phase you talk of past. Before 1999 I was diagnosed. It was a time period where FM was being accepted & talked about more.

        2. Isn’t that terrible? I feel so ignorant when in the middle of a conversation I just lose a word a most necessary word at that! I thought I was going crazy or something.

        3. That is myself to a T also. I find I say words that are close (sounding like or close) to what I mean, I also find that many of us do not put words together like: Some one or home bound. I a cannot remember words or Spelling is just as bad; mixing up S and C in words.

      3. I too have the losing nouns problem. The amount of sleep the night before plays a roll in the severity. Some days I am good but same days I am doing well to be able to say my own name. I feel it makes me seem stupid or that people suspect I have Alzheimer’s Disease. I stay home most of the time because of this.

      4. I’m in the same situation as you Ms. Nancy! I have an advanced degree in nursing and used to manage an OB/NICU unit, I use to do public speaking and have a great sense of humor. My oldest son gets very concerned when I speak to him on the phone some times because I mix my words up and can’t recall a word. I sound like I am stoned and often wish that was the case! lol

      5. Gabapentin did that to me, I quit taking it because I was turning into a freaking moron, lol. Taking a 60 & a 30 mg Cymbalta instead, & Flexeril, Tramadol & Plaquenil. I have a couple topical stuff that helps with my horrific knee pain, Voltaren and a Lidocaine goop. I’m getting eczema now, too…oh joy. That’s making me crazy itchy, just got Nivea and use Lidocaine to stop the itch. Best wishes to you…

      1. How long have you had FM? It is yrs later for me & this phase you talk of past. Before 1999 I was diagnosed. It was a time period where FM was being accepted & talked about more.

      2. Hi Maria,. Beginning before diagnosed I was working yet. Before work I would walk my dogs. I got slower & slower. Very feeling like feet stuck in deep mud. Went on awhile. I had left that job for different reasons. Started another and continued to walk my dogs. So I had this going on quite awhile. One day my boss left for lunch & I hugely became awful. Thought a heart attack or something else. Prayed desperately for my boss to return. He did. Then got ready & left for a doc. Never returned to work since that day. Got bld wk done. My thyroid numbers were off the chart!! I eventually got med with blood tests pretty often (I noticed an artificial on Thyroid & Fibro recently). I was in bed for 3 mos. Upstrs bed rest. So much pain occurring. Later tested. Fibro was diagnosed. I had to learn to walk & keep my head up. When I stood up erect I got hugely sick. Blessings Maria in journey to wellness. Better than I was yet reminded for it is with me having many helps to put into affect. Incl how I look at it. Mental, emotional & spiritual are all better remembering what to do for me. Support Groups are a big asset also.

    3. I have started seeing a therapist. It helps just to have someone to talk to. It seems that this illness really hits type A personalities and they will handle this the worst.

      1. Hi Maria,. Beginning before diagnosed I was working yet. Before work I would walk my dogs. I got slower & slower. Very feeling like feet stuck in deep mud. Went on awhile. I had left that job for different reasons. Started another and continued to walk my dogs. So I had this going on quite awhile. One day my boss left for lunch & I hugely became awful. Thought a heart attack or something else. Prayed desperately for my boss to return. He did. Then got ready & left for a doc. Never returned to work since that day. Got bld wk done. My thyroid numbers were off the chart!! I eventually got med with blood tests pretty often (I noticed an artificial on Thyroid & Fibro recently). I was in bed for 3 mos. Upstrs bed rest. So much pain occurring. Later tested. Fibro was diagnosed. I had to learn to walk & keep my head up. When I stood up erect I got hugely sick. Blessings Maria in journey to wellness. Better than I was yet reminded for it is with me having many helps to put into affect. Incl how I look at it. Mental, emotional & spiritual are all better remembering what to do for me. Support Groups are a big asset also.

