fibromyalgia and restless legs

Experiencing restless legs with the symptoms of fibromyalgia

 fibromyalgia and restless legs

Fibromyalgia patients experience various symptoms as a combination with other problems in their body. Sometimes an external factor can be highly responsible for creating severe pain in the body.

Restless legs problem is often seen in people who strain their lower part of the body so much. If they will have to travel or walk a long distance due to their work reasons or inside the work place, there is a possibility that it can create restless legs.

For normal people it can be a good exercise but for people with fibromyalgia it becomes an additional burden creating sleeplessness during the night time due to pain.

Apart from these there are also other factors that can contribute to restless legs syndrome. Focussing on getting good sleep during the night time will be the possible solution to solve restless legs syndrome. It can be very easy to say this statement but it involves lots of efforts in order to get good sleep during the night time.

Effects of Restless legs syndrome

When people give mobility to their legs there will not be any sensation of RLS. The effect of restless legs syndrome will be seen when people try to rest their body. When they try to sleep, they will be able to realize the problems associated with restless legs syndrome.

The common symptoms or effects of restless legs syndrome include:

  • Different sensations in the leg region
  • Burning sensation depending on the condition
  • Tugging or tingling feeling
  • Nerve and muscular pain
  • Widespread pain in the leg region
  • Drowsiness during day time
  • Lack of concentration

The pain or the strange sensation in the leg region may not be straight forward. The sensation can be minor but it can cause pain in the lower part of the body preventing the person from walking or standing.

Even sitting may not be very comfortable all the time. With such symptoms it can be very challenging to get a good sleep during the night time. People find it very difficult to initiate sleep and even during sleep there will be lots of disturbances due to the pain.

Connecting fibromyalgia and restless legs syndrome

The actual causes of fibromyalgia is unclear. There are many theories explaining why a person can get fibromyalgia but there is no proven cause or reason as such. It is the same case for RLS.

But from some of the studies it is identified that RLS is seen as one of the symptom associated with fibromyalgia. Though the reasons are unclear, it has become one of the persistent symptoms in fibromyalgia patients.

Some of the FMS treatments available can be very helpful in treating problems with restless legs syndrome. For some people fibromyalgia will be the main problem and restless legs syndrome can be a sub item to it creating problems.

People can take necessary steps to control symptoms of fibromyalgia and that can be very helpful in gradually reducing the problems related to RLS.

A study mentions that fibromyalgia and problems related to RLS can be a neurological disorder. When people get such symptoms they feel like keeping their legs always in mobility so that they will not have the sensation of pain.

Age is also not a factor for RLS. It can happen in people of any age and the effect of it will differ based on other conditions of the body.

Treating Restless legs syndrome and fibromyalgia

There is no treatment as such available to treat problems related to fibromyalgia and restless legs syndrome. With the day to day activities that we do, we will be able to do a self-analysis to identify which activity is causing complications and problems to us.

Necessary steps can then be taken based on the analysis to handle the problems related to RLS. Some of the below methods will also help in reducing the effect of restless legs syndrome and fibromyalgia associated with it.

Hot shower bath for restless leg

Hot water bath

This is something that is recommended for people who have problems with pain in their body. Hot water is believed to have healing properties and is also considered to be a natural pain reliever.

Taking bath regularly in hot water will reduce the pain symptoms by regulating the body temperature and blood flow. This may not be very helpful for everyone but you can give a try to see if you are getting any benefit out of it.

Reduce strain to lower part of the body

Lower part of the body is usually bearing the weight of the upper part of the body. If it takes over strain in bearing the weight of the upper part of the body in a single day, it can cause problems like pain in the leg region and lower region of the body.

This can be easily treated with the help of enough rest. If there is persistent pain, make sure you do not do any hard work the next day with your legs. Giving enough rest will help in settling the problem with legs.

Soaking legs in Epsom salt

It is believed that Epsom salt has lots of healing properties. Epsom salt is used in many treatments associated with body. It is identified that Epsom salt is capable of providing rich magnesium to people who have magnesium deficiency.

It is also considered that magnesium deficiency can also cause restless legs syndrome and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Soaking your legs in Epsom salt will provide enough magnesium restoration to the body.

leg massage for restless leg

Massaging leg region

Massage is a traditional method used extensively to treat many problem in the body. When proper massage is provided to leg region, it can be very helpful in controlling the problems related to fibromyalgia and restless legs syndrome.

This massage should be done by an expert because they know the right tender points and provide massage accordingly. It is important that you should consult your doctor first if you are planning to take medications for RLS and FMS.

Both the symptoms may look similar but there can be other effects that needs to be taken into consideration. In order to avoid complications and side effects, it is good to consult your doctor first before starting any new medication or techniques.


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