Natural ways to overcome rattled nerves fibromyalgia pain

Natural ways to overcome rattled nerves fibromyalgia pain

Natural ways to overcome rattled nerves fibromyalgia pain

Fibromyalgia pain differs from one person to another. The symptoms experienced by one person is not same for another person.

From the experiences of people who have fibromyalgia, it is stated that natural methods have helped them a lot to recover from their day to day problems.

It is not the case that fibromyalgia is curable with natural methods but compared to other medication, alternative medication and natural healing helps in keeping the situation under control for a longer period of time without causing any side effects.

It is also necessary that individuals should take some responsibility to manage their own pain symptoms. Though there are many medications available to treat various problems associated with fibromyalgia, the individuals should also motivate themselves and take necessary actions to overcome the pain that they experience.

Rattled nerves is a condition that is seen in most of the fibromyalgia patients. This can also be an outcome of anxiety.

Some people when they get remembered about their pain and suffering, they get rattled nerves condition. The easy way to get rid of such condition is to improve self-confidence.

As some study mentions, fibromyalgia and the symptoms associated with them can be a psychosomatic condition. It may not be a real disease or disorder. If they make some changes to their day to day living all these conditions can easily be handled.

We can see a group of people who follow such belief and find positive outcome from such thoughts. However, this ideology may not be comfortable for everyone.

What is rattled nerves situation in fibromyalgia?

People who have fibromyalgia pain are easily exposed to rattled nerves condition. This is a symptom that comes not all the time but when the symptom is experienced they may usually not feel any kind of pain but they will feel unnerved or rattled.

For some people if this condition lasts for a long time they will also feel severe pain in some of the body parts due to the exhaustion that happens as after effect.

Dizziness is also experienced by the people who have such conditions. They will even find it very difficult to utter words if they have rattled nerves. Lifting objects with their hands become difficult and stressful.

If they continue to undergo stress without resting, this condition can continue for a longer period of time or else it usually settles if they distract their mind towards something else.

Rattled nerves can also be an outcome of some other problems or primary disease in the body. It may not be always related to fibromyalgia pain.

In some patients, if they don’t eat at the right time, they will start to have the symptoms of rattled nerves. In that case if they have enough food the condition will be sorted out.

So the problem of rattled nerves differs from one person to another person. Another possible case can be when a person is working continuously for a longer time and if stress affects them, there is a high possibility of rattled nerves situation due to stress and anxiety.

During such symptoms, it is highly important to calm down and relax the body to provide enough rest to it. Mental strength is also very important in overcoming such situations.

Natural remedies for rattled nerves fibromyalgia pain

Relaxation of body is very important to handle rattled nerves situation. Some people get more anxious when they have rattled nerves problem. Continuous anxiety can also lead to complications.

There are many natural remedies available that is being used by various people who have such problems and fibromyalgia condition.

Below are some of the natural remedies that can be used to have rattled nerves problem under control. This also helps in stress management and anxiety issues:

L-theanine or Green tea

There are lots of researches being carried out to understand the effect of L-theanine in people. It is also taken as a reference from people who use this regularly.

The example would be the Buddhist monks who are capable of meditating for a several hours together. For meditation, relaxation of mind is highly important.

L-theanine is believed to have such property and helps in keeping the heart rate and blood pressure under control.

This can be a very good natural remedy for people who are having problems with rattled nerves symptoms and fibromyalgia pain.

It is not the case that the result will be immediate just after few sips from a cup. To see positive result one should take it regularly for some period of time.


This treatment is very popular everywhere and is recommended for most of the people with any type of condition. For fibromyalgia patients and for people who have nervous weakness, acupuncture is a highly recommended natural treatment.

In this treatment the trigger points in the body is identified and the chi flow in the body is regulated. Some people may not be interested in needle insertion.

For them the good news is that there are methods available where acupuncture is carried out without the necessity to insert needles in the body.

People have reported that they get good relief from rattled nerves fibromyalgia pain problems after doing this therapy. This is one of the ancient ways of treatment used to treat any type of problems in the body.

Regular exercises

Regular simple exercises are always good for handling any type of disorders in the body. Continuous practice can give good relief from various symptoms of pain in the body.

For people with fibromyalgia, it may not be easier to do regular exercise. Due to the pain that they experience in their body, moving some part of the body might even be difficult for them.

In such cases if they start to do exercises forcing themselves, they even get ratted nerves situation. So it is advisable to approach their doctor or a physical expert who can guide on how to start with basics and then gradually increase the amount of exercise that they do.

If you are someone who stress your body to do work in your day to day life, then some gentle exercises and stretching can give good results against rattled nerves problem. Even resting at regular intervals of time helps.

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  1. I am one of those people who can report natural methods has helped me keep the fibromyalgia under control with less pain and even no pain for long period’s of time. Life style changes for me has made all the difference in how I feel. I find using the right approach on dealing with stress can make all the difference especially get enough sleep.

  2. I think stress occurs to some degree in most people, and these tips are great for overcoming nerves in general. It’s so important to take care of your body when you have fibromyalgia. Exercise is paramount, as you’ve mentioned here, but I also love tea! I’m drinking some right now! Many times, I’ve heard that pain is all in the head. Sometimes a positive attitude, and as you say, improved confidence, really does wonders for your body. Affirmations and an optimistic outlook can drastically improve quality of life, even if you’re suffering from daily pain. Thanks for another great read!

  3. Although medications can be very effective, there are always side effects. If there are natural ways of handling a condition, such as anxiety, then I feel like that would be the first way I would want to go. Exercise is always a go-to for anxiety, but I also find that a guided meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing exercises work just as wonderfully

  4. Natural remedies are my preference. Thanks for the insight on natural remedies for rattled nerves from fibromyalgia. My doctor quickly suggested medication. I am tired of pills. I will give these natural remedies a try. Acupuncture would be a fun adventure! I have never tried it.

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