control fibromyalgia foot pain

Treat fibromyalgia foot pain with simple home remedies

Fibromyalgia symptoms can be experienced in any part of the body. Especially when it comes to the lower part of the body, people experience regular pain because of various reasons.

Most of the fibromyalgia affected patients will usually report this problem to their doctors. When a person does day to day activity, they usually do it in standing or sitting posture.

In that case, the weight of the body is in the back region or the legs of the person. That is the reason why it is exposed to more strain compared to other parts of the body.

The most bottom part of the body is the feet and leg part. People experience pain in their feet easily as the pain is triggered in multiple points in the lower part of the body. Overactive nerves can be another reason for painful situations in feet and toe areas.

If this situation is left unattended it will lead to complications in lower part leading to severe foot pain which can even oppose you from standing up or walk.

Some of the below methods will be really helpful to control fibromyalgia foot pain and pain in the lower part of the body.

It also provides details on the possible cause of these pains and provides you an alternative solution for the same.

Some of the possible cause of fibromyalgia foot pain

Apart from the stress that you get from your day to day activities, there are several other factors that can contribute to fibromyalgia foot pain.

The actual reason for fibromyalgia is still a debatable topic but some of these cause are the experiences of people with fibromyalgia condition.

Experience from the affected people can always be helpful for others who are new to fibromyalgia.

They will be able to provide you the methods that they used, which in turn helps in getting a good relief from the pain in affected body parts.

Too much strain to below half of the body

Some people experience continuous pain in their lower part of the body even if they sit, stand or walk. They usually don’t get any relief in any position. People even experience severe pain during they sleep preventing them from getting a good sleep.

If you add too much strain to your legs or foot during the day, it will either be reflected immediately or gradually towards the end of the day.

Some people push even hard bearing the pain, which leads to further complication of their fibromyalgia condition. If you think you are standing for a longer time in your day, then you should be cautious to sit and take rest.

Walking for a long time

If you are not used to walking and if you walk too much, you are easily exposed to pain in your lower part of the body.

The overactive nerves present in the lower region of the body can trigger restless feeling in your feet and constitute to foot pain.

Pain may not be experienced immediately but if you are someone already with fibromyalgia symptoms, this can be an added advantage for your body to experience further pain.

Disturbed sleep

If you are someone who often gets disturbed sleep, which can be a major reason for fibromyalgia. During sleep, your body often takes time to fix the issues that it acquired throughout the day.

Some people even experience pain during their sleep and keep moving their legs often during the sleep. This can also be called as restless leg syndrome in other terms. Regulating your sleep cautiously can help in providing good relief to you.

control fibromyalgia foot pain

Remedies that controls fibromyalgia foot pain

For fibromyalgia patients, activities to other parts of the body can also be a major constituent for foot pain. The pain is initially experienced in the lower region of the body and gradually moves to foot. Some of the below remedies can help in getting good relief from pain to lower part of your body.

Change to sitting posture in your office

If you are someone who sits in the same posture in your office for a longer time, then you should consider changing your sitting posture.

You can stand up stretch your body and then again get back to work.

If you sit for a longer time, the blood flow to lower part of the body will be disturbed and leading to pain in the lower part. Also when you sit, your legs should rest on the floor.

Dipping your foot in Epsom Salt

If you experience severe pain in your foot after a long day work, soaking your foot in Epsom salt will give you great relief.

Researchers identified that magnesium deficiency can also be one of the reasons for fibromyalgia and Epsom salt is rich in magnesium.

People who use Epsom salt have provided good feedback about the reduction in pain that they get after continuous usage.

Stretching your legs

In a busy day, people forget to give movement to their legs and foot. That is another reason why legs and foot region gives pain after continuous work.

Every day you should find some time to do gentle stretching of your legs and foot region.

You can also do a simple massage in your foot region. Along with stretching and massage, gentle exercise to your foot will also be helpful. You can check for simple exercises from fitness experts and use that to get relief from fibromyalgia foot pain.

The stretching direction of your leg should not be the usual direction that you use for all the other activities. You can stretch it in the opposite direction to get a good relief.

fibromyalgia foot massage

Massage to foot region

 When you experience pain in your foot region, you can go for a smooth massage to the foot region. Day to day activities may not give movement or work to all the nerves associated with the foot region. That is the reason why it is necessary to do a gentle massage every day in the foot region to get a relief.