Facts About Fibromyalgia

Amazing Facts About Fibromyalgia

Occasionally, we experience pain and pressure in our muscles and bones. Such strains arise due to a chronic condition which is known as fibromyalgia. Is fibromyalgia a familiar term?

Well, medical experts define fibromyalgia as a chronic disorder that causes pain and sensitivity feelings in our body parts such as arms, legs, shoulders, and neck.

Fibromyalgia, also abbreviated as FM, is a long-term condition that causes fatigue, lack of sleep and mental problems such as memory loss. Fibromyalgia causes discomfort that interferes with our ability to carry out daily routines.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

In several cases, researchers have encountered a setback in establishing the exact cause of fibromyalgia.

The unknown cause of fibromyalgia has prompted the experts in developing overall assumptions of the reasons for the condition. Such hypothesis includes:-

  • A possibility of a fibromyalgia patient having a gene that reacts to the stimuli. A common belief exists saying that patients with this chronic disorder come from families whose genes are thought to respond strongly to the stimuli.
  • Environmental factors that cause the disorder such as stressful conditions like loss of loved ones.

Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

There are no identifiable lab tests that can detect fibromyalgia condition. However, medical practitioners diagnose fibromyalgia patients using the noticeable symptoms and the patient’s feelings.

Medical professional take an analysis to detect the inflammation in specific spots of the body such as joints and muscles. One is said to have fibromyalgia if the diagnosis establishes at least ten repeated pain in the particular places.

Five Recommended Vitamins for Fibromyalgia

Vitamins are issued to fibromyalgia patients to regulate the pain and maintain a healthy life. The goal of vitamin medication is to reduce the symptoms in the most natural way. For a better treatment of fibromyalgia, consider taking the following recommended vitamins:

Vitamin D

For an extended period, vitamin D is the most recommended supplement for curing and reducing the fibromyalgia symptoms because it reduces pain and also improves our immunity.

Research conducted by many institutions found that fibromyalgia disorder arises due to the deficiency in vitamin D.

Several medical journals report that Vitamin D plays a substantial role in the formation of bones. Fibromyalgia patients lack Vitamin D and always experiences pain hence a high dose recommended.

Sources of Vitamin D include foods and sunlight. A fibromyalgia patient should consider taking foods such as Cod liver fish oil, sardines, and Salmons.

Basking in the sunlight in the morning hours for close to one week is a great intervention for Vitamin D deficiency and helps relieve muscle pains associated with fibromyalgia.


SAM-e is an amino acid whose full name is S-adenosylmethionine. SAM-e is a manufactured vitamin which is administered by injection and has the likelihood ability for an immune boost.

The vitamin can be administered orally as well. Fibromyalgia disorder patients should consider taking SAM-e supplements due to its capacity to improve the immune potentially.


Magnesium is an essential vitamin relevant in regulating fibromyalgia condition. Stress and deprivation of sleep are significant symptoms of fibromyalgia condition.

Stressful emotional conditions cause the body hormones to lose magnesium hence the body’s inability to transport energy for metabolic functions.

Magnesium helps to maintain the calcium level in our muscles hence its deficiency leads to lack of sleep to fibromyalgia patients.

Magnesium significantly reduces the pain and increases the sleep level. Besides, daily administration of magnesium vitamins to fibromyalgia patients reduces the symptoms both in males and females.

Facts About Fibromyalgia

Multivitamins A, C & E.

Vitamin C and E plays a vital role in the reduction of stress levels. Stress is the primary symptom of fibromyalgia conditions hence the importance of Vitamins C and E in the regulation of the disorder.

Vitamin A has an oxidative property, vital for the fibromyalgia patients because it helps to reduce the radical symptoms of the condition.

The antioxidant aspect of vitamins A, C, and E improves the immunity and alleviates the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Foods rich in these minerals include beef liver, carrots, leafy green vegetables, sunflower seeds, olive oils, and citrus fruits.


Sodium is an essential vitamin that helps in the regulation of fibromyalgia. Refined table salt has some moderate level of sodium vitamin.

Sodium can reduce pain and weariness; hence undermine the traditional myth that salt consumption is bad for human health.

Several studies have shown that sodium can support skeleton. As a result, fibromyalgia patients should consume sodium-rich food such as sea vegetables and green kales.

Why Should You Consider Vitamins for The Treatment of Fibromyalgia?

Best alternative to prescription drugs

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins are a natural option in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Consumption of natural organic foods to supplement your mineral requirements helps in the reduction of chemical levels in our bodies that come from manufactured prescription drugs.

Vitamins have minimum side effects

Vitamins are the traditional health care tools removed directly from plants. Compared to pharmaceutical drugs vitamins have a few side effects.

Patients who use vitamins for the treatment of fibromyalgia do not experience side effects such as immune suppression and blood clotting.

Vitamins lack sensitive, allergic reactions

Vitamins give nutritional supplements with no sensitive, allergic reactions hence improving the quality of life for fibromyalgia patients.

The micronutrients available in vitamins smoothly improve the healing process. Vitamins increase our bodies mineral requirement with no sensitive, allergic reactions hence strengthen our immune system.

General Precautions When Taking Vitamins for The Treatment of Fibromyalgia

  • Dieters should take doses of vitamins as prescribed by their doctors.
  • Seek medical assistance if you encounter any severe effect.
  • Consider your age category when taking certain vitamins for the treatment of fibromyalgia: children, teenagers, and seniors.


Fibromyalgia is a reversible condition regulated through a change in our lifestyles. Vitamins consumption helps control this chronic medical condition and reduce its severe symptoms such as weariness, mental problems, and lack of sleep.

However, for the avoidance of the symptoms, we have a duty to play through continuous consumption of vitamins that helps in the treatment of the disease.

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  1. I’ll be 76 in a few weeks. I was diagnosed in my 40s. There isn’t one symptom that I DON’T have. These past 3 years have made me 100% disabled. I nursed my husband through lung and brain cancer… buried him…caught scabies from the nursing home…had hip replaced; complications. Pipes burst and ruined 5 rooms. I’m surrounded by stress givers. I’ve lost friends and family…both from death and ignorance. Without a doubt…..stress is the enemy. My internal tremors are severe. I’ve been diagnosed with Severe Depressive Disorder and PTSD and hospitalized twice. Nothing helps me. I’ve lost my life.

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