Epsom salt for fibromyalgia

Surprising benefits from Epsom salt for fibromyalgia condition

It has become quite common to explore more about the home remedies for fibromyalgia symptoms.

There are many types of researches going on all over the world to find out the exact cause of fibromyalgia and also the remedies for the same.

However, a recent study has provided surprising results in terms of the findings it has made.

During the researches, scientists already found out that c deficiency can be one of the main reason for fibromyalgia.

Though it is not sure, there are some best effects seen in patients who are soaked in Epsom salt.

Positive aspects of Epsom salt

It is not just for fibromyalgia but Epsom salt is used for many other home-based remedies that people usually go for.

There are many good aspects in Epsom salt which gives good healing to many health problems.

Epsom salt can be otherwise known as magnesium sulfate. There are also other names like Epsal, Magnesium-Rougier or Mag 2 in which Epsom salt is called.

As the usage of Epsom salt in increasing among the people, this is now available for purchase in the form of crystals, suspensions, powders or ointments.

Usually, people use Epsom salt to fight the problems that they have with constipation.

Also for some people, if they have severe muscular pain, Epsom salt can be used to get a good relief from muscular pain.

It is highly advisable to first go to your doctor to know about the usage of Epsom salt as it is a laxative.

People are gaining experience in using Epsom salt for day to day healing activities and that has also provided good results to them.

Relating Epsom salt and fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition where patients are also allowed to do some home based remedies to find a relief from the chronic pain that they have.

Based on a recent study, the scientists have found that Epsom salt can help with the symptoms of fibromyalgia in healing the problems.

Due to the high magnesium content in Epsom salt, when it is used for bathing or other purposes, the patients with fibromyalgia get a great relief.

Especially when they use it in the affected part, they are finding a good reduction in pain and use it as a remedy for their fibromyalgia conditions.

In a recent research made in Minnesota, it was found that people with fibromyalgia are found to have magnesium deficiencies causing severe chronic pain in their body.

In order to improve the quality of their life, the scientists suggest usage of Epsom salt in their day to day activity or even during their tough days.

A research was carried out where people with fibromyalgia were given a spray bottle with contents rich in magnesium and they were asked to use it twice a day.

Within few days their fibromyalgia condition was suppressed and they started to experience fewer symptoms.

Doctors suggest about the positive aspects of Epsom salt and advice the patients to use it on a regular basis.


Using Epsom salt for fibromyalgia

It is not just fibromyalgia but Epsom salt can be used as a remedy for various conditions in the body.

Common problems in the human body that can be easily treated with the help of simple exercise.

For some specific problems, it is highly important that you go for special medication or home-based remedies which is the natural way to treat disorders.

But before you go for any such remedy it is highly advisable to consult your doctor to gather more details on the approach you take to sort out your problem.

There are many benefits associated with Epsom salt. The researchers have shown interest in studying Epsom salt in deep to know the benefits and to explore how it can be used for fibromyalgia symptoms.

As a home based remedy, Epsom salt bath can be taken by people who have a problem with fibromyalgia.

Epsom salt for fibromyalgia

This will help to increase the magnesium content in the body evading the deficiency that they have.

Apart from the relief that people get by using Epsom salt, the researchers have also found that it increases the muscle strength helping the patient get good relief from muscular pain as well.

If on a regular basis Epsom salt is used, it is proved to provide good relief from other facts like stress that constitute to fibromyalgia.

Sleeplessness is also another main reason why people are easily exposed to fibromyalgia.

When people take bath from Epsom salt, it increases the magnesium in the body and that will also help in getting proper sleep.

Other benefits of Epsom salt

Apart from the remedy that Epsom salt provides for fibromyalgia condition, it also provides great relief for other problems in the body. Some of the other benefits are as listed below:

  • Reduce muscular pain on regular usage
  • Helps with stress management which is the main constituent for fibromyalgia.
  • Evades the tiredness that you have in the body and provides freshness.
  • Good against magnesium deficiency in the body.
  • Helps in reducing soreness
  • Provide relaxation to the body.
  • Controls sleeplessness and provide provision for deep sleep.
  • Minor inflammations and muscle aches can also be treated with Epsom salt.
  • Helps with some specific skin problems as Epsom salt can be absorbed through your skin.

