Electroacupuncture for fibromyalgia

Electroacupuncture the best natural treatment for Fibromyalgia

Before understanding more about the treatment of electro acupuncture, it is good to know what it is all about.

This is one of the treatment that is commonly used by many people with fibromyalgia condition. It is also known to be an effective treatment for fibromyalgia pains.

The pressure points are identified and interestingly handled with the help of electro acupuncture technique. Several researches are being done to identify the effect of Electroacupuncture on fibromyalgia.

The results of these researches are positive. This method of treatment is found to be very helpful on people who have not seen any effect from continuous medication.

For some people their body will not respond to therapies with fibromyalgia condition. For them Electroacupuncture had been a successful treatment in natural way.

Comparing Electroacupuncture and traditional acupuncture

There are many advancements associated with Electroacupuncture compared to traditional acupuncture.

In electro acupuncture there is a possibility that the treatment can be made with the help of needles inserted or even without needles.

Traditional acupuncture is done with the help of inserting needles in specific trigger points. But in elector acupuncture methods are used where the electrodes are placed on the trigger points in the surface of the skin without the necessity of inserting a needle.

This is very helpful for people who have fear towards the insertion of needles in their body.

With the help of Electroacupuncture a larger area can be covered. This is very helpful for fibromyalgia patients with a widespread pain in their body.

The exact trigger point is not very important to be identified. As the treatment covers a widespread area, this can be very helpful for the practitioners to handle it easily.

For passing the impulses from one needle to another needle, two needles are also used by Electroacupuncture. This technique is one of the ancient technique used to treat any type of problems related to nervous system.

For people with fibromyalgia, this will be very helpful to get a good relief from the regular pain that they usually experience.

It is also identified that people with fibromyalgia also get a permanent relief after continuous usage of Electroacupuncture technique.

But still it may not be the case for everyone as the treatment is specific to how the body of an individual can take it.

Effect of Electroacupuncture on central nervous system

Central nervous system is responsible for responsive activities of the body with the instruction from the brain.

In some fibromyalgia patients the central nervous system will be weak not responding properly to the signals from the brain.

Brain signals will be fine but central nervous system will provide hesitation to respond to those signals due to widespread pain in the body.

This is a condition that is commonly seen in people with fibromyalgia. Electroacupuncture is now being followed in healing many health conditions.

It is also identified that this treatment can help in any type of nervous dysfunction.

Passing impulses with the help of electro acupuncture can help in reaching different organs in the body with the help of the nervous system.

This can be very helpful in controlling the pain signals in the body as well. People with continuous unexplained pain in the body, usually get immediate relief after undergoing electro acupuncture.

TENS is another method associated with elector acupuncture that is used for people who are not interested in the insertion of needles in their body.

Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation therapy is done on top of the skin instead of reaching the nerve points with the help of needles.

This has also been experienced to be very effective on people who have continuous fibromyalgia pain.

 Electroacupuncture for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and electro acupuncture

As per the ancient Chinese medication, it is said that disorders in the body can be because of improper flow of chi in the body.

Chi is considered to be the life energy that helps in various activities of the body. The same ideology is also suspected for people with fibromyalgia.

If the flow of Chi is not proper in the body, it is believed that people get chronic pain in some parts of the body.

This pain can also be confined to one particular region due to a problems in an organ or it can be a widespread pain without any proper reason for it.

The practitioner of acupuncture is well aware about the points where the chi flow is weak or disturbed.

They treat that particular spot with the help of electro acupuncture treatment.

Usually in the traditional acupuncture the pain spot is identified and chi is stimulated with the help of needle insertion.

But in the cases where chi is not stimulated properly, electro acupuncture is used that is more convenient in stimulating the chi.

People sometimes think that the treatment can be really painful as they are inserting needles to the spots in the body.

People with fibromyalgia condition have hesitation towards elector acupuncture because they already experience pain in their body and they don’t want to get exposed to more pain with such treatments.

But the outcome of the treatment is really amazing helping many people get benefited out of it.

Patients will experience only tingling sensation when the electric current is passed. It will not be something that is unbearable.

For some people if the needle hits any blood vessel, bleeding can occur but there is nothing to worry about it.

It is also important that electro acupuncture should be used only by few people or people who don’t have any other contradicting disease.

Getting an advice from your doctor is very important before involving yourself on such treatments.

People with heart diseases should not get it performed directly on the heart regions.

Before starting the treatment it is good to go for a consultation first to know more details about the procedure and then undergo the treatment.

This should be done with the supervision of experts who are certified to do elector acupuncture.

If it is not done properly, this can even affect some of the organs and complicate the existing problems in the body.

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