Sex drive problems and remedies in fibromyalgia

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It is very difficult to live a life with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. People with fibromyalgia undergo challenges every day.

They may not look and act normal due to various difficulties they undergo in their life. Relationships can be a bit complicated and difficult with fibromyalgia condition.

It is the responsibility of the individuals to take necessary steps to identify and overcome relationship problems they have. Sex drive is something that people usually lack when they have fibromyalgia.

There are several reasons why this can be a problem.

The main reason is the suffering that they undergo. Other reasons can be their day to day activities and strain that they experience in their body. Drugs and medications can also be a factor for lack of sex drive in fibromyalgia patients.

Reasons for lack of sex drive

There are many factors that can make an individual look abnormal with fibromyalgia condition. People who have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can show less interest in sexual life.

There are many studies that acknowledge the statement that people with chronic condition have lower sex drive compared to other healthy people.

Considering the fact that it can affect day to day life in a relationship, there are several methods available that can help to improve such conditions.

Psychological problems are also considered to be one of the reason for lack of sex drive in fibromyalgia individuals.

Researches have listed out several other reasons why people lack sex drive, some of them are as follows:

  • Tiredness after sex
  • Afraid of pain from sex
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Experiences with tender pints
  • Neurological problems
  • Dissatisfaction in the relationship

Some of the above reasons can be directly related to fibromyalgia symptoms and some of them can be an outcome of the condition experienced by fibromyalgia individuals.

Comparisons were made to understand the differences in individuals who are healthy and individuals who have chronic conditions. In such cases perceptions they had towards sex was totally different.

People who live with chronic conditions all the time showed hatred towards gaining more discomfort from sex.

Medications and drugs contribute sexual dysfunction

There have been some cases where drugs and medications that people take for fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions have reduced sex drive in the individuals. Even though the drugs that are prescribed are FDA approved, they are proved to lower sex drive.

This may not be considered as a direct side effect but there have been patients who have experienced it and shared their experience on the same. Some of the below medications and drugs can be responsible for reducing sex drive:

  • Muscle relaxants
  • Blood pressure drugs
  • Drugs for allergies
  • Pain killers
  • Tranquilizers
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs that are non-steroidal
  • Hormonal drugs

The effect of these drugs may not be on every individual. As the symptoms are different from one person to another person the side effects also vary from one person to another person.

It may be comfortable for some people but other group of people will experience side effects from these drugs.

 Sex drive problems and fibromyalgia

Ways to regain sex drive with fibromyalgia

There are also medications available that can improve sex drive in fibromyalgia individuals. Before you go for such supplements or medications, it is necessary that you should consult your doctor and get suggestions and ideas.

Some of the drugs can be contradicting to the drugs and medications that you already undergo for fibromyalgia or chronic syndrome.

Anxiety and emotion stabilizers are also used as part of this medication. In order to identify what works well for you, you might have to try out several methods to reach the right method.

For people who have fibromyalgia, problems related to relationship can also be one of the reason for lack of sex drive.

There have been cases where problems emerge in relationship due to one of the partner having fibromyalgia problem. During such situations, lack of sex drive can be very common.

The couple can attend counselling sessions or have an open talk with each other to sort the problem by themselves.

Sex drive problems in fibromyalgia

Alcohol consumption is sometimes used to induce sex drive in fibromyalgia individuals. This may not be comfortable for everyone but there are few individuals who have reported this to be very useful.

Natural ways to regain sex drive

Mental strength is something that is considered to be very important in fibromyalgia individuals. In order to go through various things on a day to day basis, fibromyalgia people should develop strength in the mind that can help them gain required energy for the day.

There are many natural ways and therapies available that can help in improving sex drive in individuals. Some are as follows:

Yoga and meditation

In order to increase mental strength, medication can be very helpful. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Especially for people affected with fibromyalgia, this can act as a good remedy from emotional and mental problems.

There are some specific asanas that are very helpful in improving sex drive. These asanas also help in increasing sexual desire and energy. Yoga can help people get good relaxation to both mind and body.


People with sexual problems consider massage to be an excellent tool to handle nerve related problems in the body. There have been cases where people see gradual improvement in sex drive after several sessions of massage.

There are experts available who can help in providing perfect massage to reduce pain in the fibro body and enhance sex drive.

Consumable supplements

There are also some consumable health supplements available to improve sex drive. People with fibromyalgia can check with their doctors about the usage of such supplements and use it to improve problems related to sex drive.

Consumable supplements are available in various form that shows positive effect on the individuals after regular consumption however, get confirmation from your doctor before starting it.

There are also some natural herbs prescribed to increase sex drive. This is not for just fibromyalgia or people with chronic conditions. These herbs and supplements are prescribed for people who are healthy in other aspects but lack sex drive.


Adele Alexander is a medical advocate in the United States who has been living with fibromyalgia for seven years. She has used her experience managing and overcoming symptoms to help others in similar positions.

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