Before using the products with Epsom salt, it is highly necessary that you visit your doctor to inform and ask details about the benefits of Epsom salt.

If you are focused on treating your fibromyalgia condition, then it will not be a problem as the doctor will be able to guide you through the steps that you should take to use Epsom salt to treat fibromyalgia symptom.

When you purchase Epsom salt, there will be instruction available along with the product itself which you can use as a reference to proceed further.

If you are not clear about something, you can search for details online or you can approach your doctor to get it clarified.

If you have to itch in the affected part, that can also be treated or handled with the help of Epsom salt.

Fibromyalgia and epsom salt

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  1. Fibro sufferer for about 10 yrs… DDon’t seem to have flare ups anymore just a total continuation of pain… So I will be trying epsom salts for the first time this week….. Anything is worth a try xxx

      1. Wow, I could have written your message! When I am in a flare up and take an Epsom salt bath, in addition to what’s in the tub (usu 3 cups plus more if I add more water) I make a paste and put it on my upper back, neck, arms, etc and put a towel over all. I try to soak for an hour. Also, Rosewood oil helps, put about 10 drops in full tub. Just make sure it’s pure oil.
        I’ll buy store brands but when it’s on sale, Dr. Teal’s is great, it disolves quickly and seems to help better

        1. Hi Gina! I order the 25lb bag from The Salt Company (?) In California. It lasts for months & is cheaper than buying in stores.

      2. that is interesting Kathy, I have suffered fibro for many years and only found out 3 years ago that I am sensitive to gluten. I still have brown bread twice a week and always feel like crap afterwards. Thanks for the tip x

    1. I take Epsom salt baths minimum of five days a week. I’ve been like you, where it’s a constant wide spread pain, with fewer flare ups, however the flares are much worse now.
      The Epsom salt baths really help, in two ways for me, I become more relaxed, and if I time it properly I can relax enough to fall asleep, and interestingly, my hair is much thicker. I have dealt with thinning hair for 10 years now, so I’ve always had to wear shorter styles. My hair is now down to my bra line, and when I’m around people the compliment it. That means a lot to me because styling my hair and doing my make up are a big physical chore for me. I also like magnesium oil, I rub it into my calves and feet at night and this really helps prevent cramping and restless leg syndrome.

    2. I have been using dr. Teal’s Epsom salt for a few months now and they really do help ease the pain … good luck to you.

  2. I have a difficult time with getting in and out of a bath, I’m pretty weak these days. But I’m going.to try this! I’ve been in a huge flare and in bed for three days going on four and will try anything I can get my hands on. Hoping this works….

    1. Try the epsom salt foaming wash if you have trouble getting in and out of the bath. I use it on my body poof and wash my body with it and I draw bath water while I’m taking a shower so that my feet can soak it in. That alone helps so much. Especially on days when I am too weak to get in and out of the tub. I have also found that BioFreeze works wonders for deep tissue and muscle pain. You can buy it online and it comes in gel, lotion, roll on and spray. It’s like an Icy Hot or bengay product but it’s so much better. I found you can get a good deal on Amazon and get 3 roll ons or sprays for $20 and if you have Amazon Prime the shipping is free.

      1. You can actually get biofreeze over the counter at Walmart now. I haven’t bought it yet, to see if it’s the same strength, but it is price comparative. Best of healing prayers to you. Have struggled with Fibro for at least 20 years, but only diagnosed for about 7 years now. Diet change helped me tremendously. Vegetarian, gluten free, and caffeine free got me off all my meds. Now I just eat a mostly vegetarian diet, with some gluten, pork, chicken, turkey, and minor caffeine.

  3. My acupuncturist advises using Epson salt and a couple tablespoons of ground Ginger as a detox bath. I do find relief in it! And after 20+ years of Fibro, I will try anything, especially if I can lower the usage of pain pills. As hard as it is to imagine Exercising with Fibro, it TRULY is the only thing keeping me moving! We just had a hot and humid week, and I didn’t have to work; I did nothing, and am in severe pain. So ladies, as much as it sounds horrible, if you can start small, it will help. God Bless

  4. I grew up with Epsom salt. My father used it a lot for his feet and even as a kid in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I would take an Epsom salt bath after ballgames. It always seemed to do the trick. I never really understood how or why it worked, but after playing baseball (game or hard practice) and later on, softball, I didn’t need to understand it. I just knew it worked. Now I know more about how it works.

