Dealing with Fibromyalgia During Pregnancy

Dealing with Fibromyalgia During Pregnancy

For many women who are pregnant, fibromyalgia becomes a whole new issue. In fact, women who are trying to become pregnant often mistake the signs of fibromyalgia as being pregnant.

Other women who are already pregnant, find themselves having more flare-ups of their fibromyalgia, simply due to the stress of being pregnant.

This is cause for concern for many women who already know that they have fibromyalgia. The good news is that you can easily deal with fibromyalgia during pregnancy.

However, it starts with knowing what you can do about this illness when you are pregnant, as well as what to expect during pregnancy when you are dealing with fibromyalgia.

The Effects of Pregnancy on Fibromyalgia

When you already suffer from fibromyalgia, you are going to find that there are days in which you simply feel tired and as though you cannot do anything.

You may also have aches and pains associated with this illness. For those who are pregnant, they are going to have an increase in hormones that are going throughout the body.

In addition, they are gaining weight on a weekly basis, which is normal. These are two aspects that throw the body out of sync from what the body is accustomed to.

Nausea and fatigue associated with pregnancy during the first three months of a pregnancy are also enhanced, as these are common signs of fibromyalgia as well.

Pain is also seen by women with fibromyalgia who are pregnant more than when compared to women who are simply pregnant and do not have fibromyalgia.

A study has found that women who are pregnant and who do have fibromyalgia are going to have more pain, more fatigue, and more stress during the first three months than women who are only pregnant.

With the body being out of balance, and the simple stress of being pregnant and bringing a new life into the world, fibromyalgia symptoms are going to be more pronounced.

Pregnancy Stress: Dealing with This

Stress is one of the biggest triggers when it comes to fibromyalgia. Thus, when a woman is pregnant, the stress is often even larger than what she is normally accustomed to.

If you were to look at all that is involved with pregnancy, the labor, and delivery, it is a high-stress moment.

In addition, the levels of estrogen and progesterone are constantly changing which can make stressful situations that much more dominant in the eyes of the future mother, thus more stress.

For those pregnant mothers who have fibromyalgia, it is best if they find some way to help ease the stress in their lives, especially when they are dealing with fibromyalgia.

This is one of the ways in which a woman can get the symptoms of fibromyalgia under control. Easing stress for pregnant women is all a matter of what she finds comfortable and relaxing. However, a few ideas for de-stressing during pregnant:

  1. Consider a pregnancy massage, as they are gaining in popularity with pregnant women.
  2. Simply finding time to sit down and watch your favorite television show is relaxing for many women.
  3. Sitting down and reading a great book can be relaxing for some women.
  4. Just getting off your feet for a few minutes every hour can help with the stress of the pain and fatigue.

Dealing with Fibromyalgia During Pregnancy

Are There Treatments for Fibromyalgia During Pregnancy?

For those who have fibromyalgia, they are often given medications to help ease the symptoms of this illness and to overall help them to function in normal life.

However, when a woman becomes pregnant, she is often told that taking too many prescription medications can affect her unborn child.

Hence, many pregnant mothers want to be taken off anything that could negatively impact their child. So, is there a way to treat fibromyalgia during pregnancy that is not going to put the unborn child in harm’s way?

While there are some medications that are given during pregnancy, there is still always a risk in taking these.

That is why most doctors recommend that pregnant women take a more natural approach to treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia during pregnancy. These natural remedies include:

  1. Sit down and rest for 20 to 30 minutes, two to three times per day
  2. Moist heat applications on tender points on the body
  3. A warm shower or bath that does not get over 100 degrees, for 15 to 20 minutes at a time
  4. Gentle stretching exercises that can help relieve some of the pain

For pregnant women who are looking for more pain relief, they will find that doctors will often state that they can take acetaminophen otherwise known as Tylenol for the aches and pains.

During pregnancy, ibuprofen and other pain relievers are to be avoided at all costs, as they are known for causing birth defects.

There are times in which a pregnant woman may also be given anti-depressants. This is only the case when the benefits of taking this far outweigh the risks to the unborn child and mother.

That is why most doctors recommend a daily exercise routine to help balance out the chemicals in the brain and keep a woman from feeling depressed.

Looking to Get Pregnant Soon?

As you can see, fibromyalgia during pregnancy can often lead to more pain and symptoms. However, most women find this worth it when they hold their little one in their arms for the first time.

If you are looking to become pregnant soon, talk with your doctor.

If you start an exercise routine, learn better methods for coping with stress, and wean yourself off the medications they may have you on, you may find that your pregnancy goes much smoother.

The key is preparation and talking with your doctor about how pregnancy could affect your condition.

While fibromyalgia is painful, it does not have to keep you from experiencing the joys of motherhood. There are women who become pregnant every day who suffer from fibromyalgia as well. So, it is possible to maintain this condition and still have the family that you want.

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