The Worst Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia!

Is Fibromyalgia considered a chronic disease

Fibromyalgia- get to know about this disease

Fibromyalgia is a kind of disorder that is characterized when a person has musculoskeletal pain with some other symptoms including mood swings, memory loss, fatigue and lethargy, and insomnia.

Fibromyalgia is the second most common condition which affects our bones and muscles.

This disease is often misdiagnosed and even misunderstood. The most common symptom of this disease is fatigue, muscle pain, and joint pain.

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Although, there is no definite cure for fibromyalgia, a combination of medicines, exercising, a healthy way to manage stress, and good healthy eating habits may eradicate these symptoms assuring you can lead a normal life.

The real cause of fibromyalgia is not exactly known but doctors suggest that it is a problem with how the brain and the spinal cord process pain signals from our nerves.

Fibromyalgia is common among women, or if you have another very painful disease such as an infection or arthritis.

Fibromyalgia is also common among those who have mood disorders for instance anxiety problems and depression.

If people in your family have fibromyalgia you are more likely to get this disease and it is also common among people who rarely exercise or were emotionally abused.

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

The simplest definition of the symptoms of fibromyalgia is that you ache all over and have immense pain in each and every part of your body.

Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • You have severe muscle pain, burning, itchiness, twitching or tightness.
  • You feel weak or lethargic in performing routine work.
  • You have insomnia, or you cannot sleep well.
  • You feel nervous, depressed, stressed or worried
  • You have trouble concentrating and you forget stuff called as fibro fog
  • You have tender points
  • Frequent headaches
  • The slow and confused state of mind and speech
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Sensitivity to pain, some foods and to smoke

Some of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia


Never-Ending fatigue is considered as one of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia.

A person experiencing fibromyalgia goes through extreme fatigue and a lethargic condition. Some medicines help to fight this issue which the doctors recommend to them.

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worst symptoms of fibromyalgia

Depression and anxiety

More than half of the people who experience fibromyalgia may find themselves in emotional problems and depression. At some point in their lives, they experience anxiety and depression.

When patients have fibromyalgia, their doctor might give them some antidepressants. These antidepressants may treat depression problems along with fibromyalgia as well.

People who have fibromyalgia are very likely to experience depression due to the severe pain that this disease inflicts on an individual.

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fibromyalgia and restless legs

The restlessness of the legs

Insomnia is a very common problem among those who experience fibromyalgia.

Changes in sleep patterns, inability to sleep, wide awake for long hours and finding trouble to sleep are all conditions and problems that a person experiences when having fibromyalgia.

The restlessness of the legs is another common condition that a person experiences when having fibromyalgia.

When a person has fibromyalgia, they feel the sudden urge to move their legs when they are resting.

This condition is eleven to twelve times more common among people experiencing fibromyalgia than those who are not.

It is not known that what is the exact connection and link between fibromyalgia and restlessness but it is also told that the treatments that are made to treat fibromyalgia not only improve the problem of restlessness legs but they also improve the sleep-related problems.

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Pain in the entire body

When a person has fibromyalgia, he goes through pain in his entire body. The pain is so intense that a person might find it even difficult to breathe. Some medicines are there to help cure the pain though not completely.

Hand twitches are also one of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia which a person goes through and it makes them very uncomfortable as well.


A large number of people who have fibromyalgia also experience migraines and other headaches.

Sometimes the headaches and migraine attacks might be extremely severe and they may persist for hours.

A person may feel extremely tired and lethargic when experiencing this kind of pain.

Doctors might suggest antidepressants which might relieve the headaches and migraines.

fibromyalgia and pelvic pain

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is very common amongst people who face fibromyalgia. People who have fibromyalgia are very much likely to experience pelvic pain, irritation in their bladder and cramps during their menstruation period.

Some of the medicines which give relief in treating fibromyalgia may also give relief to these problems related to the pelvic region.

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Fibromyalgia flare-up

Fibromyalgia flare-up is also considered as one of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia.

When people have fibromyalgia, they experience their symptoms on a regular basis. With time, however, these symptoms may worsen and intensify. When the symptoms intensify it is called a flare-up or a flare.