    4. Yes we need a shrink.And counseling of have my done
      Even used a mental health group home to help.manage medication. It’s hard…hugs

  3. I find it a help to read of other people with similar symptoms. I was diagnosed with cervical spondulitus and now also fibromyalgia. I am quite depressed at the moment as I am finding it so hard to get any sleep as my neck is so painful ,also, my hip,also pains in legs etc. Fed up like so many others as what and how to deal with all of this.

    1. So sorry to hear Lynda Stratchan.. I also suffer fibro plus the rest, had it since i was 26y old,im now 40.. Im a very strong girl,well i like to think i am, anyone that can cope with all this pain is a fighter.. Im also an empath, i feel other peoples hurt,love, struggle and i felt yours, please dont give up, you have so much strength in you, you just have to find it, i also got depressed and it lasted a year or more , i was suicidal an everything,had noone to turn to, no mother,no father,no family, just my husband, who sort of understands, so one day i picked myself up, i stared meditating, seeing natural healers and i was feeling so much better about myself, i would religiously pray to Archangel Michael to help me ,i never in a million years thought i would be praying to anything or anyone, but i took a new path, left all the negative thoughts behind me,and dont get me wrong, i have bad days and i cry, but thats ok, im ok with that… I constantly repeat in my head how lucky i am to have some of my strength back. Could you please try some of these methods, i really felt yr pain, nothing anyone says can fix you, you-!! have to fix you, mentally first ok.. First thing is to remember how important you are in this world, every person has the right to be happy and feel beautiful, unfortunately we didn’t get the whole package from God….,why,well im still not sure, but please read my heartfelt msg, know theres someone who cares ,even if i am a stranger,i understand , i pray you feel less pain day by day, i hope you don’t feel depressed any longer.i feally do hope there are better days for you ahead. Sending you a soothing hug..

      1. Belinda I really feel like you I have very sensitive empathy too I feel pain of others and be that intense feeling in the chest when I see others getting hurt(i.e. Funniest home videos that show people getting hurt) I don’t watch it. I’m glad you started praying for strength and comfort. You mentioned God didn’t give us the everything we need to be happy. If we were perfect like how he created us in his image we would be good content and not suffering like we do today. You can read Genisis the first three chapters it described the creation of our beautiful home earth and that we are made humans in Gods image perfect with His good qualities of love and justice peace kindness. But due to Satan using a snake deceiving the woman calling God a liar about dying if they disobeyed the command to not eat the tree of good and bad. Eve continued to look at the tree and desired it then she ate and brought some to Adam and he ate willingly. Adam was not deceived he made a choice to eat it. And from that time they became imperfect and began to die. Thus all humans come from them therefor we are all suffering now. We have the short life span of maybe 70 or 80 years if we have good health. God never intended for things to be bad. In Those three Chapters in Genisis it says over and over God looked at what he created and it was GOOD. So what keeps me going it the hope that the bible gives me for the near future and that is Michael the Archangel(Jesus the king of Gods kingdom) is going to bring Armegeddon and destroy the wicked and save the righteous. The righteous are those worshipping Almighty God Jehovah and are under the sovereignty of his King appointed Jesus Christ. Psalms are very comforting one of my favorites is Psalms 37:9,10,29 it says the bad will be gone and the righteous will inherit the earth and have peace. Peace from sickness, pain, death, sorrow. Imagine waking up every morning with not another pain or ache! And being perfect in body and mind! This is a promise from God who can not lie.(Titus 1:2) in the New Testament says God promised everlasting life (Romans 6:23) this is a gift from God by means of the sacrifice of Jesus dying on our behalf because Adam a perfect man sinned a just sacrifice had to be made another perfect human that is why Jesus came to earth to give a equal to what was lost by Adam. So John 3:16 applied here “God loved us so much he gave his perfect son in out behalf so everyone excercising faith in him will have everlasting life”. You can find more questions answered by the bible at jw.org like why is there suffering? What is our purpose? Can the dead really live again? And many others. This hope and peace I find has got me through many dark and depressive times knowing that better perfect times are ahead. I hope this will increase you interest in praying and finding out satisfying answers to life’s big questions.

