Irritation in vocal cord and throat region

Symptoms and Steps for fibromyalgia individuals to avoid acid reflux

Acid reflux can produce various symptoms in an individual. There are lots of reasons why a person can get acid reflux. In other words acid reflux is also called as gastroesophageal reflux.

This need not necessarily be a disease and can be referred as a condition. The effect of acid reflux last for some time unless there is damage in the esophagus.

The effect of acid reflux can also create heart burns for some people. If people who have fibromyalgia experience continuous problems with acid reflux, it is highly important to consult doctor immediately and get it treated.

Experts say that it can also lead to complications like esophagus damage and cancer. The symptoms of acid reflux are quite unusual sometimes.

Some of the symptoms are commonly experienced by people who have problems with digestion. There are also natural remedies available to treat acid reflux. Hot water provides good relief from the effect of acid reflux.

Unusual chest pain from acid reflex

Chest pain is not usually a common symptom in fibromyalgia individuals.

But for people who have other disorders along with fibromyalgia experiencing chest pain can be very common.

One strong reason here for unusual burning or pain in chest region is due to acid reflex.

It is very important to get it treated from your doctors. Sometimes it can be due to a different reason.

The symptom is seen in individuals who have problems in stomach acid splashing to the esophagus and chest region.

Heart attack chest pain should not be mistaken with that of a chest burn due to acid reflex.

Avoid food before bed and acid reflux

Avoid food before bed

There should be a good time gap between your dinner and bed time. If you go to bed immediately after having your dinner, the digestion process can be affected leading to acid reflux.

When you are in sitting or standing position, the food particles are settled in the stomach region due to gravity.

When the person lies down there is a high possibility that food particles along with digestive acids splash to the upper part of the stomach and esophagus causing irritation and disturbance to sleep.

Eating food stomach should also be avoided by people who have fibromyalgia. Some research works claim that people who have fibromyalgia should be very careful with their diet.

There will be certain food items that may not be easy to digest. Consuming right quantity of food can be easier for digestion. This will also prevent acid reflux from happening.

Drinking hot water after meal

Drinking hot water after meal

Hot water is considered to be one of the natural remedy for controlling acid reflux. Due to acid reflux people also experience pain in the esophagus or the center part of the food pipe.

This usually occurs for people who consume heavy meals. It is always advisable to leave some empty space in the stomach for water and air so that food particles can easily move and digest easily.

Drinking enough hot water will help in stimulating digestion and help in providing relief from acid reflux.

It is not just for people who have poor digestion but it is very helpful for all the people who want their digestion process to be very smooth without any problems from acid reflux.

Avoid alcohol after your meal

Avoid alcohol after your meal

Alcohol when consumed during and after the meal is also not good for health. Alcohol combines with digestive juices to create acid effect.

These acids then splashes outside the stomach to esophagus causing pain the lower region of the food pipe near the upper part of the stomach.

If you consume more alcohol, it will also lead the acid escape though throat to the mouth region. When the acid reaches mouth region it can give bitter taste.

It is not advisable for fibromyalgia individuals to consume alcohol. When people don’t get proper sleep due to pain the body, they consume alcohol.

But after the effect of alcohol is gone the pain signals get amplified giving a wide awake situation.

Irritation in vocal cord and throat region

Irritation in vocal cord and throat region

When acid splashes through esophagus it will also reach the throat region. This can cause damage or irritation to the throat region cracking your vocal cord.

This is one of the commonly seen symptoms in people who have acid reflux. People also catch up cold easily due to such problems.

If you notice a change in your voice or if your voice sounds husky right after you complete your meal, it can be due to acid reflux.

Sore Throat or infection

Sore Throat or infection

Drinking hot water can prevent from flu infection in throat. The problem can be because of the splashing out of acid from the stomach region till your throat.

People who have fibromyalgia with digestive problems usually experience such symptoms. Sore throat can also lead to chronic pain.

If it is not attended at the right time, it can create other complications like sneezing and sniffling.

Chronic Cough and Asthma

Chronic Cough and Asthma

People who have problems with digestion will have continuous chronic cough as an effect of acid reflux. In some individuals the acid reaches the lungs during reflux and creates infection in the lungs.

This can lead to respiratory problems in fibromyalgia individuals and breathing difficulties. One way to avoid this is by consuming right quantity of food.

Excess quantity of food can lead to such complications. There are medications available to treat such conditions.

Drugs are available that can help the lungs heal back from an acid damage. For people who already have asthma, this becomes one of the factors for triggering wheezing.

Some experts feel that acid reflux can trigger respiratory difficulties if the acid reaches and affects the nerves in the lungs. Proper test can help in identifying the cause and effect to provide appropriate solution.

Consuming food items that are very good for digestion can be very helpful in handling the problems related to digestion.

When your mouth produces lots of saliva, which can be another way to identify and know about acid reflux.

Fibromyalgia individuals should be very careful with such symptoms as it can even complicate the chronic pain that they already experience.

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