Herpes and fibromyalgia

Is Herpes Associated with Fibromyalgia?

For those who suffer with fibromyalgia, they are fully aware of how this impacts their entire life. They may feel tired, and in pain constantly, thanks to this illness.

This is an illness that is still relatively new and we are learning more and more information about this as more studies are completed.

One of the ideas out there is that herpes is associated with fibromyalgia. What does this mean?

Many scientists, doctors and researchers are stating that the key to truly understanding fibromyalgia is through knowing about herpes, as they believe this could be an underlying cause.

The Study

The study that was conducted was meant to see what correlation could be found between herpes and fibromyalgia.

This study was conducted over a time frame of four months and included 143 patients. A few of the interesting finds included:

  • Patients would be treated for gastrointestinal issues with success, which was highly encouraging to those conducted the study.
  • One stressful event set patients back in their recovery in that they would feel one hundred percent and simply take three steps back to being sick.
  • The more a person got sick, the shorter the period of feeling well.
  • The study found that as the person progressed throughout the study, their sickness time greatly overshadowed the times in which they felt well.

It is from these results that the doctors concluded that HSV-1 is the main cause of fibromyalgia. Which is a scientific breakthrough that many people have been waiting for years to hear!

What is HSV-1?

HSV-1 is one form of herpes. It is the form of herpes that established itself as cold sores or blisters on the mouth or face.

However, it has also been associated with rosacea in children under the age of one. In children, once they demonstrate this rash, the herpes often lies dormant in their system. But, the damage has been done per most doctors.

This means the chances of that child growing up to have fibromyalgia are much higher than those who do not have any herpes in their bodies.

HSV-1 is one of the more easily shareable forms of herpes that is out there, mainly because it can be shared orally.

And it can be shared even if the person does not have a breakout of the illness. And what is very frightening is that this is easily given to children.

Studies have found that the most common way in which this is spread is through kissing, just as a grandparent would kiss a grandchild on the cheek.

Hence, many children are infected and this could be the reason why we are seeing an increase in the number of cases of fibromyalgia.

Herpes and fibromyalgia

Treating Herpes

Many scientists are stating that the idea behind treating fibromyalgia is that you must treat the root cause…the herpes.

There are two new drugs that the medical world is hoping to make common place when a person is diagnosed with herpes. These are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin.

These are both antiviral dietary supplements that has been shown to have great success in treating and helping to cure the herpes that people are showing. They contain five ingredients that are considered natural, including:

  1. Selenium
  2. Camellia Sinesis Extract
  3. Quercetin
  4. Cinnamomum Extract
  5. Licorice Extract

These are the only two products that are on the market that have numerous clinical studies done that support their claims that they can cure herpes.

There are also a few topical and oral remedies that have been around for years used by doctors. For example, penciclovir, famciclovir and acyclovir.

All of which have shown to be effective in some way or another for the person who suffers with herpes.

Is your Fibromyalgia Caused by Herpes?

When many fibromyalgia patients hear that the medical community has labeled herpes to be the cause behind fibromyalgia, they are offended. Why is this?

In several cases, the person may not have any fever blisters or the like that showcase that they may have herpes simplex one.

This is an illness that can be dormant in the body and the way in which it is showing itself is through the fibromyalgia.

To find out you may have to have several blood tests done to determine if this is the case or not.

Many doctors are asking patients to start treating themselves with more natural anti-viral medications to see if they are feeling better or if their fibromyalgia symptoms start to disappear.

The important aspect to remember with this recent study is that it is giving fibromyalgia hope. There is hope now for a cure to this illness that affects so many.

Imagine never having to deal with the chronic pain and inflammation that happens with fibromyalgia, and the numerous health issues associated with fibromyalgia. This could be a changing point in the life of many people.

A Cure is Closer than Ever

Now that we have hope for a cure, there are numerous other studies underway that are meant to further examine the connection between fibromyalgia and herpes.

It is hoped that through finding further statistics that support this claim, it can give the entire medical community a new way to treat those with fibromyalgia, and this could change the life of those who suffer.

No longer will a person have to feel as though they cannot leave their home for fear of over-tiring themselves or the like.

Is there going to be a cure for fibromyalgia? When this illness first appeared, most doctors stated that they could only treat the symptoms until the cause was found.

The cause has now been stated to be herpes. Of course, these are preliminary in these hopes, but at least there is hope for those who suffer.

The day in which the pain stops, the weakness and the numerous other issues could stop soon.

It is offering all those patients a light at the end of the tunnel that they have been so desperately wanting since this illness began!

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  1. Hi I have suffered with cold sores on my Lip’s since I was a small child . and I now get them up my nose also . I have fibromyalgia and this is great news if a cure comes about . living in hope

  2. I get the same cold sore in the exact same spot on my lips since 2005 I also have fibromyalgia
    This article helped put another piece to my puzzle of fibromyalgia

  3. I’ve never had herpes blisters, but I did get shingles in my mid 20s and the fibromyalgia started not long after that!

  4. I’m also suffering with cold sores since I was young. I get it on my lips and on my face around my eyes and everything feels sensitive and I’ m really in pain. I think I have Fibromyalgia. Everytime I go to my doctor I just get an injection for pain and it doesn’t even help for a few days. I don’t know how to ask my doctor to test me for FIbromyalgia because I really think that this is what is wrong with me. I’ve got all the symptoms

  5. I got shingles the first time at age 22. So I assume my immune system was not good to start with. I would have outbreaks right before my period and right before any virus came around. When I was 40 weeks pregnant I had 4 different clusters and had to have a C-section. I am now in my early 60s and haven’t had an outbreak in a couple of years. I have fibromyalgia and still have unbearable pain. I think the research may be on to something here.

  6. I have elementary school pictures of me w/ my lips covered with cold sores. All my life. & I am getting a connection to the two bcuz of a primary care physician but not an obvious one, just a link that I have followed myself. Still battling painful flairs, stress too much physical activity, ect… but some I put on my self. I don’t & won’t stop sometimes, & I pay for it severely. But if there is more info give it HERE!

  7. Starting at age 50, I had shingles breakouts every month, just like a period (I’d already had a hysterectomy). At the same time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, although I did not accept that diagnosis then. I do not have cold sores. I have been taking Acyclovir, 200 mg., twice a day as a preventive or maintenance dose to prevent shingles attacks and have not had an outbreak in 6 months or more, but my Fibro is worse.

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