Effect of Magnesium deficiency on fibromyalgia patients

Magnesium deficiency a possible reason for symptoms of fibromyalgia

For the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it is identified that magnesium deficiency can be one of the main reasons.

Most of the people who have the symptoms of fibromyalgia are usually found to have a magnesium deficiency.

Positive results have been experienced in using magnesium supplements to treat fibromyalgia condition.

Basic functioning of the body can be affected if there is a deficiency in magnesium in the body.

High levels of magnesium are found mainly in the body parts of the heart and the brain.

If there is a deficiency these organs will be affected easily. The pain symptoms for fibromyalgia patients is considered to be due to the improper availability of magnesium to perform day to day tasks.

Benefits of Magnesium

There are many health benefits associated with Magnesium. For some biochemical reactions happening in the body, magnesium is one of the essential minerals. Among various benefits of magnesium, some are as follows

  • Temperature regulation in body
  • Bones and teeth formation
  • Production of energy
  • Transmission of nerve impulse
  • Detoxification
  • Pain relief

Magnesium is also very helpful in treating skin ulcers. This is used as a stimulator of healing wounds.

Magnesium has a faster healing property. With the help of magnesium levels regulated in the body, one can easily evade various disease and disorders.

Supplements are also available that helps in the intake of proper quality of magnesium that is required for the body.

Effects of magnesium deficiency in human body

Magnesium is highly essential for various metabolism in human body. Various health conditions can be treated with the help of magnesium.

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency can vary from one condition to another.

Muscles in the body will need magnesium for proper functioning. Neuromuscular symptoms are experienced when there is a deficiency of magnesium in the body.

Magnesium along with calcium is highly essential for contraction of the muscles. They also help in the stable mobility of the body.

Some of the neurological symptoms and other effects of magnesium deficiency are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Muscle cramping
  • Facial Tics
  • Sleep problems
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

As the content of magnesium is widely seen in heart and brain region, people with a deficiency of magnesium are easily exposed to heart and brain disorders. An Irregular heartbeat can be one of the effects of magnesium deficiency.

There are two types of deficiency namely mild and severe magnesium deficiency. These can be identified with the help of clinical observation.

Effect of Magnesium deficiency on fibromyalgia patients

Magnesium deficiency can be due to various reasons. One common reason is due to the low level of magnesium in daily food intake.

Magnesium deficiency is also capable of affecting some of the hormone secretions in the body creating unwanted stress and anxiety.

Most of the patients who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia symptoms are having a magnesium deficiency.

It is believed that stress can be a major contributor to magnesium loss in the body. During high level of stress, people are exposed to several damages in the body.

The first symptom by which the damage is expressed out is with the help of pain in body parts. The pain can be just a regional pain or a widespread pain.

These pain symptoms can be treated with the help of magnesium. There are many people who suggest supplements rich in magnesium to treat fibromyalgia condition.

In order to get an immediate pain relief, Epsom salt is also another great substance that is being used.

If Epsom salt is mixed with warm water and used in the affected part, it gives a great relief from the pain. After all the composition of Epsom salt is Magnesium sulfate.

It is also said that lack of sleep can be another main reason for magnesium deficiency.

Some of the important growth hormones are secreted only when a person is sleeping.

People with fibromyalgia find it difficult to sleep with continuous body pain. That can be another reason why they get fibromyalgia first and then magnesium deficiency after that.

Magnesium supplements are available in various forms that can be consumed to increase the level of magnesium in the body.

 Effect of Magnesium deficiency on fibromyalgia patients

Address magnesium deficiency symptoms

It is important that you treat the condition of magnesium deficiency as soon as it is identified.

It can also create further complications in the human body. There are many methods in which magnesium deficiency can be treated.

It is recommended that you visit your doctor and follow the instructions perfectly to get a good relief from continuous problems.

To identify magnesium deficiency one should undergo a mineral imbalance test.

Magnesium therapy

Magnesium deficiency can lead to a poor health condition. By performing magnesium therapy, one can regain the strength that has been lost due to magnesium deficiency.

In fibromyalgia patients with magnesium deficiency, this therapy helps in restoring the magnesium levels in the body that in turn help in reduction of pain in the body parts.

