Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia

Understanding the connection of Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia

With limited access to understanding the cause of fibromyalgia, it has become a challenge for even doctors to understand the actual cause of fibromyalgia and provide treatment to their patients.

Some of the common symptoms that are experienced by fibromyalgia people are usually handled with the help of some painkillers and natural remedies.

Mostly these treatments are made after gathering enough information from the patients. Some experts say that fibromyalgia can be considered to be one of the psychosomatic diseases that affect the major population.

The symptoms of this condition also vary from one person to another. People also experience fibromyalgia as a seasonal disease.

Understanding the cause of fibromyalgia is very important to be aware of the effects of this disease and take necessary steps to overcome the consequences of this condition.

It is quite common that if we approach a doctor with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, they will even be confused on how to provide treatments for you.

As the modern science is not having enough answers that satisfy the needs and questions about fibromyalgia, it has become a big problem for the doctors to provide a good solution to the individuals who visit the doctors with such conditions.

Paresthesia is a condition that is associated with fibromyalgia and is also considered to be one of the main symptoms experienced by people with fibromyalgia.

The nervous system of the individual is what is affected because of Paresthesia. There are several sensations experienced by the people who have paresthesia problems.

These symptoms can include prickling, numbness in the affected area, burning sensations, tingling sensation etc.

Knowing more about the effect of paresthesia

Paresthesia is a condition that can occur all of a sudden on an individual. This condition can also give a burning and itchy feeling to a person.

The reason is not sure but most of the people experience this in the hand and leg region quite often. For some people who are involved with many days to day activities will experience this condition quite often and that too when they use their hand or leg to do their tasks.

With people who already have fibromyalgia, this condition is something that is very disturbing for them. There is no proper warning sign or any other symptom before this condition occurs.

This usually happens directly on people. It is believed that if paresthesia is identified during the early stages of fibromyalgia, then there is a high possibility that there can be the solution to have this situation under control.

Some people who have paresthesia combined with the usual symptom of fibromyalgia will end up having this problem throughout their life.

There will be many medications available that can help in keeping the situation under control but it is believed that they will have to hold it for the rest of their life. It is not sure that all the types of medication will work for everyone.

Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia

Effective ways to treat paresthesia symptom of fibromyalgia

There are both natural and other medications available to treat paresthesia. These medications either act as a good suppressing factor or it can even be a cure for some people.

As the symptom is different from one person to another person the treatment is also different from one person to another person.

Some treatment may work temporarily on an individual but some treatment can really be very helpful in acting as a long-term cure for some patients.

The good point about natural treatments is that it can help the affected individuals get good results without the necessity to get exposed to side effects from the other unknown drugs that are available.

Massage – People with the symptom of paresthesia will have high sensitivity and sometimes high pain symptoms for unknown reasons.

In these cases, massage can be one of the most helpful and powerful natural treatment. Though the treatment cannot be a solution in just one day, the body takes some days to get used and provide better results after continuous treatment.

Based on the experiences of people who already have symptoms of paresthesia combined with other symptoms of fibromyalgia, it is evident that it has been a good suppressing factor for these people.

During the massage, most of the affected places in the body are addressed. It is easier to identify the affected part with the help of pain reflexes and provide appropriate massage.

Some people with fibromyalgia find this to be one of the most accurate temporary relief factor. Some people also believe that it gradually helps towards getting a permanent relief.

Acupuncture – This is one of the ancient methods of treatment available to treat any type of problems in the body related to energy flow and pain symptoms in the body.

With the help of acupuncture, the individuals get a good relief and sometimes permanent relief as well. The ideology of acupuncture is that it helps in regulating the Chi flow in the body.

It is believed that, if the Chi flow in the body is interrupted, then that can lead to various disorders affecting a person.

Chi flow is regulated with the help of acupuncture treatment where the patient gets good relief from the pain that they experience.

Acupuncture is not just a treatment that is commonly used to reduce the weight of a person. There are several other significance associated with the treatment using acupuncture.

Apart from the significance, there are also various types in which acupuncture treatment is provided. In the modern world, the treatment is even possible without insertion of the needle in the trigger points of the body.

Some people may not find it very convincing to insert the needle into their body. So, in that case, they can opt for acupuncture treatment that will not require insertion of needles in their body.

Paresthesia is also a condition that is experienced after a nerve damage or the symptom that occurs as a post operation effect in fibromyalgia patients.

This symptom can also be followed by inflammation, trauma and other conditions. Some of the causes of paresthesia in fibromyalgia patients are identified but there will still be the difference from one person to another person based on the body condition and severity of fibromyalgia in that person.

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  1. Mrs mary, is the lady next door, a close friend who has suffered from the agonizing pain of fibromyalgia for quite some time now, but with the help of regular massage and intake of medications, she was able to take back her social life. I think people need to be educated on the dangers of fibromyalgia so that it can be placed under severe medical check at its early state to avoid future damages.

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