Bowel movement problems in fibromyalgia patients

Bowel movement problems in fibromyalgia patients

Among various symptoms of fibromyalgia, bowel movement and irritable bowel syndrome is a common problem. This symptom can be associated with digestive problems in the body.

There are various factors that contribute to bowel problems in fibromyalgia patients. Sleeplessness and anxiety are considered to be one of the factors.

The coexistence of irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia is something that is commonly seen in people of any age. The factors are related to functional disorders in fibro body.

There can also be a case where nothing will be seen in diagnosis done by your doctor. But the patients will still suffer the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

It is a known fact that fibromyalgia people will look normal but the inside suffering that they have, may not be evident in their face.

Stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness are considered to be few of the main reasons for bowel related problem in the body. For people who lack physical activity, the appetite and digestion process will be affected. Most patients with fibromyalgia condition find it difficult to do regular exercises.

Those who have managed to take good efforts in doing physical activities every day have provided a positive feedback and they can see a positive development away from the symptoms.

Constipation is another problem that emerges out of problems related to a bowel movement. If the bowel movement is improper, people either get constipation problem or motion sickness.

It can even end up embarrassing where they will get unnecessary discomforts when they are in an important meeting or in any important place.

Some people find this problem very difficult especially when they are traveling. They will not be able to manage their bowel movement during travel.

What to do if you have irritable bowel syndrome?

Depression can also be one of the reasons for irritable bowel syndrome in fibromyalgia patients. Usually, the condition of IBS comes as an association of any other problem in the body.

It is not the case that the problem can be related to just body alone. Mind also plays a major role in changing the metabolism of the body.

The first thing that you can do if you have irritable bowel syndrome is to check with your doctor. Discuss the treatments that you can undergo to handle the problem with your doctor.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe some medications to you. The effects of irritable bowel syndrome can also affect your appetite. It is highly important that you should treat the problem as early as possible.

Antidepressants are very helpful in treating fibromyalgia patients with these conditions. With bowel problems, it can be very difficult and be challenging to get a good sleep during the night time.

People take sleeping pills or painkillers to get nice sleep forgetting the problems with bowel movements. That may not be comfortable for a long run and that too for everyone.

Below are the few things that you can follow to keep your bowel clean and away from problems:

  • Eat healthy food.
  • Food that is not cooked properly will be very difficult to digest, this can lead to bowel movement problems.
  • Drinking plenty of water will free your stomach and also help in free movement of your bowels.
  • If you are exposed to depression and stress, distract your mind towards something that you like the most.
  • Fresh juices will help in providing enough nutrition and cleaning your stomach and intestines.

There are many medications available. People also prefer going on natural medication to treat Irritable bowel syndrome instead of taking other drugs and medication. The medication is usually suggested by the doctors.

Bowel movement problems in fibromyalgia patients

Digestive problems in fibromyalgia patients

From various symptoms that we see in fibromyalgia patients, we will also be able to see digestive problems and other bowel related problems in fibromyalgia patients. Digestive problems are very common in most of the people.

Especially when it comes to consumption of food, people usually are very much fond of consuming different types of food and there is a high possibility that some food can lead to digestive problems.

People who have symptoms of fibromyalgia should be very careful with food that they consume. Some food items can be responsible for creating problems and discomforts for them.

For some of the patients, the doctors recommend them to consume spicy food. It is believed that chili pepper is good for reducing pain in fibromyalgia patients. But there have been cases where some patients have reported bowel problems after consumption of spicy food.

Some of these factors contribute to digestive problems in fibromyalgia patients. It is identified that nearly 70 percent of people who have fibromyalgia have been diagnosed to have Irritable bowel syndrome.

With such problems, the digestion capabilities are also affected and it psychologically affects the appetite of the person. Serotonin is considered to be one of the useful compound produced in the brain that is responsible for various activities of the body.

It is believed that balancing the level of serotonin in the body with the help of good sleep can also help in gradually improving the problems related to fibromyalgia and digestion.

If the serotonin level is raised in the body, it can lead to disturbances in the stomach region causing bowel movement problems. This can also be responsible for increasing the pain symptoms in the body.

Physical activity to reduce bowel movement problems

Some people will have bowel movement problems more frequently. This can even lead to further complications in the body if not treated at the right time.

For people who believe in natural ways to treat body problems the good news is that, regular physical exercise can help in reducing the problems related to bowel movements and irritable bowel syndrome.

There was a study conducted to understand the effect of physical activity on people who had irritable bowel syndrome.

As an outcome of the study, it was identified that with regular physical activity the patients were capable of easing problems related to fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.

After finding this from the research, doctors are now suggesting physical activity as the primary treatment for bowel movement problems.

With physical activity, the lifestyle can be completely changed. The suffering that a fibromyalgia patient usually has can be reduced gradually with frequent physical activities.

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