        1. First off, it’s not a snake, neither does it say anything about a snake in anything but the ladybird edition of the Bible. Second off, your ‘of man’ because Jehovah over looked something about his perfect creation. Not so perfect to forget some company! It’s eat from the tree, not eat the tree. I could go on but if you’re going to espouse from a collected works could you at least be accurate. Second, so far NOTHING worthwhile has ever been proven to be directly attributable to prayer. People need cures not snake oil. I respect your wish to believe but keep it in your heart not on FB Do not bear false witness, remember?

        2. Hello again HHilley, Just saw this & read through. Suffering wasn’t intended yet man/women having free choice can decide what they want. It leads to some awful places, to hurtful people, thoughts to say we are not worth anything & even drug of choice. Me & women did suffer. I read this is not Our Lord’s choice for us but in future a new world/ a new Earth. Heaven come down. Suffering grew me closer to met Him in a relationship very close. He knows my weaknesses. He suffered pain when in human form as His Son, Jesus, to show He understands. Jesus felt everything. On the cross He went pain we will never know. I am grateful. Paul & many others in scripture did suffered but continued till their end. As Christ arose we see a new body & a new life even after death….that is a Wow! So hope is now in many places & comes in different ways. He said He will return. If I die before that it is ok then I will be with Him. He gets it a l l! The way things in our world currently I know He knows & cares. If I miss all this world goes through more & more it is no loss. My Mother is there as other family members. A grand reunion. If no one is sure yet reads the Bible & dares to ask Christ to open their hearts & eyes to see the truth He will do it. Yet we must ask. Like the picture of Christ standing at the door knocking…He did not break the door down but waits for the person to open the door to Him. Look close at the picture & see there is no door handle for Jesu to enter with. The handle is inside for us to open.

        3. YES I agree with every word you have written! The others who responded to your comment do not know Jehovah. I suffer from FM & was surprised to read your comment but happy to see that you gave them all a good witness! Hugs from a friend 🙂

        4. I knew you were speaking the pure language that I’ve come to know and love. I have been suffering for years. Didn’t know what it was until one day I was explaining my pain… it was real. Finally my neurologist said it was Fibromyalgia. The truth is the only reason I won’t give up. The Kingdom hope is sustaining me. Love from your sister.

        5. I believe! The Bible is the inerrant WORD of Almighty God! PRAYER IS THE CHRISTIAN’S MOST POWERFUL GIFT FROM THE FATHER!!!! If you’re interested…why not read Genesis? Pray your eyes will be opened to THE LORD’S PLAN FOR ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH ACCEPTING HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR…

      2. I av severe fibro / an overactive thyroid an 4 boys youngest 2half yr old i dont take meds apart frm thyroxin an vit d as perscribed an i av recently started yoga an it has made a big difference to my life aswell as cutting out junk an fizzy sodas adding extra veggies to diet too

    2. Sorry to hear you suffer the same as I do. When I can’t sleep I take a long Hot bath enough to cope with it helps with the discomfort.(add lavender) I’ve noticed CBD oils are a big help. Stretching even at odd hours of the night so you can wear yourself out helps. To be honest I have not found anything that will completely take pain and discomfort away. I wish you the best of luck and just know you are not alone. Gentle hugs

      1. Oh the heartache to read of all of you that suffer from this debilitating illness… it robbed me of many years.. I have found these things help me hope it helps some of you as well.. hot Epsom salt baths, massage, short tanning bed sessions (it’s something about the warm dry air) and certain supplements..

