How to prevent lactic acidosis

Lactic Acidosis linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibromyalgia symptoms can be due to various reasons. It is identified that lactic acidosis can be a one of the factor and also there is a link between both.

Many researches are going on to understand more about the causes and treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic conditions.

Understanding the link between lactic acidosis and CFS or Fibromyalgia can be very helpful in finding out the association of this condition with that of other problems in the body.

Details about Lactic Acidosis

In simple terms it is said that, when lactate builds up in the body that condition is called as lactic acidosis. This can result to a situation where the body will have low pH.

During this body will have excessive amount of acid affecting the normal metabolism of the body.

It is identified that this can be responsible for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia Symptoms. Or in other situations, lactic acidosis can also be due to the effect of chronic conditions, poisoning, fatigue, overdoses, medication etc.

Though these are the causes for lactic acidosis to occur, there are also other symptoms seen such as vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, infections etc.

It is easy to identify Lactic Acidosis with the help of clinical analysis of blood. Blood samples can be used to find this out.

After it is identified, the next step is to identify the cause of lactic acidosis in order to look for treatment. As a treatment measure in some patients, blood purification process is carried out but it can just be a temporary solution.

The changes to diet is also suggested to patients who have rare form of lactic acidosis which can also be chronic condition.

This is caused by mitochondrial disease and some specific steps are carried out to know further details. Few rare cases are there where the risk death indication is provided if at all there is a severe infection.

The basic cause of the condition will reveal all the factors and also help in providing further medication or treatment for the affected person.

Effect of Lactic Acidosis on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

It is determined that people with the condition of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are also exposed to other problems such as cognitive dysfunction and neurological impairment.

There are still further researches going on to identify the actual cause of this condition. These symptoms are identified to be similar to the people reported with D-lactic acidosis.

The studies have so far found out that there is definitely a link between Lactic Acidosis and CFS; however, further research is required to know more details about the cause.

If a person is reporting burning muscle pain and especially people who have other symptoms of fibromyalgia or CFS, Lactic acidosis could be the reason for such condition.

From researches it has been identified that general feeling of fatigue, pain and weakness in the body can also be due to Thiamine deficiency.

Anyone can test the effectiveness of Thymine as this supplement is easily available. Another interesting fact about this supplement is that there is no toxicity level for this supplement and it is also not very expensive.

Thymine is a water soluble vitamin and that is the reason why it is considered to be safe because if the body finds it to be excess it will be let out of the body along with urine.

For people with Thymine deficiency there are supplements available that will help in restoring the level in the body.

In people who have CFS and fibromyalgia it is identified that Thymine deficiency can also result in neurological problems. The fact is that Thymine deficiency is an effect of lactic acidosis.

How to prevent lactic acidosis

How to prevent lactic acidosis

One advisable method is to identify the level of Thymine in the body and make sure the level of Thymine is maintained correctly.

Exercise routine will be very helpful in handling the problems related to lactic acidosis. People who don’t have a habit of doing regular exercise should start doing it.

When you start with the exercise, it is necessary that you should start off with basic exercises first.

Expectation to be able to do hard exercises within a week of starting is not something that is natural.

When you do regular exercise, your body will gradually gain tolerance and you will be able to do even hard exercise to keep yourself fit.

Food restriction is also very important when you do exercises. If you burn lots of calories every day, it is highly necessary that you should replace it with the help of proper balanced diet. This is also very helpful in preventing you from getting lactic acidosis.

When you do lots of exercises you will be exhausted and your body will need lots of water to restore the energy. Drinking enough water will also help in removing any excess acid present in your body.

The food that you consume every day should be able to provide you enough nutrients for the day.

For people who have fibromyalgia and CFS it may not be easy to start and improve with exercises as fast as a normal person. But even if it takes lots of time, they should not leave the determination.

Next important thing to be considered is the amount of sleep that you have every day. Based on the exercise that you do and the activity that you do, sleep will also be required to rejuvenate your body.

It is also important to talk to your doctor before you start with any exercise routine for lactic acidosis. There can be a possibility that lactic acidosis can be due to a different disease or medication that you undergo.

Some doctors may not consider all the factors during the diagnosis and that is the reason why Thymine deficiency is also kept as an under diagnosed condition in spite of us knowing the clinical significance of it for several decades.

Currently there are research works that say that there is a link between chronic fatigue syndrome and lactic acidosis. But it is necessary that study should be conducted in various aspects to understand how we can further narrow down to identify all other possibilities.


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  1. Interesting, I did not know these were related. What sort of changes in diet can cause, or improve the symptoms of, lactic buildup? I think this avenue of research for CFS is one that should certainly be pursued, as it may help those with fibromyalgia manage symptoms.

  2. Good information to know. With the link to lactic acidosis, what changes in diet should one make? There are many foods that may cause this build up but we wouldn’t think they could. Mentioning the water intake is imperative. When we increase physical activity or have other ailments we do need to drink more water.

  3. I use the PH strips to identify the level of acid in my body. Foods that help with over-acid conditions include vegetables and fruits. Also, it’s important to reduce aspirin, alcohol, sugar, and bleached grains. You can find lists of foods that are alkaline versus acidic by looking online. Our bodies should be somewhat alkaline rather than acidic.

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