Does emotional stress triggering fibromyalgia flare ups

Does emotional stress triggering fibro flare ups? Know the link of stress and fibromyalgia flare ups!

 Does emotional stress triggering fibromyalgia flare ups

A small amount of stress seems to be healthy for our lives. How is it possible? Well, if we don’t take stress about our work, cleanliness, and other stuff, then, how could the things go on a right path? But stress is unhealthy for the people experiencing fibromyalgia.

In everyone’s life, stress is the culprit that is reducing our performance level and energy reservoir, but, in people living with fibromyalgia, stress could do more than disturbed work performance.

How often do you experience a headache due to the stress? Does a headache last as long as stress last?  Of course, emotional stress is the major reason in causing headache and other abdominal pain. Similarly, if you’re suffering from the chronic fatigue syndrome, stress act as a pathogen for you.

Fibromyalgia is more common in women as compared to men. Since, it is supposed that women take more stress, their condition could be worsened. However, other triggers can also cause a sudden increase in the intensity and duration of the symptoms.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with the fibromyalgia, then, get prepared because you’re more likely to combat with a backache, chronic headaches, and muscular pain.

Well, don’t start panicking because you can manage the symptoms by knowing the triggers. Majority of fibromyalgia patients encounter the stress and if you know how to deal with the stress, you would surely prevent the fibro flare ups.

What’s the connection between stress and fibro flare up?  

This question may pop up in your mind and it is surprising that why your symptoms become worse and worsened when you’re taking excessive stress in your head.

Research has shown that taking excessive stress can increase the episodes of anxiety attacks, headaches, and muscle pain.

Not only internal stress could be more detrimental to you, in fact, external stressors like bright lights and loud noises can make your condition worst.

In stressful situations, a certain hormone is released in the body and causes the disruption with the pain perception in those people living with fibromyalgia. Another concept suggested that due to the stress, muscle soreness and tension would be increased.

You can take control of your life and you can handle the stress in every situation of life.

As you’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia, don’t allow the stress to make your life more miserable!

Yes, fibromyalgia is taking a toll on you, just kick out stress from your life and get things going well enough.

What measures you should take to reduce the stress and prevent fibro flare ups?

Since fibromyalgia often flares up due to the emotional stress, you should know the tactics to cope with it. Yes, it sounds impossible initially, but believe me, once you incorporate these measures in your life, you would see a drastic difference in the duration and intensity of the fibro flare ups. So, try your favorite measure and live happy!

1- Determine the reason for stress

Picking up the root cause of stress is a key to reducing the fibromyalgia flare ups. Stress could be due to your workplace or your home.

Look closely at what are more irritating and frustrating for you. Once you get to the main reason causing stress, you would have better idea of how to deal with it.

2- Avoid unnecessary stress

Sometimes, you give too much importance to something unnecessary. Of course, we neither minus the stress from our life nor escape out from the situation where we actually need to address, what we can do is eliminate the possibilities of causing more tension.

If you’re very generous and take everyone’s work as your responsibility, then, it’s not healthy for you, learn to say No and set your own boundaries and limits.

Stay away from the toxic people because they can escalate your stress levels, which is not better for you. So, it’s better to maintain a distance with them for good. Be well assured that what is happening in your surroundings. If some topics let you upset and depressed, just avoid these hot-burning topics.

3- practice mindful Yoga

You’ve been practicing the traditional form of Yoga. Now, get onto your Yoga mat and start doing the mindful-Yoga. Feel each pose and keep doing deep breathing. As you go through the poses, get engrossed with them and close your eyes while ending every pose.

Along with releasing the muscle tension and stiffness, Yoga is a far much better way to eliminate the stress toxins out of your body.

So, Yoga is an invigorating, fun-loving and powerful technique keeping your fibromyalgia under control and alleviates the stress.

4- Do meditation

Likewise Yoga, meditation is also a technique to let your body relaxed and your nerves soothed off. But it also ensures the strong mind-body connection.

Either you’re combining meditation with the Yoga or doing it alone, it has tremendous affects on minimizing the stress levels that you’re feeling. Hence, if stress is relieved, you won’t expect the fibro flare up soon.

emotional stress triggering fibromyalgia flare ups

5- Enjoy music

You won’t even imagine that how incredible music is for our overall health. Along with distracting your mind from the pain or other flare ups symptoms, music is an amazing mind-relaxer.

Whenever you feel stressed and low, take out your iPod and start enjoying to your upbeat songs. Remember, instead of listening slow songs; try to enjoy energy-driving songs.

6- Keep track of what are you eating

Most often unnoticed, some foods can also increase the stress and fibro symptoms may get worse. Avoid the food high in aspartame, caffeine, sugar, MSG and sodium nitrite, and gluten for reducing the flare ups.

7- Play mind games

It may sound unrealistic approach, but, it is one of the excellent ways to taper down the emotional stress. Mind games are not only limited to the puzzles, in fact, self hypnosis, and deep breathing would work as a mind game. When your mind is calm down with the help of above mentioned games, you’ll feel better.

Don’t make your condition more awful due to stress and just try to find out the solutions to manage it. So, what’s your favorite one among the above-list and what you’ll try soon?


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  1. I fully believe emotional stress and fibro flare ups are related. I remember going through a stressful time and my flare ups were the worst ever. Instead of taking more medications, I changed my lifestyle. Exercise and food intake played a big part also. Once I removed the negative stress from my life I noticed my flare ups were not as intense and I could manage flare ups better.

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