Flare-ups can occur suddenly, and they are very likely to occur if the person experiencing fibromyalgia takes a lot of pressure. Flare-ups range from a few days to a few weeks.

There are some factors that make fibromyalgia flare-ups more likely to occur.

These might be due to changes in a few things such as:

  • Changes in your diet
  • Changes in your hormones
  • Taking a lot of stress
  • Changes in the routine and schedule
  • Changes in the sleep pattern
  • Changes in the temperature or the climate
  • Changes in your treatment

Having surgery, getting into an accident or stress can make fibromyalgia worse and flare-ups also occur because of exercising too much or due to lack of sleep.


A person who has fibromyalgia may become very anti-social and become aloof from the entire world.

Their self-confidence might shatter due to the disease and they would seldom meet any of their friends or be social.

This is very common among fibromyalgia patients as due to the severe pain and their severe condition, they stop meeting people and prefer to stay at home mostly.


  • i have fibro and yes it is all of these thing and i got it at the worse time in my life i found out when i was only 35 years out it has be a huge battle to try and get ssi and im still fighting for it

    • I’m 34, was diagnosed 3-4 years ago! Been fighting SSD for the last 2 years. No one around me understands what I go through, nor does it seem like they care! I am also a single mother of 3 ages 11 (ADHD), 9 and 6. I’ve been on so many different medications and nothing seems to be working! I’d love someone to talk to that understands me! 😁

  • My husband has fibromyalgia it’s seems to be getting worse I try to understand it but it’s hard so many changes in him .I really don’t know how to help him I can only be supportive.I feel helpless on helping him it makes me feel bad. What t can if I dos any one have any advice

    • Hi Becky,
      I have it but my biggest upset was the changes my family had to make, the strain
      they where under trying to understand what was going on.
      The beginning was a nightmare because I couldn’t make myself understood.
      I chose to go the healthy options, changed my diet, started to exercise!
      It was the biggest struggle but I’m reaping benefits now.
      Staying still is the word thing to do.
      Check out YouTube Adrienne yoga, she does all levels n is something to do at home even if u just put it on for inspiration also google celery juice.
      Try n find a group to support you as a carer. If you can get a doctor to work with supporting him at monthly appts that helps.
      I feel more for my husband coping with me than I do for myself, it the hardest thing to explain and any change can affect it.
      Get doctor support for yourself too, if you don’t like what they say move, it’s taken me 9 months to find one that would let me manage it n her support me.
      Best wishes
      Becci x

    • Best thing is just let him know your there for him if he needs something. Rest is the best thing. No stress. Im sure he feels guilt and wishing he could do more for you. I wouldn’t wish this pain, fatigue on anyone. It steals your life from you.

  • I have had symptoms of fibromyalgia for 30+ years and was just officially diagnoised 1 year ago. I worked 2 jobs, raised 2 children on my own, was constantly in pain, doctors contributed my symptoms to stress and the fact that I worked so many hours. At the age of 49, I was in a severe motorcycle accident. After I was approved for disability due to chronic pain every day due to my injuries, and many pain clinics, I was finally diagnoised with fibromyalgia 8 years after my accident. It took a doctor that had been in a bicycle accident and suffered from fibromyalgia as well to finally listen to me. Doctors tend to ignore your symptoms espicially with the opoid epidemic and the recent focus on it. I encourage you to not give up, find a doctor that will actually listen to you, be persistant, tell them you know you are not crazy, you know your body, and what your quality of life is.
    Best wishes,
    Brenda from MO

  • I’ve had disease for over 4 years. I do not go out and enjoy life as much anymore. I have been out of work for 3 years and it’s taking a toll on our finances. People don’t understand the struggle. The pain, the depression, the self doubt, the anxiety, the weight gain. I just lost my mom 3 weeks ago and we buried her on my birthday. I am going thru the worst flair ever. I want to be free and normal again. Feels like my life is in downward spiral and I have no control over, I can’t stop or make it better. It’s a scary helpless feeling. Keeping my faith and praying alot to try and get some sort of normalcy. It can be pretty scary but God will see me thru. I pray for everyone that suffers from this, to give us strength and that they find a cure. My husband has been wonderful and understanding. God bless him.

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