Fibromyalgia and neck pain

‘My neck is aching’ know how to get rid of fibromyalgia associated neck pain!

Fibromyalgia and neck pain

Fibromyalgia is defined as the number of pains across your body. Your neck, shoulder, low back, and feet can be painful whenever fibromyalgia flares up or hits you.

No matter, how strictly are you following the doctor’s guidelines and how serious you’re about your diet and exercise, fibromyalgia pain comes due to any specific trigger.

Among other sites of the body, neck and shoulder are the most common sites of fibromyalgia pain. Just don’t blame your computer work for the neck pain; fibromyalgia could be the potential cause!

Can’t move your neck? Is pain not relieved by anyhow? Do you notice other unusual symptoms? Well, we often dismiss the neck pain and take it for granted.

If the pain is not going away by any measure and you’re experiencing additional problems, like, impaired concentration, low back pain, shoulder pain, headache, inability to do multi-tasking, anxiety, palpitations, skin and fragrance sensitivity and weakness in limbs, you should get checked the fibromyalgia.

Why is neck pain common in fibromyalgia patients?

Because your brain goes crazy about the pain perception, you would feel musculoskeletal pain accompanied by the stiffness along with the localized tenderness at 11 to 18 points in the body.

People living with fibromyalgia most frequently complained about the neck pain. You may even feel neck pain and stiffness in the morning and later on, it may progress. Hence, neck pain is common in the fibromyalgia.

How to cure the neck pain associated with the fibromyalgia? 

Though, medicines would be helpful, but did you ever try any home remedy to ease the pain? Well, you should try the following methods to get rid of the neck pain immediately. Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on the potential triggers causing the fibro flare-ups.

1- Modify your movements

Yes, with the help of the movement modification, you’re less likely to get the neck pain due to fibromyalgia.

If you’re standing then, try to sit with back and neck supported by the pillows so that less strain will be placed on your joints.

Practice the correct ergonomics and try to use the energy-conversation techniques, especially during a flare up time.

Let your elbows close to your body

People with fibromyalgia frequently experience the neck and shoulder pain, especially, the pain become worse when you clean a window or wash dishes.

To decrease the discomfort, keep your elbows closer to the sink, table, desk, or table whenever you’re working so that you won’t need to reach so far and your muscles and joints won’t get extra stress.

Remember, closer your elbows to the sides, lesser will be neck and shoulder pain.

Keep things at your eye level

While working in the office, if your computer is below or above your eye level, it could be very bad for your neck. And it may even trigger the neck pain.

Keep your neck at the neutral position rather you’re reading anything or working on a computer so that your neck will be pain-free.

2- Keep the right balance of the movements

Well, whenever the neck pain strikes you, you may even increase the workload or abandon everything. This shouldn’t be done; in fact, you should know how to keep the right balance of the movements. If you know that you’ll take a long rest after doing any strenuous activity, then, just simply abandon that activity!

If your neck becomes painful for a long duration, it is possible that you would have the low back pain more frequently as well. So, maintain the equilibrium of balance!

3- Apply cold pack

If you’re experiencing the severe neck pain, get some help from ice! Yes, a cold pack is the best solution to let your neck pain away.

When you apply a cold pack on your cervical spine, your muscles will be relaxed and pain intensity will be reduced.

Cold pack induces the vasoconstriction in your blood vessels, sending the pain signals lesser to your brain.

4- Get help from hot pack

If you’re unable to move your neck left and right or up and down, then applies hot pack. Along with reducing the stiffness, your pain intensity will also be decreased.

After doing any strenuous activity, like working on the computer, apply hot pack for about 15 minutes and then, see the difference!

5- Do some massage

Massage has incredible effects when it comes to easing the neck pain. The blood flow will be increased and muscle becomes less taut, leaving a relaxation effect.

6- Be careful when using a phone

You won’t know that how much the incorrect position of cradling your phone aggravates the neck pain associated with the fibromyalgia. Either while talking or texting anyone, you should be very careful.

When you keep your neck in incorrect position, more stress will be placed on the cervical spine and more neck pain you’ll experience. Avoid neck pain due to the phone use by using a Bluetooth or hands-free.

While browsing or messaging, keep your phone up high in order to reduce the angle at which you’re holding your neck.

7- Do stretching

Stretch your neck muscles more frequently so that your neck muscles won’t be taut enough and you won’t get the neck pain frequently.

Okay, as you’re reading this for about three to five minutes, stretch your neck by moving up to the ceiling and then look down. Look to the left side and then, right side. And the last stretch is touch your right ear to the right shoulder and then, switches the side.

Do these stretches two to three times in a day, even after using your phone or any other gadget.

8- Increase magnesium and water intake

Your vertebral disc is majorly composed of the water and it requires water to maintain its vitality. If you drink more water, the vertebrae will be healthy and you won’t get frequent episodes of neck pain.

Magnesium has a prominent role in the muscle contraction and relaxation. Since, your muscles are in extra stress due to the over-sensitivity of the brain signals of pain, magnesium would make the contraction and relaxation much easier.

Perhaps, fibromyalgia is a complicated disorder, but, it depends on you that how smartly and carefully are you handling it. Apply the measures and say No to neck pain!


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