fibromyalgia and temperature issues

Body temperature issues seen in fibromyalgia individuals

fibromyalgia and temperature issues

Most of the people with fibromyalgia are curious to know whether body temperature issues are common among fibromyalgia individuals or not.

Some people would want to keep the surrounding as cool as possible and some people want to keep the surrounding as warm as possible. It depends on the condition of the body.

Some fibromyalgia individuals have reported continuous problems in their body but when they adjusted temperature in their house, they found significant reduction in the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

There were other studies conducted to prove the fact that temperature changes have an impact on people with fibromyalgia.

Temperature sensitivity is seen more in women compared to that of men however, there is no reason to further understand this fact.

People have also reported that they are having this problem for several years. All the problems related to fibromyalgia are long lasting.

There is no proper medication or cure available but there are methods available that will help in keeping the symptoms low helping us to do day to day activities without any interruption.

How fibromyalgia patients react to temperature changes?

In fibromyalgia, problems with body temperature prevents them from adapting easily to different temperatures. When there is a temperature change the symptoms are exhibited in various forms.

Direct exposure to sun’s heat or warm temperature can sometimes cause a severe burning sensation in the body. This may not happen for a normal person by people with fibromyalgia respond to heat situations with hypersensitivity.

This is not the case for just heat but the same discomfort happens when fibromyalgia patients are exposed to too much of cold. It is purely dependent on the individual’s body.

There have been cases where doctors found abnormalities with change in temperature on normal people who are not sensitive to pain.

As an outcome of this study it was identified that the nerves that react to pain is not same as the nerves that react to temperature changes.

People who have sensitive nerves will immediately react to changes in weather. When your body is exposed to too much of cold, it can increase widespread pain in the body.

There are various methods available with which you can regulate the temperature changes in the body. There are many experienced experts available online who provide various suggestions based on their personal experience.

These experiences can be discussed with your doctors to see if that can be implemented in your life to get a good relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

For most of the chronic conditions, temperature changes can be responsible for changes in pain symptoms. It has also been advantageous for some people where changes to weather can reduce fibromyalgia pain.

Night sweating as a result of body temperature issue

Night sweating is commonly seen in fibromyalgia patients. There are various reasons why this condition can occur. Some of the suspected reasons for night sweating are as follows:

  • Disturbed sleep during the night
  • Abnormal temperatures in the room
  • Anxiety and stress issues
  • Exposure to too much of exercises

There are many steps available to handle problems related to night sweating. This is an outcome of temperature changes in the body.

The above mentioned factors can be responsible for stimulating night sweating. If you find ways to handle the above mentioned problems, you will be able to easily overcome problems related to night sweating.

How to live a happy life with body temperature issues?

It is not the case that people with fibromyalgia are the only one who will be getting problems related to temperature changes.

There are also normal people who have over heating issues and night sweating issues. There is no necessity to compare our lives with other normal people and keep ourselves low.

There are many ways in which fibromyalgia people can enhance their lifestyle in spite of having various problems. Some of the daily activities can help in alleviating body temperature problems.

You can also have a discussion with your doctor to know more details. This will help you get a better feeling about the temperature sensitivity symptoms that you have.

Some natural methods to alleviate body temperature issues are as follows:

Hot water shower for morning stifness

Hot water bath

For people who have problems with cold temperature, hot water bath will provide a good relief and relaxation. You can also mix a little bit of Epsom salt in the hot water that you use for taking bath.

This can provide relief from pain along with problems related to body temperature. Hot water bath helps in balancing the temperature in the body providing you a relief from high sweating and freezing issues.

Some people have reported that if they are exposed to too much of cold, their pain symptoms are amplified.

In that case soaking the hands in hot water and taking hot water bath can give a relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Taking bath in hot water can also help in regulating blood flow to all the parts of the body.

yoga for fibromyalgia

Yoga and Exercise

Lack of exercise and abnormalities in blood circulation is another main reason why a person get problems related to body temperature.

Yoga is one of the ancient technique used to provide gentle exercise and mobility to your body parts. With the help of yoga, you will also be able to regulate blood circulation in the body.

Gentle exercises can help increase mobility to body parts preventing from morning stiffness and night sweating. It is necessary that you should not overdo your exercise.

This can lead to further complications and sweating problems during the day time and night time. Gentle yoga can also help in relieving from stress and anxiety which can be another reason for temperature changes in the body.

Using proper clothes

It is important to understand the significance of proper clothing during temperature changes. People with fibromyalgia should be careful in what clothes they choose.

Improper clothing can also stimulate temperature changes in the body which will result in increasing the pain symptoms in the body.

Some people end up wearing wrong clothes during summer time which will increase sweating. Changing clothes appropriately based on surrounding temperature is something that needs to be considered.