Weather changes and fibromyalgia

Possibilities for humidity to affect fibromyalgia individuals

 fibromyalgia and humidity

There is a belief that fibromyalgia condition can be disturbed due to changes in weather. There are also many people who acknowledge the fact that humidity and heat can disturb people who have fibromyalgia.

The effects of fibromyalgia can be sometimes difficult to determine. There are some common problems noticed like pain, fatigue and muscle pain but apart from that there are also other important symptoms that affect fibromyalgia individuals badly.

Some of these symptoms include stress, depression, nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness etc. People feel the difference when they actually notice a change in the weather conditions.

High humidity in the atmosphere can also lead to breathing difficulty. These claims are made by the group of fibromyalgia individuals who feel that seasonal and weather changes increase the pain they experience from fibromyalgia.

Effects of humidity on fibromyalgia

People who have fibromyalgia are disturbed due to various natural factors. Some of the factors can be a disturbance in the weather conditions. Both too much of cold and too much of heat can trigger or increase the pain symptoms in fibromyalgia.

Change in air pressure can be considered as one of the reason why people experience change in pain symptoms.

It is not necessarily be the case that only people who have fibromyalgia will have problems when humidity level is high in the atmosphere.

There are also people with other problems like asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems who find humidity difficult to manage.

When absolute humidity in the air is low, people with fibromyalgia witness some of the problems like headache, fatigue, widespread pain in body parts, stiffness etc.

In some rare cases, breathing difficulty is also seen. When a normal healthy individual itself can be exposed to allergies and other problems due to high humidity, there is a high possibility for fibromyalgia individuals to be affected by change in air pressure and water content in the air.

Weather changes and fibromyalgia

People who usually show problems with one weather condition, either cold or heat at a time do not express any problem for the other extreme.

For example if a person with fibromyalgia find complication with cold surrounding or cold weather, extreme heat condition is always comfortable for them.

This is a good sign and is always used to bring comfort to them. These sensitivity factors may change from one person to another person but on a large scale these factors remain common.

As a remedy for this people also move between two different places based on the weather conditions. These are people who have fibromyalgia symptoms only during change in weather condition or during seasonal changes.

The effects of change in weather are not identified completely. Researches are continuously working on this to identify the exact reason and ways to handle the problems.

Some of the below clues have been provided by the studies conducted by the researchers as an effect of weather changes:

Changes to mood

When there is a change in weather condition, people often experience change in moods. Stress and depression is also considered to be one of the outcomes of weather changes for some individuals who have fibromyalgia.

When stress, anxiety and depression are increases the pain experienced in the body is also amplified. These can also lead to other complications in the body as an outcome of weather changes if left unattended.

 Weather changes and fibromyalgia

Regulating body temperature

Body finds it very difficult to regulate the heat. For every individual the body heat should be regulated properly based on the surrounding.

This task is done automatically by the body sensing the surrounding temperature. Weather changes can impact such changes from happening.

People who find it very difficult to regulate body heat, experience further problems along with the usual pain they experience from fibromyalgia.

Sweat can be one of the common symptoms seen. From researches it has been identified that people who have fibromyalgia find it difficult to habituate themselves with weather and temperature changes.

It is totally dependent on an individual as people who have problems with cold will find heat to be comfortable, people who have problems with heat will find cold to be comfortable. The preferences change from one person to another.


A normal or cool temperature is always required for people to get good sleep. In fibromyalgia individuals often the weather changes can trigger problems related to sleeplessness.

If the surrounding is very hot, people find it very difficult to sleep with an air conditioned system. Due to sleepless nights it can be difficult to concentrate in the activities of next day.

Some people are also sensitive to fans and air conditioned systems. There are two types of people; the one who can’t sleep without fan and another is someone who can’t sleep with fan due to the noise or air flow from fan.

Natural remedies during weather changes

There are some natural remedies available to overcome the problems related to fibromyalgia due to weather changes. Some of these remedies come from changes to the lifestyle.

A person who has sensitivity to heat and cold should pay more attention to their bodies to keep is warm or cold based on the need.

Some of the below tips will help an individual with fibro body during appropriate weather conditions:

Drinking plenty of water is necessary during both warm and cold conditions. Based on the surrounding a person will feel thirsty or not feel thirsty.

If humidity is high in the atmosphere, it is a bit unlikely that people will actually feel like drinking water. The actual fact is that, a person should stay hydrated irrespective of all weather conditions.

Wearing the right cloths is very important. Keeping the body warm or cold is completely on the cloths that we wear. Based on the weather changes, the cloths of an individual should also be adjusted to regulate body temperature.

Avoiding sweat is another important thing that everyone should keep in mind. Sweat may not be pleasant for people who have fibromyalgia or any other chronic condition. For some people it can even lead to stress or headache.

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