fibromyalgia and facial numbness

Symptoms of facial numbness in fibromyalgia patients

fibromyalgia and facial numbness

Fibromyalgia patients get different types symptoms in their body. Based on the condition of the body these symptoms can differ from one person to another person.

There are various reasons due to which fibromyalgia can affect a person. The reasons can be related to weak nerves or muscles in the body.

The nervous system has a considerable impact on the symptoms of fibromyalgia. There are researches going on to identify the factors related to nervous system that can influence fibromyalgia.

Simple laboratory test may not be very helpful for identifying fibromyalgia as it is not same as other disorders in the body.

People with fibromyalgia will have to do some experiments by themselves to identify which will suit best and how they can keep the effect of the symptoms under control.

The commonly seen problems in fibromyalgia patients include mood swings, fatigue symptoms, regional or widespread pain in the body and sleep problems.

Some individuals will also have other problems like facial numbness, muscle spasms, inflammation in the affected region etc. In this article we will see the causes and effects of facial numbness in fibromyalgia patients.

Reasons for facial numbness

As we are aware, the reasons for why fibromyalgia symptoms occur in an individual are debatable. There are many experts who are doing various researches to identify the exact reasons.

Some of the reasons were released but confusions and debates on the results still remain intact. Facial numbness is considered to be one of the symptoms, if an individual is already experiencing fibromyalgia.

Some people have also mentioned that facial numbness was the first symptom that they experienced and it gradually progressed to several other symptoms related to fibromyalgia.

It is also mistaken sometimes that the reason for facial numbness can be due to weakness in the body. Though it is one way true, it need not be the only reason why people with fibromyalgia get facial numbness.

It is also identified that people who are exposed to more anxiety compared to that of others and depression show symptoms of facial numbness and all other problems related to nerves in fibromyalgia.

Serotonin is an important fluid secreted in the brain to control depression in an individual. In fibromyalgia patients serotonin secretion can be imbalanced causing symptoms like stress, anxiety and depression.

This stress can also affect the central nervous system thus causing numbness in facial nerves. Another possible reason for facial numbness can be due to insufficient circulation of blood in body parts.

Fibromyalgia patients experience numbness in not just facial region but they also experience in other parts of the body.

Sleep position and cold can be another reason why people get numbness. But in such cases the numbness will go away after sometime.

Only in cases where people have other symptoms of fibromyalgia, facial numbness is something that is frequent for them without any proper cure.

What are the effects of facial numbness?

All the symptoms related to chronic illness can have a serious effect on day to day activities of the individual.

People who have other symptoms of fibromyalgia will find it very difficult to sleep and work. Numbness is something that is experienced in some of the key areas in the body that lacks enough amount of blood circulation.

The numbness and tingling sensation is not something that is easily diagnosable. There are several ways in which doctors provide suggestions and medications to the patients who report numbness and tingling sensation.

Doctors get details from the experience of the patients and then provide medication. For people who have numbness, tingling sensation is also something that is common.

The effects of numbness that occurs due to a wrong position sleep can go away in some time. For people who basically have problems with proper blood circulation in the body, this can be a problem that persists until a medication is taken.

If facial numbness is not treated immediately, it can become worse at one point. There is a possibility that if this situation is untreated, it will also lead to further complications like pain and inflammation.

Home based remedies for facial numbness

There are home based remedies available for various symptoms of fibromyalgia. Most of the people who prefer natural remedies find these to be very comfortable in keeping the symptoms under control.

Some home based remedies that can help a person from the effects of facial numbness are as follows:


Relaxation exercises can be done to make sure the blood circulation is regulated to all the parts of the body. For people who report facial numbness, some specific exercises are suggested by the doctors and physical experts. These exercises involve muscle movement in the face and water gargling.


This is one of the ancient methods used to treat all the problems related to mind and body. By some people, it is believed that numbness and symptoms of pain in the body can be related to anxiety and depression.

People also find it very difficult to sleep when they are stressed out. Meditation helps in providing good sleep and relaxation to mind. This will in turn help in providing a good relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia.


This is yet another method that is popularly used by people who have fibromyalgia to get a good relief from the pain symptoms in their body.

Normal massage is also combined with electric massage that regulates nerve functioning with the help of electric signals.

In other cases people use massage as a relaxation tool to get a good relief from pain in the body. It also works well with the tingling sensation and facial numbness.


It is one of the traditional treatments followed to treat problems related to energy flow in the body. In acupuncture it is believed that disturbances to energy flow in the body can create lots of imbalances constituting to various diseases.

If the energy flow is retained with the help of acupuncture treatment the individual will feel relief from pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is also believed that acupuncture is effective on numbness and tingling sensation in the body.


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