  4. I have found a physio massage helps enormously. The lady I go to is a physiotherapist as well and her massages are focuses where the pain is – where isn’t it? Lol
    However she is fabulous – I don’t know how I could manage without her

  5. I’ve found out that eating bread and potatoes hurts us, as all nightshade fruit and vegetables, all poisoned pesticide foods, eat only organic, get well soon

    1. I read that recently and I was really wanting to know if it was true because I love potatoes and I eat bread at times. I have fibromyalgia with constant pain and most of the time I do not have an appetite so I eat mashed potatoes just to have something in my stomach. The pain is in my lower back so bad that I cannot hardly exercise.

    2. OMG!!!!!!!! I know everyone talks about the bread but you are the first one other than me to mention wpotatoes!!!!!! I can’t eat white potatoes but sweet potatoes which aren’t really aren’t potatoes are ok to eat. I have also modified my diet to avoid the rest you have mentioned. Also including modified food starch because it’s potato food starch

      1. Oh Honey, It is not just potatoes it is all of the night shade family of produce. All peppers except black pepper, egg plant, and my brain quit. Do some research on Pinterest and you can find the rest. There is so much to know about our diet it makes my head spin. Listen to this, Last year we had a 4.0 earth quake and I didn’t realize it because I thought it was just me being dizzy. Isn’t that a laugh or it could be sad. Everyone have a wonderful Holiday Season and do not over do it.

  6. I have PTSD and fibromyalgia also sense it started my first real flare up of roving body pain and extreme fatigue. Depression has become a large part of diagnosis due to so many feelings of uselessness etc. so I take cymbalta and doxepine to help with sleep. I find I still struggle but the bad suicidal thoughts are not there. I also do therapy counseling to deal with issues and a place I can relieve some of my stresses.

    1. Sounds sad after hard work you have done educating yourself. What fibro does can blow our minds. It is ongoing learning about it & fibro has extenuating effects on other parts of our bodies.
      This past year I got diagnosed with IBS. Tattle tale signs were popping up yet no name to say what it was. Went on months & months. Treatment from Digestive Diease helped, diet change & a book called Breaking The Bonds o IBS. A psychological approach by Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D. Has helped to understand the me in it all. On Amazon. Pray we both grow in wisdom to help ourselves. God is good to provide such things.

    2. Hello HHilley, I too have PTSD. I like your wording to describe what you feel. I get it. I too believe it is a reason for diagnosis. I read books while layer up for awhile & eventually went to talks of diiferent diagnoses brought on by trauma. Our body seems to speak in different conditions dealing due to trauma bringing the onset. A very high percent of thyroid diagnosises are started by trauma. Many different types of trauma. Hypothyroid is mine & for years the med has helped. Later FM came with great pain. I read high trauma can bring this on also. It is not all in our head as some say. Our mind though being affected by trama that the mind responds to sends signals to many different parts our body. After enough of it’s signals it seems the body gets weekend or broken down in some area. Muscles in FM case. Had many many years ago a mylagram was done for intense pain in back & legs. While in the teat the neurosurgeon said….your muscles are a mess not your spine. Overwhelmed! To walk right again & greet back to a full time job was a long process. Years went by with other events of such. A Chiro said I believe you have FM. I blew it off because I eventually got better at long periods of time till next one. My nerves weren’t good for I started with anxiety panic attacks at 17 yrs old. Still have it. As I have found some helps may you also.

      1. I have always had extreme anxiety (with panic attacks) and depression, along with fibro and all that goes with it. My therapist had me start the anti-anxiety medicine, Buspirone, and it is helping immensely for both conditions. Please see if your doctor will subscribe this for you. It interacts well with other medicines and will not cancel the affects of anti-depression meds. Good luck and hang in there!