The experienced patients have also provided good feedback about the magnesium therapy for their fibromyalgia condition.

The outcome of magnesium therapy will give the following results:

  • Relaxation to the body and help in managing stress
  • Relief of pain and fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Increase in body mobility
  • Muscle aches and cramping problems are reduced
  • Sleep disturbances are evaded and level of increased
  • Skin condition is improved
  • Mood swings are controlled and energy levels are increased

Magnesium supplements

After you get a confirmation from your doctor about the magnesium deficiency, it is good to start using magnesium supplements as soon as possible.

Continuous usage of magnesium supplements can give very good results. These magnesium supplements are available for both external and internal use.

Some of these supplements are available in forms like sprays, tablets, injections etc.

Sprays that are available can help in controlling the pain symptoms in the body. Fibromyalgia body pain can also be treated with the help of magnesium supplements.

There are also many natural food items that are rich in magnesium Though some of the supplements are only capable of giving temporary pain relief, they are also showing better results after long-term use.

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  1. There are many different forms of magnesium in a supplement, which is the best to take? Is a combination of them better, or just one type? Also, what is a good dosage? Also, which is easier on the tummy, as I have Gastroparesis, and supplements can be a huge problem. There are tablets and caplets, which are hard to digest for me, as they stay in the stomach too long. Also, I just found capsules, and wondering if that may be a better option for me? I live on a small Island in Canada, and we don’t have a huge selection to choose from.

    I would very much appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. I also have stomach problems and have Fibro,I take the Magnesium Citrate 150 mg from Webber Naturals.It is good on my stomach!!

  2. Magnesium is an excellent supplement to take for an energy boost as well as pain relief. It’s extraordinary that there is a connection to magnesium deficiency and fibromyalgia as the body is riddled with pain and magnesium itself works to prevent it. Bringing magnesium back into one’s life you can build back the strength necessary to fight the ailment.

  3. Very interesting! I know that people that lack magnesium usually are prone to muscle cramps, so I guess it makes sense that it could cause other types of pain as well. Taking magnesium supplements or eating foods high in magnesium could definitely help people that suffer from fibromyalgia. It’s definitely good to know.

  4. I had no idea that a lack of magnesium could be the culprit of fibromyalgia. I have a friend who wrote a book on dieting and he always told me that I should make sure I’m getting a good amount of magnesium in my diet. This is making me really consider it now. It has so many benefits that I was unaware of. I do take baths with Epsom salt once a month or when my back is really sore. It always works wonders! Now I know why.

  5. When you say sprays are also available as a remedy and say it can be helped ‘to control the symptoms in the body”….is it a spray that is to be inhaled?

  6. One of many cases where eating a proper, well-balanced diet is essential. While supplements are great if you can’t get the nutrients through your diet, eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables are the best route. Your body can absorb the nutrients needed much better than taking pills.

  7. I am currently receiving intravenous magnesium weekly at a pain clinic .. I have a Neuro muscular disease , lupus , Cfs. I can’t take Meds due to severe allergies . It is a cumulative effect so as it’s helping me I will continue. It helps me , like a radox bath on the inside . I also use oils & Spray topically . It does no harm & is worth looking into if your doc is open enough. Luckily my pain doc was .

    1. I have bought magnesium oil in a spray from the health food store . Apparently you can get it in a lotion as well . I find if I put too much directly on my skin it irritates my skin but once done rubbing it in I take a wash cloth and wipe it off. Works pretty good . It may irritate the skin less if you use a carrier oil

  8. I’ve had Fibro and chronic fatigue for 29 years. I’ve had so many tests done over those years and I’m not Magnesium deficient. Lucky because I can not take Magnesium in any way shape or form. Believe me I’ve tried. Tablets,oil,spray and powder they all made me feel sick. Hopefully some of you will find the benefit of Magnesium. Luv luv ??

  9. Magnesium deficient seems to be a problem to so many people, and link to so many other conditions, like sleeping problem, depression, migraine, chest pain, really it could take some time for you to get the tablets that could help you, so what do you, you keep changing them i guess until you get lucky and found a pill that works for, in what i know and people i know, sometime you have to do so may tests, you just need to keep trying and do your own research, find what ever that could ease the pain.

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