New Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Knowing the New Signs & Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is commonly seen with people of age 30 to 40 years. It is a condition where people experience chronic pain in some part of the body.

These pains come with no reason and is not easily treatable with continuous medication.

There are many controversies and discussions about the actual cause of fibromyalgia. The signs and symptoms also change from one person to another based on their body condition.

For some people it can also combine with any primary disease that they have. Fibromyalgia is not easily curable but there are some methods available that can help in keeping the condition under control.

Most of these treatments are merely an experienced shared from the people who already have fibromyalgia.

Understanding the reason for fibromyalgia is very difficult. Even the researchers are not sure about why this condition is seen commonly in people.

It is also seen that women report fibromyalgia to their doctors more compared to that of men.

It is another unsolvable mystery on why this is very common on women compared to men.

Pain the most known symptom of fibromyalgia

Most of the people with fibromyalgia express a widespread pain in their body. Usually for any problem in the body pain is the first symptom that is experienced.

That is the factor that makes you visit a doctor to get expert advice. In some cases the pain can be regional and then spread to a wide area.

The pain is experienced in the joint areas and around the muscle region. Some people gradually develop deep and sharp pain.

Some people get more pain when they do any hard work. The pain usually travels throughout the body and it is also considered to be seasonal.

For some people pain will be experienced during a particular season and it will go away after that.

For some people the pain will be in such a way that they will not be able to do any movement to their body or any kind of physical work.

Tender points become really painful and a little stress on the tender point can give a jarring experience.

When you are practiced with fibromyalgia, you will be able to easily predict the pain and act accordingly. Some of the pain regions are quite common and it usually comes and goes.

Fatigue the next important symptom of fibromyalgia

Though the pain is experienced in almost of everywhere in the body, fibromyalgia patients also experience a restless syndrome.

Even after having a good amount of rest or sleep they will feel tired and resistance to do work.

In most of the people fatigue is experienced like a situation similar to that of a flu. When people arise in the morning they feel very tired and also they see some symptoms of pain in their body.

Even though they get good sleep during the night, they tend to have tired feeling while arising in the morning. This can also be experienced after doing some mild works for the day.

If you have a fatigue condition, it will also make you feel lazy to do any work. People experience fatigue after continuous work, folding cloths, exercising, etc.

Sleep disturbances a sign for fibromyalgia

It is very common to see many people with sleep disturbances. This can be due many reason and out of which fibromyalgia can be one of the reason.

The symptom can be experienced by people who already have fibromyalgia problem or in individuals who are new to fibromyalgia.

The consequences of sleep disturbance can lead to many conditions like tiredness throughout the day.

Due the continuous pain experienced in the body, people usually find it disturbing to have a good sleep during the night.

Restless legs syndrome is also another reason why people get sleep disturbances during the night. This can be due to the amount of strain that people had the previous day.

When your body get exposed to so much of strain that prevents it from getting good sleep, it exhibits the problem in the form of fibromyalgia pain that a person usually experience in their body.

Tests have proved that most of the people with the condition of fibromyalgia have seen interruptions in their sleep. Their body find it difficult to rejuvenate without the help of deep sleep.

 New Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Depression and Anxiety a symptom for fibromyalgia

Depression can be an outcome of the mental strain that an individual undergo due to other fibromyalgia condition.

This can lead to other problems like anxiety as well. Some doctors prescribe antidepressants that help in keeping this problem under control.

When fibromyalgia patients experience constant pain in their body, it obviously creates too much of stress in the mind.

Due to this depression and anxiety is formed. If a person is usually very active but due to fibromyalgia if they find it difficult to be active, it will also lead to depression.

Foot pain and hand pain can be a sign for fibromyalgia

This is yet another common symptom seen in people who have fibromyalgia.

But as a next step to normal pain that people experience in their body, foot pain and hand pain can be very disturbing affecting their mobility.

When it comes to hand pain, it can be reflected in the form of hypersensitivity to touch.

On a day to day basis, if a person is required to lift and handle objects in their hand, they will feel severe pain towards the end of the day.

Similarly continuous walking can also lead to foot pain in fibromyalgia patients. Pains are usually experienced at times and will not last long.

But some pain will be experienced widespread in the body and will be constant. Some people even find it very difficult to type in keyboard in front of their computer.

This is also due to hypersensitivity of the nerves. It is important that this condition should be addressed immediately before it leads to further complications in the body.

All the above symptoms can be controlled with the help of continuous medication, frequent exercise or therapies based on the advice provided by your respective doctors.