weather change and fibromyalgia

Analysing the effect of weather change in fibromyalgia patients

 weather change and fibromyalgia

Most of the people don’t believe that weather change can possibly be a reason for the changes to fibromyalgia symptoms. The opinion changes from one person to another person. But many people have reported problems due to change in weather conditions or temperature change.

There are also many individuals who find their fibromyalgia problems to be seasonal. When there is a change in weather, they will be getting pains in their body and in another season they will find no pain in their body.

The actual reasons are still debatable as we don’t have a proper proof from the researches to say the actual cause of fibromyalgia. That is the reason why it is considered to be one of the strange conditions.

Also, another mystery is that, women experience more problems from fibromyalgia compared to that of men. Here again researches don’t have a proper explanation for this fact.

From various researches and books from various sources, it is clear that fibromyalgia can be a condition with lots of different symptom. There are also many natural ingredients and supplements available which can be used to treat problems associated with fibromyalgia.

These natural ingredients are very good because they don’t cause any side effects. The symptoms of fibromyalgia is seen in people of age group 30 to 40 years.

Nowadays, people are taking steps to understand the pattern in which they get pain and they make sure they do right things to stay away from severe pain.

It is also believed that vitamin deficiency and food habits are also highly responsible for fibromyalgia symptoms in people.

Fibromyalgia patients claim that they get symptoms when there is a change in weather. Though this is not proved by any research, it will be good to look in that perspective as well to know more about the condition.

Impact of weather change over fibromyalgia patients

Fibromyalgia is usually experienced by people who have mysterious pain in their body parts. This pain will usually be a widespread pain as an outcome of any post-surgery condition or due to any other primary disease.

The disturbances in the body is expressed out in the form of pain. When the nervous system gets confused in expressing the pain signals in the body, it can also lead to fibromyalgia pain.

This fibromyalgia pain lasts for a longer period of time and will not let the individual be normal with their day to day activities.

From the claims and experiences from existing fibromyalgia people, it is said that the change in climate conditions are also responsible for the pain that they experience.

When there is a change in season, accordingly the pain in their body is also changing. Though there is no strong research evidence available to prove this fact, it is commonly expressed by a wide range of people.

During some days people feel more pain in their body and some days it will be very usual. There are also days where people with fibromyalgia don’t feel any pain in their body.

Though it is quite rare, these factors can also be associated with the change in climate like changes in temperature, humility level, precipitation, wind blow and barometric pressure.

These are considered to be some of the common facts that can be responsible for bringing changes in the symptoms of fibromyalgia patients.

Studies are being conducted to understand this factor and to know more details on how these climatic changes can be an impact-able factor for creating or altering pains in human body.

Weather changing affecting fibromyalgia

It is considered that five major weather changes can be responsible for creating abnormality and pain symptoms in fibromyalgia patients.

This seasonal change is not experienced by everyone who have fibromyalgia but 90 percent of people with fibromyalgia have reported this problem. The factors are:

Change in Temperature: It is said that during the cold seasons, people with fibromyalgia feel more pain in their body compared to that of warmer weather. Some people even find it very difficult to move their body due to pain in the cold weather conditions.

Humidity in Air: This is another factor that not only affects fibromyalgia patients but also people with other health conditions. People who have allergies and breathing problems have also reported suffocation when humidity is high. In the case of fibromyalgia patients, they experience a wide spread pain in their body. This is also similar to the symptoms that they usually experience in cold weathers.

Barometric pressure change: Fibromyalgia patients feel a sudden ache in their body parts in the joints and muscle region, when there is a drop in barometric pressure. This drop usually occurs when there is a storm. The same barometric pressure will be higher during the sunny days.

Wind speed: When there is a change in wind speed, people can usually experience fibromyalgia pain. If wind flow is higher than usual they experience pain in their muscle regions. Wind is also responsible in making the barometric pressure to get low.

Rainy days: During the rainy days fibromyalgia patients usually get more pain due to cold conditions. They will experience pain in their muscle and joint regions. Also they find rigidity in mobility.

Sensitivity to different temperatures is something that is commonly seen. For some people cold climate can be a problem and for some people too much exposure to warm climate can be a problem.

In both these conditions, there are therapies available to treat people. If people have problems with cold conditions, they are given treatment that involves creating warm feeling in the affected region. This gives them a relief.

Similarly, this is being done for people who have problems with warm climate. There are also many people across the world who move from one place to another place due to the effect of weather on their fibromyalgia problem.

At one point it becomes unbearable and they will have to make a decision to move to a place that is more comfortable for them. You can also go for any natural remedies to reduce the effect of weather on fibro body.

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  1. This article is so true, I have all the above problems concerning weather and at moment can’t walk because of rigidity in my knee. Pain is excruciating but all doctor tells me is sit with your feet up. Taking Co-code ol, for all the use it is!! Even trying Turmeric tabs for their supposedly miracle properties. Lol.

  2. Dealing with old sports injuries I often know the weather is changing based on how my bones feel when I wake up. When looking at how cold weather affects people with fibromyalgia it seems as if they share some identical pains as people with arthritis. When the seasons change I can feel it in my joints as they get stiff. After a few visits to my local massage place my body adjust and those morning pains go away. Rainy days also cause minor aches in my joints due to my arthritis, but it usually goes away when I put a little IcyHot on my joints. My family member that suffers from Fibromyalgia says IcyHot does nothing for them but cause their room to smell like mint factory.

  3. Rainy cold weather effects my fibromyalgia the same it does my arthritis makes my body achy and stiff and all my joints hurt like crazy and nothing helps not icy hot not arthritis rub nothing and when its super hot and humid my entire body just hurts real bad non stop

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