  7. I have fibromyalgia and chronic back pain and I have been very misearable dealing with this. I try to be strong but the pain is so unbearable. I was taking Lyrica 100 mg twice a day but for some reason my insurance will not pay for it anymore and I have had poor communication from my doctors office so I do not know what’s going on. That was the only medicine that helped me sleep which it gave me a terrible side effect of being sleepy all day but I didn’t have to feel the widespread pain, only back pain and leg pain. Now I feel pain all over my body and I cannot sleep. I have my doctors appointment in 4 days and I need an explanation on why no one returned my call after leaving 6 messages, spacing them 48 hours apart because I use to work at a surgery center before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, plus CVS calling them. The depression and suicidal thoughts is real but prayer works. I feel if I had a massage therapist it would make me feel better. I am not working because I am unable to stand and sit for long periods of time. I have been denied for disability twice but I’m go keep fighting for it because I have been working since I graduated high school in 1995 with no gaps and I know I can’t work. I had to stop working in March 2014 and it has been hard with 2 teenagers and just 400 a month but with prayer I’m making it.

    1. Your situation sounds a lot like mine use to be. Go to your local job and family services where you should be able to receive medicaid, food stamps and even money for you and your daughters. Lyrica will be paid for. Keep fighting for your disability. Took me 2 1/2 yrs. If it wasn’t for my Lyrica, I’d be nuts. Tip. Make sure you see your doctor regularly, tell him how bad your pain is. That will help your case.

      1. Thanks. It was the pharmacy fault that I didn’t have my Lyrica. They was putting something in the the computer wrong. But it was also my doctors office staff members fault because had they returned my call the in the two months I was trying to call, I could have mentioned that to the pharmacy staff members. But I’m back on my Lyrica now and I just found me another lawyer for my disability so I will keep fighting.

    2. Insurance quit covering Lyrica for me, too. Had to go back to Gabapentin again. It doesn’t work as well but it was all the doctor could do. They are now sending me to a pain specialist who I will see next month. Praying for help and I will pray for all of you, too. We are stronger than we think.

      1. Pray wisdom come from the Lord in your situation. I use pain cream, heating pad, deep breathing, and with arthritis bad to I am allowed to have a muscle relaxer once in awhile. Not addicted. Just if nessary. Truly helps the worse. Stretched help & walking. Blessings!

    3. Dear I used my attorney can refer to help they fight the denial. My email is tamcgrath@hotmail.com just need a name phone number free until win what we need. Hugs it helps Medicare is fixing me waited years
      I ebayed like mad years to get by. Couldn’t stand to work. Lost so much and bed bound but getting a spine surgery to walk. It has been wonderful having this agency. Even helped was homeless emergency file. Couldn’t of done it without or my Dr. They work with all after they approve and mail releases sign don’t worry. Getting that medical.coverage is key for us
      Very sick.if slow to.setup.will.do.promise

  8. O i feel so much for all fibromyalgia sufferers.as i have it for so many years and also chronic back pain.my son suffers from ankylosing spondilites aswell.i also find that bread (that i love) and potatoes are not good for me!!stay positive and know that God knows our pain.sometimes get sick hearing people saying” o but you look so good”! If they only know!i pray for all of you with this condition.x

  9. All of you who suffer with fibromyalgia like me, should google TRE! Tension and trauma release! I was turned onto this last spring, and I go each week for an instructed class with many people with various aches, strains, stresses and lifestyles. See if you can find somewhere close to you, as this is amazing for my sleep, my muscle aches and just my everyday perspective on life with Fibro. Our instructor takes us through a guided series of excecises to tire certain muscles, then our body goes into a shake (everyone’s body does different things for different needs), and when done…you feel comfortable enough to relax and sleep. If I go each week faithfully, I no longer have restless leg syndrome, lessened muscle pain and a more relaxed, deeper sleep. I hope you can all find a class close to you, as I can’t say enough good about what it has done for me!

    1. Sounds great…I will look. In Fibro Flare now. ..I believe these days are gloom doom to too grey rain atmosphere. Being I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue I can sleep sleep sleep. I am in another realm at this moment. Just barely here..if any get it…..ugh.