  5. I dont have a bath just showers is there anything I can do to try this. I live with constant pain all the time

    1. Oh yes! Take a Mag/Cal supplement everyday. Now has a good powder form that you can put into juice after a meal. It really works great for me.

    2. They also make rubs or you can make a compress with epsom salt in warm water soaked towel and then apply to the area

    3. Try putting a cup or so in the bottom of your shower, even that will help as magnesium is absorbed thru skin and the feet have an exceptional amount of nerve receptors. Rosewood essential oil helps to calm nerves as well

    4. Neither do i. I guess we could have foot baths, stand in a container in the shower and dilute salts in warm water and spray bottle

  6. This is like a breath of fresh to me, i knew Epson salt was good but i didn’t realize it has so much benefit health wise, i will be stoking on that, great thing is accessible and affordable plus is natural remedy, i am always feeling tired, sore, aching and shoulder pain, this was a great read, very informative site.

  7. I have not used Epsom salt for fibro but I have tried ginger and turmeric tea sweetened with a little honey.. It definitely seemed to help my pain. boil 1/4 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp ground turmeric, 1 green tea bag, 1 tsp honey in 1 cup water, as soon as it boild good turn it off and let steep for a few min.. of course you can adjust the amounts to suit your taste. Also I put a teaspoon of ground organic flax seed to everything I eat. it has almost no taste so wont change food flavor..a 94 yr. old woman told me to try it,it seems to help also..

  8. This is good to hear, I’ve always soaked my feet in them and in our area these have always been a stall item, probably because the largest factory is in our hometown! NC
    I didn’t know of all the things it was in but I’m gonna try all of them!

  9. Talk to your doctor first if they know anything.
    Mine was just at a conference and he told me. To start taking 500 to 700 mg of magnesium a day. If you get the runs its to much cut back. It is suppose to help with the pain, muscle weakness, and soreness. There is also magnesium spray. Epson salt helps with relaxing the muscles then I put on tje spray it absorbs better when your boby is warm.
    Im not giving medical advice just passing on what my doctor told me. Hope it helps someone. Good luck.

  10. I hear that if you take the pill form to ensure it is magnesium oxide. I can do the bath twice a week – hubby helps me get in and out of tub when needed. I haven’t noticed a difference yet but am hoping to soon! I plan on checking out the shower suggestions! Also – it has been studied that when it comes to exercise there are two types of Fibro patients. Some it truly helps to ease the pain (such as walking, yoga, etc). For others it makes pain worse and is intolerable. Please don’t assume that everyone can “just keep moving and power thru the pain” as many cannot physically do this.

  11. I have RA, Fibromyalgia and Lupus… I have Epsom baths at least twice a week and am making a spray bottle with Epsom salt and warm water… I find it helps with pain…

  12. I have reversed fibro pain with magnesium. In addition to the soaks, I also take magnesium maleate in pill form. This helps with energy as well, but most types of oral magnesium are helpful.

    1. I have just recently been diagnosed with fibro, it’s such a relief to be told there is a reason for the aches & pains that I have had for over 20 years. I also find that taking a magnesium tablet every day helps & Epsom salt baths, even though it seems too much effort, but it’s worth doing, also rubbing magnesium oil into my feet. Unfortunately there is no cure for fibro, but at least there are ways of making ourselves feel a bit better. Take care fellow fibro sufferers. ☺

  13. I have use Epson salts in the past, but I used it orally, is that the forward?
    I’m having a day and night drink using turmeric ginger,honey to taste, cinnamon and hot water, it helps with the pain.
    I’m also diabetic. Jx

  14. I have found that it only works for me in at least a 3 day set of baths. If I use it constantly it stops helping. Also do NOT get the bathwater on any of your scale issues from Seborrheic Dermatitis or Butterfly Rash. You will end up looking like a lobster on those spots because of the Skin condition and nerve endings on your face.

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