massage for fibromyalgia

Home remedies and natural herbs for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be considered to be a condition that can be treated with the help of natural ways instead of going for drugs and medication that you are not sure about.

There are many home based remedies one can start doing to keep the condition under control. Fibromyalgia disorder is commonly seen on people of age group 30 to 40.

In the recent years people are reporting fibromyalgia symptoms even in young age. Day to day continuous activities of a person without proper rest can be one of the reason for chronic pain in their body.

If the pain is persistent for several days even after multiple measures that an individual take, then it can be related to fibromyalgia pain.

As a natural medication for fibromyalgia, naturally occurring minerals such as Epsom salts are used for treatments.

These natural method of treating fibromyalgia can also be done along with the normal medication that a person is undergoing.

There will not be any side effect from the natural method of treatments. Non drug therapies combined with drug treatments can also be very helpful in reducing the effects of fibromyalgia.

The quest to understand fibromyalgia is on-going as till date there is no research to prove the actual cause of the condition. We can see that some people are even affected by fibromyalgia throughout their life.

Home and Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is sometimes referred as a psychosomatic condition that is experienced in people who are highly stressed out and if their depression level is high.

In such case they get a good relief from their chronic pain when they undergo home based remedies.

Some people have habit of taking too much of pain killers to treat their body pain.

During initial stages of fibromyalgia it can be good to relieve you from body pain but later it will create an addiction where you will always need a pain killer to continue with your activity.

That should not be the case. It is better to avoid pain killers and go for natural remedies as it has no side effects on the problems related to fibromyalgia. Some of the home based remedies are as follows:


Yoga practice is very important for a better living. It can be done by any person with any disorder.

There are some specific yoga that a person can do to control the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Yoga is an ancient practice from India and when it is combined with simple exercises called asanas, it is called Yogasana.

Oregon Health & Science University conducted research works that prove that yoga combined with asanas have given better results for the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The people with fibro body experience great reduction in fibromyalgia pain when they continuously do Yogasana.


Along with the medication a person undergoes, meditation will also be very helpful in regulating the pain signals processed by the brain.

Meditation helps in easing the body and helps in calming down the mind from various distractions.

This will in turn create or induce deep rest in the body which will ultimately help in automatic healing if the body.

Against fibromyalgia patients this is very helpful where they will be able to forget pain when they are in meditation state.

Massage Therapy

This works for most of the people affected by fibromyalgia. Among the list of natural methods available to treat fibromyalgia, massage therapy is the most common method and it has proved to provide good benefit to the affected individuals.

It is not the case that massage therapy is helpful only for people with fibromyalgia but even people with common muscle pain, restless leg syndrome etc., find it more convenient.

Compared to all other methods available to treat fibromyalgia, this is one of the safest method. After a massage therapy people get good sleep that also helps in healing.

This may not be very helpful for a long term fibromyalgia problem, but when the actual painful trigger points are addressed during the massage, it provides greater relief.

massage for fibromyalgia

Applying Capsaicin

Another natural herbal treatment for fibromyalgia is to apply pain relievers that are prepared naturally.

In this case capsaicin is a natural pain reliever that is prepared from the pepper plants. It is even available in the form of lotions and sprays.

Capsaicin helps in stimulating the release of a substance in the body called Substance P that helps in decreasing the pain if you apply it in the painful area.

This is a temporary reliever of pain in fibromyalgia body. Capsaicin is also helpful in treating various other conditions like cancer, diabetes and headaches.


Epsom salt

Another natural way of treating fibromyalgia pain is to use Epsom salt in your day to day activities.

If small amount of salt is consumed every day, can help in increasing the levels of magnesium in the body.

Researches have proved that patients who report fibromyalgia problem have low levels of magnesium in their body.

They believe that balancing magnesium in the body can give a good relief from fibromyalgia and treat problems related to fibromyalgia.

Apart from this Epsom salt can also be mixed with water and used for bath that relieves pain in the body.

If you have fibromyalgia foot pain, soaking your leg in Epsom salt water will give you good relief.

Vitamin B12 supplements

B12 vitamins are water soluble vitamins helpful for body metabolism. There can be problems if the level of B12 is low in the body.

It is very important that people with fibromyalgia should consume proper balanced diet that includes all the nutrition that they need to keep their body fit.

Usually in fibromyalgia patients the energy levels will be low as most of their energy is either exhausted on their daily activity or in some cases the energy production is less compared to other people.

B12 vitamin supplements can help improve the condition of fibromyalgia reducing the symptoms that an individual experience.

Excessive consumption is also not a problem with B12 vitamins because, as they are water soluble vitamins they will be discharged out of the body with the help of urine.