overcome buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients

Causes and measures to overcome buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients

Pain in the upper region of the leg and buttocks can be due to various reasons. Some of the reasons relate to stress and strain during the day.

It may be a different experience for fibromyalgia patients but there are various individuals who report consistent pain in the butt region.

People usually experience pain in the lowermost part of the spinal bone which spreads towards the lower region of the hip and sometimes settles there itself.

For some people, though the origin is in the hip region it gradually goes down the leg region as well. Age is not a factor for symptoms of fibromyalgia.

People who have other pain symptoms from fibromyalgia experience widespread pain making it difficult to identify the exact region of the pain.

There are various treatments available to alleviate buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients. Some of these measures can take time to show effect in the fibro body. Patience is something that is highly essential.

Effects of buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients

Sometimes pain in the buttocks region can end up in creating an embarrassing situation for the fibromyalgia patients.

When the pain comes it may not be very comfortable to express it out but in order to make people understand, the explanation becomes a little bit tricky.

Some people experience the pain deep in the bone affecting their mobility. When the situation is painful, people find it very difficult to walk.

Resting in bed will be the only comfortable thing that people will be able to do. The effects of buttocks pain may not be there all the days.

It happens to people when they give overstrain to the lower part of the body. But there have been cases where people have reported buttocks pain as a persistent problem.

This will affect their day to day activities. They get morning stiffness and have hesitation to get out of the bed.

Reasons for buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients

There are several reasons why problems related to buttocks pain can occur in fibromyalgia patients. It is considered that people who have a fibro body is easily exposed to pain and muscle damage.

They should be very careful in handling sensitiveness in their body. There are a few reasons due to which buttocks pain can occur in an individual.

Sitting for a longer time

People who work in the office will have a practice where they sit in their seat for a longer time and even sometimes hours together. That can be relative to buttocks pain symptoms in their body.

When people sit for a longer time in the same place, too much of strain is provided to the hip region creating and complicating the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Walking or standing for a long time

When people have fibromyalgia, there are certain factors to be considered. Walking is required to give mobility to the hip bones and other areas in the lower part of the body.

When people walk more than what they are supposed to, the hip bones will get overstrained and request for a rest.

If you continue to walk ignoring the signals about rest from your hip, it can lead to pain in the buttocks region. The same can happen for people who stand in the same place for a long time.

Changes to a sitting posture

Sometimes without knowing the fact that we are creating too much strain to the hip bones, we will end up sitting in a wrong posture in the workplace.

It is identified that most of the people who report pain in the buttocks region in spite of other fibromyalgia symptoms are those who sit in a wrong position in their workplace by creating too much strain to their back muscles.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, it is also believed that there can be several other factors that contribute to buttocks pain with fibromyalgia symptoms. This is also seen more in women than in men.

overcome buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients

Remedial measures to control buttocks pain in fibromyalgia

People look for natural remedies to overcome the pain experienced from hip problems. There are also some set of people who rely on pain killers which are also considered to be an effective way to handle the problem.

The disadvantage is that it can be sometimes harmful creating side effects in fibromyalgia patients. Narcotic pain killers are prescribed by the doctors only as a last option.

The main suggestion provided by the doctors is to do a regular exercise to alleviate the pain. The exercise can be of any type that can help with the pain symptoms. Other remedies that can help with buttocks pain are as follows:


Yoga is considered to be one of the effective methods to control pain related to muscles and nerves. With the help of yoga, the energy flow and blood flow in the body is regulated providing positive results.

The mobility in the body is increased with the help of asanas that are part of Yoga. The Yogasana is the postures in which we move the body to stretch the respective muscles.

People who practice Yoga every day have given a good review of the effects of yoga in alleviating pain symptoms.

buttocks pain in fibromyalgia patients


Next, to the effects of yoga, it is considered that massage can be very helpful in fibromyalgia patients. There are various types of massages available.

The experts who can do massage are capable of doing regional massage focusing on relieving pain in a particular area alone.

With the help of regional massage, the affected region is treated and pain symptoms are gradually reduced after a few sessions of massage.

Electric signals are also used as part of massage therapy. These electric signals are good in regulating the energy flow in the body. As an overall experience, after a massage the body feels more energetic and relieved.

Doing a self-analysis on the day to day activities can provide a good idea on what activity you are doing that increases buttocks pain and other pain symptoms in the lower part of the body.

You can then have a consultation session with your doctor to look forward to reducing the pain symptoms. With self-analysis, you will be able to avoid such problematic activities by yourself.