how to get diagnosed with fibromyalgia

Things that fibromyalgia patients find difficult to explain their doctors

It is highly important that every doctor should know the medical history of their patients. In the case of fibromyalgia, even though there are no proper steps to identify the cause of fibromyalgia, it is highly important that the patients should visit their doctors and seek advice from them.

Some of the doctors may not be well aware about the cause and condition of fibromyalgia. But they will be able to check your medical history and provide you a proper solution for the problem.

Some people also hesitate to visit their doctors because they think that there is no cure for fibromyalgia and that’s why they will anyway not get any solution from their doctors. But that is not the case.

Nowadays doctors are doing various researches and studying from various sources about fibromyalgia and provide proper treatment to their patients who report symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Some of the medication provided by the doctors may not be a cure but however it will definitely help in keeping the situation under control.

In the initial stages doctor provide pain killers and later pain killers are stopped or gradually reduced where alternative medication is introduced.

There are also many natural methods suggested by the doctors to suppress the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia, as the actual cause of fibromyalgia is unknown.

When fibromyalgia patients visit their doctors there are few things they find very difficult to explain to their doctors. Medication is provided only based on what is expressed by their patients.

Some of the common things that people find difficult to provide explanation are as follows:

Surviving every day is a struggle. They will not be able to do their day to day activities properly due to severe pain in their body. People find this struggle difficult to explain to their doctors.

The actual intensity of the pain and fatigue is something that is difficult to express or explain to someone. It is not just with doctors but people find it difficult it express it with anyone for that matter. It is said that pain is something that can be experienced only when it comes to an individual.

Otherwise people can just compare their past experiences with pain and add or reduce depth of pain to that. The actual depth of pain experienced by fibromyalgia patients is unknown and inexpressible.

Feeling of being unwell the whole day. This is something that anyone with a body problem experience. With that of fibromyalgia patients, this is something that is commonly experienced almost every day and it becomes difficult to express how unwell they are.

Some of the doctors don’t have much exposure to condition of fibro. In that case they find it very difficult to understand the explanation given by the patients who have fibromyalgia pain all over their body.

In some of the cases even the patients know more about the cause and effects of fibromyalgia compared to the doctors. Without knowing more about the condition, the doctors will not be able to provide a proper solution to their patients.

Pain medication is not something that is welcomed by fibromyalgia patients. It is just a temporary solution provided by the doctors to have the pain symptoms under control. Some doctors provide pain medication to observe the condition in the patients.

The patients usually show hatred towards this. All they expect is a cure and they find it difficult to explain it to their doctors.

Some doctors misinterpret things based on what they hear from other fibromyalgia patients. They don’t understand the fact that the symptoms can change from one person to another person.

Doctors should think in that perspective and provide treatment to their patients. This is something that patients find difficult to explain their doctors.

how to get diagnosed with fibromyalgia

In the same patient the symptom can change as time goes. This can be a transformation or change in stage of the fibromyalgia condition. It becomes very difficult to explain this change to their doctors without having a proper data about this change.

Some doctors straight away think that the patients are expecting some kind of drugs from the doctors and that is the reason why they are reporting their problem as fibromyalgia. This thought should be changed from the mind of doctors.

All fibromyalgia patients wish that their doctors should easily find out the actual cause of their pain so that they will be able to provide proper medication.

Doctors should not conclude anything with external appearance; fibromyalgia is something that makes a person look so cool from outside but give trouble from inside.

Other factors like pain sustainability and how it affects the quality of life should also be considered by the doctors. This is another problem that fibromyalgia patients find difficult to express to their doctors.

Age is not a factor for fibromyalgia. Doctors should not see how young a patient is or how old a patient is. Everyone should be treated equally by the doctor. This condition can occur to people of any age group.

When the patient is explaining their problem to the doctors, they should understand the problem and stop labeling everything as fibromyalgia. Some of the symptoms that patient express can be even related to something else.

It should not be confused with fibromyalgia problem. That can lead to further confusions and complications in providing medication.

All the patients think that people who blame them for their incapability should be in their position just one day to understand how much pain they undergo every day.

It may be very easy to criticize the incapability of someone with fibromyalgia but being so strong with such complicated symptoms is really difficult.

The doctors should also understand that the patients seek for solution from them and not their attention.

Some doctors fail to understand the actual pain and provide normal medications to fibromyalgia problems.

Though not all the doctors are like that, there are some doctors who take interest to learn more about fibromyalgia and act as a very good guide to their patients.

Some solutions that they provide are really helpful in keeping their pain symptoms under control.

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  1. I have been seen by both doctors, one doctor that has studied about fibromyalgia keeping up with the latest info, and the other doctor who has not a clue about fibromyalgia and has not studied getting the latest info. There is no excuse for a doctor to not do his research about any disease effecting his patient. Just giving his patient a pill to satisfy the patient is not in the best interest of the patient.

  2. I think it’s often easy to dismiss fatigue and a general feeling of being “unwell” as nothing big…But people need to be aware of fibromyalgia. Many doctors I feel also dismiss this disease, or they don’t think is the culprit. It’s so important to communicate clearly with doctors, and be persistent if they are trying to dismiss you. You deserve to be at your best health, all the time!

  3. Stating in the article that doctors should know the cause and condition of fibromyalgia may lead some to believe the exact cause is known. I know they have theories about the cause or causes, but have they officially decided a cause?

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