6 severe symptoms of fibromyalgia

For people who are used to inform about fibromyalgia, fatigue symptoms and pain symptoms are something that is commonly experienced.

Some people think that fibromyalgia is all about pain and fatigue suffering. There are lots of other strange and severe symptoms that are experienced because of fibromyalgia.

Pain and fatigue are also considered to be one of the common symptoms that are considered to be severe.

When they are left unattended, it can create further complications and suffer in the individual.

It also makes the situation difficult for people around you to understand the actual suffering that you are undergoing.

Some people may not agree with the fact that fibromyalgia can be as severe as other chronic conditions. People with any chronic illness, especially fibromyalgia find it very difficult to handle.

A friend or partner who can share their burden by helping them out will be a great motivation for them.

Let’s see more details about various severe symptoms of fibromyalgia and looks for medications or remedies.

Pain and fatigue

People who know very well about fibromyalgia will immediately tell about the symptoms of pain affecting fibromyalgia individuals.

Though there are more things to worry about apart from pain and fatigue, these symptoms are something that cannot be easily ignored.

Fibro suffering is due to the major contribution from widespread pain in the body. Unlike other health disorders, the pain experienced in the body is not regional.

The pains can be a muscular pain, neurological pain etc. People who have fibromyalgia will usually experience the pain signals amplified.

Good sleep can be helpful in relieving pain. There are also other treatments and natural remedies available to reduce pain in the body. People can go for such natural treatment to get relief from pain.

fibromyalgia and Sleeplessness


According to TheFibroWarriors Website, Sleeplessness is one of the symptoms experienced by people who have any type of chronic condition. People who have severe pain in their body will find it very difficult to sleep.

Researchers say that sleep is very important for an individual to rejuvenate and gain a good amount of energy to do the next day activities.

Thyroid problems can also be responsible for low sleep in people who are affected by fibromyalgia and thyroid problems.

Some people use drugs to get sleep. The fact is that drugs can sometimes cause severe side effects. Some of the side effects may not be visible immediately but on a long-term basis, side effects will surface when people see a gradual increase in fibromyalgia condition.

There are natural methods available to get good sleep. Alcohol is also not considered to be the safest method to fall asleep. The effect is gone when the alcohol level in blood is reduced.

fibromyalgia and Sensitivity to touch

Sensitivity to touch, sound, light, and fragrance

With fibromyalgia, sensitivity in the skin will be very high. There are other symptoms that disturb fibro body accompanying pain symptoms.

Sensitivity to touch is one such symptom that disturbs an individual to a greater extent. Some people find it very difficult to get along with others as a small touch can trigger sensitivity in them.

There are various reasons for which sensitivity to touch can occur in a person. Treatments are available to treat problems with sensitivity.

Massages and exercises can be very helpful in improving health conditions. Another problem that is common among people who have fibromyalgia is sensitivity to fragrance.

People sometimes might even easily handle pain in their body but they will find it very difficult to handle sensitivity.

Some of the sensitive nerves in the body becomes hyperactive with fibromyalgia and show more sensitivity when exposed to more light and sound.

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Fibro fog

Another serious symptom of fibromyalgia is considered to be fibro fog. In other terms, it is also called as brain fog.

This creates more stress in the brain and acts as a component of the energy crisis in individuals who have fibromyalgia.

Short-term memory loss is also related to such conditions where you will have a feeling of fog covering your head preventing you from thinking about the next steps.

This situation can affect you suddenly and can last for nearly a minute. Due to fibro fog, an individual can even experience problems in finding out words to talk.

Sometimes even there will be situations where you will end up calling a person with a different name without your knowledge.

Researchers have identified various reasons for fibro fog which also include conditions like thyroid problems, sleeplessness, infections etc. apart from that of fibromyalgia.

fibromyalgia and sweating

Excessive sweating and change to weight

Among the common symptoms weight loss is considered to be one of the severe symptoms seen in fibromyalgia individuals.

Though weight loss can be because of various reasons or various health disorders, people who have fibro body also exhibit weight loss.

Weight loss can be because of digestive problems people face. Sometimes when people have pain in the body, they will show less interest towards food consumption. This can lead to the reduction in weight.

There are also other cases where people gain more weight after acquiring fibromyalgia problems. The main reason for weight gain is because of reduction in physical activity.

The mobility of the person is also affected. Due to pain in the body, people find it very difficult to do physical activity. This can contribute to the rapid increase in weight of the individual.

Sweating is also very common in people who have fibro body. Excessive heat exhibited by the body is the reason for sweating.

fibromyalgia and Digestion problems

Digestion problems and irritable bowels syndrome

People who have fibromyalgia also have symptoms of irritable bowels syndrome and digestion problems.

There are some food items that people with fibro body should avoid in order to keep the digestion process smooth.

With digestion problems and irritable bowel problems are not treated at the right time, they can even complicate the health condition leading to depression and further problems.

Irritable bowels syndrome may not be a day to day problem. An improper food can be one of the reasons for irritable bowels syndrome.

If there are undigested food particles in the stomach, the sleep of a person will also be affected. This can also lead to acid reflux in the individual.

There are medications available that can be used to enhance the digestion process.