Gabapentin for fibromyalgia

Gabapentin to ease pain related to fibromyalgia

 Gabapentin for fibromyalgia

There are many supplements available to easy pain symptoms in fibromyalgia patients. Some of these supplements are prescribed by doctors and are easily available for purchase.

There have been researches carried out to identify the effects of Gabapentin to treat symptoms of pain in fibromyalgia. It was identified that Gabapentin is safe to use without any major side effects.

However, there are researches going on to identify if gabapentin can be used to treat other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Some of the other common significance seen from the use of Gabapentin are as follows:

  • Less pain
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Improvement to the quality of sleep
  • Better quality of life

People have also started using Gabapentin supplements to handle pain with depression. There are mixed reviews about the significance of Gabapentin over depression and anxiety issues.

Response of Gabapentin to pain symptoms

Studies were conducted on some of the fibromyalgia patients to identify their response towards the usage of Gabapentin supplements.

It was identified that Gabapentin supplements were not only good in responding towards the pain signals but they were also very good in treating other problems related to fibromyalgia such as restless legs syndrome, Sleeplessness, migraine, neuropathy etc.

The condition was tested in various outpatients based on some procedures in a research Centre. People who had pain symptoms from the effects of fibromyalgia showed good tolerance towards Gabapentin supplements.

There were also certain differences in response noted where people gained weight and also had dizziness after consuming the supplements. It is also said that Gabapentin is good in balancing the sleep providing good rest to fibromyalgia individuals.

When there is a nerve injury in fibromyalgia people, the effect of it will be very disturbing showing hypersensitivity and inflammatory issues.

Gabapentin supplements are capable of reducing such abnormalities in hypersensitivity that comes as an effect of a nerve injury.

Gabapentin supplements were also found to be effective on pregnant women but there is no strong evidence to say that it is completely harmless. You can consult your doctor if you are pregnant and would like to start using Gabapentin supplements.

Side effects from Gabapentin

It is quite common that there will be some side effects or safety measures that we need to consider if we are using supplements to ease pain or other symptoms in the body.

The intensity of the side effect is a debatable topic as it differs from one person to another person. Gabapentin supplements are suggested to people only based on the suggestions from doctor.

Before the prescription is made, the patients are thoroughly tested to identify their Gabapentin tolerance. Some of the side effects may not be visible or evidently seen on every individual.

There are few side effects that occurs rarely on some of the patients. Doctors also see few side effects in fibromyalgia patients which are considered to be minor side effects.

These can even go away after continuous usage of the supplements. These minor side effects are because the individuals are suddenly exposed to new medication.

It is very important that you should closely monitor your health condition and have a discussion with your doctor if you find any abnormalities in your health condition.

Health professionals will be able to provide you right suggestion about Gabapentin supplements as it may not be suitable and comfortable for every individual.

A medical examination will be mandatory for all the individuals who plan to start Gabapentin supplements. Medical examination helps in identifying the condition of the body or the effect of Gabapentin in fibromyalgia patients before and after consumption.

The medical examination will include tests like urine and blood tests. This can also determine if there are any other disorders available in the patients as primary disease along with fibromyalgia disorders.

The dosage of Gabapentin supplements should be strictly followed based on what your doctor or health professional prescribe. Taking over doses can cause further complications and side effects.

If you have skipped a dosage, it is good to consult your doctor immediately to seek help to adjust it. Some of the common side effects experienced by people who use Gabapentin supplements are as follows:

  • Blurred vision or double vision
  • Sleeplessness and sleepiness
  • Dizziness as a minor side effect or persistent side effect
  • Tremors
  • Fatigue condition
  • Instability and lack of concentration

Other uses of Gabapentin on fibromyalgia apart from pain easing

Not all the supplements are meant to do just one specific task in treating symptoms related to fibromyalgia. There are many supplements available in the market that can be very helpful in treating various body conditions.

People who have fibromyalgia also have problems related to their mood change. There are cases where people have reported anxiety issues along with the other symptoms of fibromyalgia.

It is considered that Gabapentin is capable of treating problems related to mood swing and anxiety. Along with the other anticonvulsant drugs available in the market that are specific to regulate mood problems, Gabapentin is also capable of treating problems related to stress, anxiety and mood.

For people who have restless legs syndrome, Gabapentin supplements are suggested by their doctors.

Health professions feel that Gabapentin is capable of treating problems related to RLS and help in increasing the body weight. It is also identified that this supplement is capable of handling problems related to psychiatric disorders.

Usually pain is one of the main reason why fibromyalgia patients get mood swings easily. They also worry too much about their problems and end up getting anxiety and stress issues.

Gabapentin supplements are capable of providing good relief to such problems by easing pain from fibro body. Though it is believed that Gabapentin is capable of treating problems related to mood changes, it is not suggested to all the people.

There are still lots of research required in some of the key areas to identify full capabilities of Gabapentin.

People use Gabapentin as a solution only when they don’t have any other option left with them. Gabapentin supplements are sometimes used as anti-depressant by people.

In such cases the dosage should be strictly followed as it can create further complications to fibromyalgia symptoms.


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  1. I have been prescribed this drug, taking the maximum allowed by doctors. It needs a bit more researching as it feels like some patients are used as guinea pigs without a proper assessment on the real side effects that may be felt by patients. On the one side it may help with the physical pain, but on the other side it really as got some nasty side effects and these are not clearly stated…

  2. I take this drug 3 times a day @ 300mg and still experience the dizziness once and awhile but it has been great for my pain I have been on it for over a year with a combination of methotrexate. I have found success with this and yes it does has bad side effects but so do alot of medicines unfortunately

  3. I have been taken off Tramadol and have been prescribed this to be taken 3 times a day. Wondering how long it takes for its effects to be felt. At the moment since coming of Tramadol I am experiencing a lot of pain in parts of my body that I ve not felt pain before.

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