  10. I was diagnosed in August 2016 with fibromyalgia and on c ymbalta and gabapentin today when walking home from work I couldn’t get my legs to “walk” the right way was painful when I was trying to walk straight. My muscles weren’t doing what I wanted them to do and were sooo painful has anybody else had this. Im really worried about it and going back to my doctor next week

    1. I so can relate to so much and now being treated in an intense depression/anxiety/ agoraphobia center. Well so try these things to see if they help as well.

      However, for those that are on Lyrica. Do not cold turkey off. Gradually come off and stay off. It will cause the same side effects and withdraws and mimic the pain in which you were trying to get away from. After it sent me to the hospital with detoax situation or what I thought was a heart attack, I realize it was time to come off. I tried to come off in a week or so and the pain was so unbearable. After searching forums I realized this was a med that YOU come off in months. It has good points but not when they try to hurt you to stay on it.

    2. Hi Jan,

      I was diagnosed in February 2016. I often find it difficult to walk or get my legs to ‘walk’ the way they are supposed to. Especially if I have walked an excessive amount for the day. My legs get all stiff. It looks like I’m power walking cross slapping my feet on the ground. Very hard to explain, but I do understand what you are experiencing. Once I go home and rest, the following day my walking is back to normal, until the end of the day when the process happens all over again. Annoying, painful and unfortunately a part of my fibro (and yours it seems!). I wish you all the best


      1. I don’t remember when I was diagnosed with fibro but I can tell you aspirin should be avoided as it hurts the stomach lining and causes nausea. I had to try several antidepressants before finding one that helped with the pain and depression. Anti-inflammatory drugs help as well. Cutting out sugar and nightshade vegetables also reduced flareups. Have that hip checked by another Doctor. I’ve had cortisone injections in my knees, back, elbows, foot and shoulder that helped immensely. I also got a mobility scooter for outings where we will have a lot of walking. My husband rides it when I want to walk for a few minutes to keep from getting stiff. I also take opioid meds to help with my arthritis pain but it doesn’t help with the fibro pain. Hardest thing for me was giving up bread, French fries and chocolate. Good luck. Feel better.

  11. Avoiding wrong people…I am working on this. I had company related to my husband who stayed from Nov 20 to Dec 3. I was a mess. We had gotten a puppy Bassette. All going well training puppy. When they came in beginning it seemed ok. Then I got feeling trapped in anything. I was not someone who takes care of them. I know it is dysfunctional. And being Fibro it is not a plan but to focus on me & God. Each day got harder getting up to it all. They would go out here or there yet when I found it harder to be me in pattern of watching & training puppy. I had a routine for me that was naturally was to chg some . Each day of me & my own way of doing things & being mindful of my body needs were harder to live. I am in counseling now for about two months after they left I was sick for two weeks thinking I had a bad stomach flu. Third week I found out I had IBS. It goes with FM as my Digestive Diseases doctor said. New diet completely & med a short period. I lost a lot of weight and became very weak. New diet in low fiber & soluble veggies etc brought me around. It is on Food Map .com. Then a rude awakening was that the visit I mentioned with also our new child the Bassette puppy brought it on. I got a book on psychological affects causing IBS was a God send. Great amount of explanation & understanding I read. Love it. The tapes that go on in my head & reaction to being trapped were like PTSD which I have. Got free as a bird out of a cage. The company is one of them aroubd TG time & the other is at Christmas time. I am Counseling now to be prepared. I want not cook a big dinner & hope we go out. I want a streaming of TiVo set up in my bedroom. And keep counseling during that time. This one stays 15 days. She is sugar & was a lot but now strong opinionated & speaks it out. Next on Dec 25 till Jan 1 or according to best flight back will stay. She is a bit easier to take. I don’t want to be alone just be FM relaxed so to keep flares down. Psychological practicing. My husband is full aware & is caring as this is in our lives. My osteoarthritis also gets involved. Can be very painful in back. Wanting muscles not contracting. I am praying about it all & like the Serenity Prayer a lot. I was married to an alcoholic in first marriage & a lot of stuff came down in that. I attended Alanon a lot. Very helpful in keeping focus on me & God. That was very helpful & still practice it. Yet I must of been triggered inside & along came IBS.

