Muscle Spasms and Fibromyalgia

Things to know about Muscle Spasms and Fibromyalgia

It has been quite common to see people with muscle spasms. There are various reasons why a muscle can go into spasm.

People look for solutions online and also approach their doctors for a solution. Muscle spasms can also be an outcome of heavy exercises that a person do.

If they outreach their capacity and push even harder, muscle spasms can occur. This is one type of people and it all need not be because of the exercise that they do.

For people who do day to day activity and heavy weight lifting, this condition is common. When the muscles become tight after a heavy workout this condition can occur.

This can even happen frequently in some people. If they find it difficult to find the cause of the muscle spasms that they get, it can also lead to a condition called fibromyalgia.

People with such problems report strange symptoms and those are the ones that are frequent but not very common.

People with fibromyalgia are also exposed to muscle spasms if they do a wrong move to their muscles that are already in pain.

Mineral loss or dehydration can also have a connection with painful muscle cramps that a personal experience.

Muscle spasms are also related in other terms like muscle cramps, muscle twitch, Charlie horse etc.

Individuals when they get muscle spasms, they find it very painful and difficult to move that particular part.

They will have to let it in the same position till it settles automatically. Some people take painkillers or apply gel to get relief from the problem.

What causes muscle spasms?

Many factors can be a constituent for muscle spasms. Some of these factors are still unknown.

It is commonly seen in people who are exposed to hard day to day activity. Electrolyte abnormalities can be another reason for muscle spasms to occur.

This is a painful situation where people will not be able to do any work. Some of the spasms occur for no reason and it will last for a longer time.

We can commonly see people who find it difficult in mobility of their neck and hip area.

Muscle spasms can occur suddenly and it can go away after a short period of time without doing any impact on the activity of a person.

Treating muscle spasms is something that should be handled carefully. People with such conditions are exposed to various threats.

If they do a wrong move to relax the muscle the spasm will be complicated leading them to suffer for some more time with the pain.

For some people if they do a small stretching this will easily get sorted. Short-lived spasms can be easily treated with the help of gentle stretching.

Relating fibromyalgia and muscle spasms

The causes of muscle spasms should be identified and it should be treated immediately with the help of medical attention.

If your condition is something that is reoccurring, then you should consider treating at the earliest because continuous muscle spasms can lead to pain in a particular region of the body and ultimately becoming a constituent of fibromyalgia.

When the neurotransmitter levels are disturbed in a particular region of the body due to strain in the muscle, then it can be a reason for muscle spasms.

This can be restored with the help of various treatments which also include simple exercises.

According to Debilitating Diseases, For patients with fibromyalgia, this condition is quite common. They will not have good mobility due to which the muscle contraction and relaxation will not be very smooth.

If they tend to move some of the body muscle with strain, it can easily lead to muscle spasms.

For fibro body, a regular activity done in a wrong way can be a reason to easily get muscle spasms.

Medications like gentle exercises, massage or rehydration etc., helps in improving the effects of muscle spasms.

Fibromyalgia patients should be very careful with the exercises that they are doing.

Not all the exercise that they do will be helpful for them to get a relief from the pain. Choosing the right exercise is important.

Muscle Spasms and Fibromyalgia

Natural ways to treat muscle spasms causing fibromyalgia

There are many natural ways available to treat muscle spasms that are associated with fibromyalgia.

People with fibromyalgia condition will find it very difficult to bear so much pain in their body already.

If they get exposed to muscle spasms as well, their mobility will be totally disturbed.

Some of the below methods will help in getting a good relief from muscle spasms for fibromyalgia patients.


A gentle massage to the affected part gives a good relief. It is necessary that this massage should be done only by professionals.

If you have a painful condition and if massage is not done properly, it will lead to further complications.

Usually, massage is considered to be a temporary relief in fibromyalgia patients but for conditions with muscle spasms, it will also relieve the pain and provide relaxation.


In order to increase the blood circulation in the body, Yoga is very helpful. It is considered that less blood flow to some of the muscle region can be one of the reasons for getting muscle spasms easily.

While doing yoga, the focus is provided on certain muscle regions and that ultimately provides more blood flow to the region.

Gentle exercises

There are some gentle exercises that you can do every day to keep your body prevented against unexpected muscle spasms.

When you do gentle exercises all the muscles are usually given some work to do thus avoiding spasms.


Stretching is a common treatment prescribed naturally for muscle spasms.

It is very important that you choose the right stretching method. For some of the conditions, the stretching can complicate the existing condition of some of the patients.

It is highly advisable to consult your doctor before you do any stretching exercise for the affected muscle region.

Apart from the natural ways, there are also other therapies and treatments available that can also help in getting a relief from muscle spasms.

In one type of medication, painkillers are provided to the patients and the spasms are allowed to get settled automatically.

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  1. I have suffered from muscle spasms in the past so it’s so nice to know there are some natural and easy ways to treat them. Next time it happens I’ll have a better idea of what to do but will also know how to prevent them from happening in the future.

  2. I’m willing to try any options. I want to learn about natural ways to help this unbelievable PAIN!!!!!

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