Effects of napping over fibromyalgia symptoms

Effects of napping over fibromyalgia symptoms

Napping is quite common with patients who have any type of chronic pain. However, it can also be said that it is common with people who don’t have any disorders.

There are various reasons on why they get a situation to nap. Some people might not get good sleep during the night time and end up napping during the day time. Other people usually have this as a habit.

Though the topic is quite controversial as some of the doctors say that napping is good because at least it helps fibromyalgia patients get some good rest. But there are some researches and studies that say that people with napping habit develop increased symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Symptom severity is seen in people who do day time napping. In order to cope up with their pain and condition fibromyalgia patients have day time napping as their habit.

Though further research is required to understand the effect of napping over fibromyalgia symptoms, it was commonly identified that people who were involved in the study had issues like irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, depression, disturbed sleep, asthma etc.

There are also cases where people skip their night sleep due to other problems like pain and restless legs syndrome. They end up getting a disturbed sleep during the night time.

In that case, people usually take a nap either in their office or any time that is comfortable for them during the day. Some people even have the habit of parking their car under a tree while travelling and have a good nap.

From the researches that were conducted, it was also clear that people who had napped on a daily basis developed more symptoms compared to people who napped less.

The outcome of the research can also end up controversial as more research will be required to understand the outcome much better.

It is also good to seek some suggestion and advice from people who live with fibromyalgia as a challenge on a day to day basis. They will also be able to provide some valuable information on the effects of napping over fibromyalgia symptoms.

Importance of sleep for fibromyalgia patients

Sleep is very important for every human being. There are many references and articles available to provide you details on the complete significance of sleep.

It is important that every individual irrespective of their body condition should get a good sleep and especially during the night time.

Human body is exposed to lots of wear and tear every day. Most of these issues are not exhibited by the body, instead it waits for a moment where you give complete rest to the body and use that as an opportunity to heal the problems by itself.

In computer terms we can also say that human body is capable of troubleshooting its problems during the resting time. But in order to do so, it is important that we should facilitate it with the help of good sleep.

It is identified that major problems associated with human body is automatically healed during good sleep. That is the reason why doctors and experts suggest their patients to somehow get good rest and sleep.

Due to pain and fatigue conditions, sleeplessness is one of the common issue seen in fibromyalgia patients. There are also many remedial techniques available to restore your sleep.

These remedial techniques helps in taking the body to the rest state and provide good sleep. Some people also use sleeping pills and alcohols to get sleep.

As sleep is a natural process, it is not advisable to stimulate it with the help of any medication or alcohol.

The reason being said is that when the level of alcohol is reduced from the blood stream, patients who suffer from pain will be led to wide awake situation where they will need more alcohol to again take their body to sleep state.

It also sometimes cause other side effects. So it is always good to take some natural methods to improve sleep.

Day napping effects on fibromyalgia patients

From the researches it is said that day napping can increase the severity of symptoms in fibromyalgia patients. There are many reasons due to which fibromyalgia pain can be complicated.

Some of these are done without the knowledge of the patients. But some of these conditions are associated with the activities that an individual does as part of their day to day activity.

So far there is no evidence to prove that day time napping has a good amount of significance or benefit for fibromyalgia patients.

Some people still believe that it provides them good rest and helps them in restoring the energy. Some people also take this as opportunity to gain a good sleep that they usually miss out during the night time.

But it can also be a case where if they practice day time napping regularly, they will not be able to get a proper sleep during the night time.

A research was conducted on over 1044 adults to identify the effect of day time napping over fibromyalgia patients. All these adults were the ones diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

The main aspect of this study involved understand of sleeping conditions of the patients and the effect of day time sleeping over their regular symptoms.

Effects of napping over fibromyalgia symptoms

After the napping behaviour some the outcome of the result produced increased symptoms on the following.

  • Pain experienced by the patients
  • Depression and anxiety issues
  • Fatigue conditions
  • Memory difficulties and fibro fog conditions
  • Sleep problems during the night time

Usually people who have a nap during the day time also find it very difficult to sleep during the night time.

If they nap nicely during the day, the will not need much sleep during the night time. But the scientists and doctors suggest that it is highly important to get a night sleep instead of day time nap.

Some of the hormonal secretions essential for the body functioning happens only during the night sleep. Day time napping can be used but not for all the cases.

There are some guidelines that are available that can be used and followed if at all someone needs a nap during the day time for some un-avoidable reasons.




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  1. I find Napping beneficial for me with Fibro, Mainly because university life is tough and i take a 20-30min nap so i can get back to reading for my subjects.

    1. Me too. I think it is more likely that we nap because our symptoms are worse. I think they got it backwards😛. At times I cannot stay awake, and don’t intentionally nap.

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