    1. I go to counseling & support for Fibro like here is a plus…. Family, friends & neighbors don’t get it. My counselor says to think to myself what at this moment do I need to do to help me & not get in thinking..oh what are they thinking.

    1. I know several men with FM. I was diagnosed with it.in 1997.
      One important thing is not to assume any new feel bad symptom is related to the FM.
      The change in barometric pressure really makes my pain worse and the fatique (which is the worse for me)…is absolutely paralyzing@
      Bless All,

  12. I have had fibro for 19 years now , I would just like to say about the back pain that some people have , at one point I could barely walk for this lower back pain ,it actually made me feel like vomitting .
    I went for a craniosacral massage and it immediately relieved the pain ,it was unbelievable! I walked back to meet my husband and I was so happy I was crying ,kept thinking even if it only lasts the day it was worth it ! However it was 18 months before I needed another one ,and now it’s been over 2 years and my back still good .

  13. Hi,

    I don’t have Fibro, I have MS which is somewhat akin.

    I can certainly empathise with the pain, the brain fog and the total fatigue we all have to endure at one point or another.

    Mixing with the “right” people is so important. While I have MS, the person I can connect with most has Fibro.

  14. I’ve had fibro dx for about 30+ years. getting a little worse as I get older, especially my low back!!! Water aerobics is great, but then a couple of hours out of the water, and the discomfort is back. but it feels so good to be able to move freely in the water. I can usually meet any challenge, but when it’s completed….. I go down hard. Hurt for weeks, fatigue, mental confusion, depression. That’s when I know I need to disconnect and REST. Hard to do while working for full time and caring for elderly parent. I like what I read above about not having to explain “no” to people. just.can’t.do.it. Final. Happy holidays everyone!

    1. Oh my goodness..it is so nice to have found others that understand. I was diagnosed with fibro about 9 years ago with kidney cancer…then breast cancer 3 years ago seemed to make it spark more. I am doing water aerobics but very painful later in day and next day. I also have such a hard time finding the words I am trying to say. Very embarassing especially with my grand children. I am now rambling because anxiety etc. So I apologize but thank you all for being out there . Best of luck to you all and God Bless.

  15. Merry Christmas everyone! Yep, I’ve been suffering from Fibro for over 25 years now but back then drs. really didn’t put a name on it and weren’t really on board with it as an illness. I have found any meds drs. put me on had worse side effects than the illness. I do not have answers except just listening to my body and slowing down on days I realize I’m heading into a flare up and pacing myself on good days. But pain is just a way of life. I do find weather can play a factor into bad days especially colder weather so i just try and read my own body and have learned to live with pain to some degree. I also realize Fibro patients have similar symptoms and yet some are worse than others a lot depends on other things going on in our bodies and why we have Fibro to begin with. For myself it was a blood condition that let into an even worse condition and even though that is under control Fibro is here to stay. I’ve also learned to apply my spiritual beliefs and mental strength to blend together as much as possible. It’s so easy to get focused on ourselves because as times the pain is so bad it consumes us but when I do something beyond myself, losing myself in some service no matter how small I stop focusing on me. I don’t enjoy Fibro but realize there are so many who suffer from so much worse and am thankful that this is my trial,my test, and how I handle it is up to me. It’s hard believe it’s hard. I know that God may not take this test from me but he will give me the strength to endure it, for he endured way beyond anything than I can comprehend. My daughter once reminded me of this “When you want to speak to God Pray, when you want God to speak to you read the scriptures”. And I feel comfort. I think my main prayer is that they can find the whys and hows to this illness so that all those who suffer can find some relief.

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