fibromyalgia burning sensation

Your thigh is on fire: revealing the burning pain sensation associated with fibromyalgia!

fibromyalgia burning sensation

Fibromyalgia is another name of the complicated and serious illness. If you’re living with fibromyalgia, you would be experiencing new and unique symptoms every day.

Sometimes, irritable bowel disease becomes more problematic, but on next day, you would be feeling a sharp shooting pain in your fingers. Hence, fibromyalgia is tolling on you and it is very difficult to deal with it.

Skin related diseases are far much common in fibromyalgia, but it varies from person to person. Likewise other symptoms, burning sensation over thigh is extremely common in people living with fibromyalgia.

You would be wondering that what the cause behind it is. As you know that in fibromyalgia, the brain processes the pain in an abnormal way, that’s why you would be feeling throbbing, burning, sharp shooting and pins and needles in any part of your body.

If burning sensation over the thighs remains constant, it would make your life miserable and pitiful. Sleeping would be more difficult.

Pain episodes will be more frequent. Fatigue would be constant. So, the series of issues can be triggered out due to the burning sensation.

What researches say about skin sensitivities associated with fibromyalgia?

Several researches have been conducted over the past couple of years, but still, the exact mechanism of increased sensitivity needs more attention.

Believe it or not, many mechanisms are occurring under your skin. In fact, some studies confirmed that the women with fibromyalgia have the excessive sensory fibers in the palms.

Yet, it is also suggested that the increased level of immune-reactive proteins can also contribute to the wayward type of pain.

People living with fibromyalgia have four times greater mast cells than the normal person. Mast cells are responsible for the skin irritations and pain reactions in the fibro people.

Too many things are going on just beneath your skin, so, it won’t be difficult to understand that how all these processes are contributing the burning sensation over the thighs.

Am I at risk of developing burning pain sensation over thigh due to fibromyalgia?

If you prefer tight-wearing clothes and doing weight-bearing activities, like walking, standing or even cycling for long hours, then, you’re more susceptible to develop this condition.

You may feel burning sensation over one side of the body. But, if it is severe, then, you may report the pain sensation on both sides of the body.

Does burning sensation over thighs trouble my activities of daily living?

Of course, activities of daily living are not much easier for you. Your quality of life will be affected drastically due to the variation of the symptoms.

Due to the immense burning sensation, you won’t get enough nighttime sleep. In fact, this symptom will trigger other irritating symptoms, like, fatigue, backache, and depression.

Skin problems also make the clothing very difficult. If you’re wearing the tight-fitted clothes, burning sensation would be increased.

Burning sensation over the thighs could be localized or generalized. Most of the people reported the sensation from the groin area to the knee, whereas, other people complained about the specific burning sensation over the mid-thighs.

Don’t try to ignore this symptom, because it could be the sign of the flare-up. If you’re missing the meds, burning pain could be the result of it.

So, make sure that you’re taking the medicine and preventive measures more carefully. Do you really want to manage this unbearable pain? Check the next section!

What medicines could be helpful? 

When you report the burning sensation over the thigh to the doctor, he may suggest you the Tylenol or ibuprofen. Some of the doctors also recommend you tramadol that will ease off other symptoms of the fibromyalgia.

Make sure to tell him about which medicines are you taking currently. If you’re observing swelling on the affected thigh, your doctor may advise you the corticosteroids.

Can massage help me to get ultimate relief?

Absolutely! Massage treatment is a quiet painful treatment for people battling with burning sensation over the thigh, but it is highly effective either.

You should seek a help from the expert massage therapist to get the optimal relief. He may release the soft tissues of the illiotibial band. Also, the increased tension over the area due to the nerve sensitivity will be fixed.

Massage will also provide the mental peace and you can carry on your work without any hurdles.

Is it necessary to visit the physical therapist?

Well, most of the doctors recommend physical therapy while dealing with the burning sensation over the thigh in fibromyalgia. It is supposed that physical therapy is an adjunct to the medicinal treatment for managing pain and discomfort.

The physical therapist will use important modalities, including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), interferential current and low-intensity phonophoresis to alleviate the pain. Also, he will also gently stretch your tightened thigh muscles to increase the ease and comfort level.

He may suggest you that apply cold or hot pack whenever the pain hits you.

If you’re obese enough, weight reduction would be a big help for getting rid of burning sensation over the thigh. Physical therapist will also guide you on how you can reduce your weight.

Incorrect posture is also a contributing factor to fibro flare ups. Your physical therapist will educate you about the correct postures as well.

Which exercises should I need to do?

By keeping the following listed exercises in your routine, the elevated muscle tension due to the fibro-induced-burning sensation over thigh can be decreased.

Additionally, the regular dose of exercise will improve your overall flexibility and strength that may help you in decreasing pain.

Bridging, cat-camel, quadriceps stretch and lunges are profound for managing the burning sensation.

However, some studies suggested that acupuncture can also aid during the flare-ups. Correct your posture.

Keep an eye on your symptoms and report any new symptoms to the doctor, because it could be the sign of something more serious than your expectation. With the prevention and immediate action, you can make your condition better.


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  1. I get. The worst pain above my left knee. It is the most unbearable pain. NOTHING takes the pain away. PAIN pills, tens unit, icy hot , heating pad makes this pain worse. It lasts for hours and days sometimes. What could t this be. I have fibro, but this comes and goes.

  2. Have been have the worst pain ever and it’s worse by the day . The pain runs up and my right side , mostly from knee today having big problems just to walk , taking a step is like someone putting hundreds of knifes in all at once but when I rest it feel like hundreds of needles going in. Had very little sleep since this started real bad . Have tried everything just easy it a little but nothing helps and I can’t touch it it’s that sore . Hope I can see a dr soon

  3. I get the burning sensation quite often now. I know that I fight depression but I refuse to allow it to over take me. My body hurts constantly and for those that do not know about Fibromyalgia it is so hard for them to understand. I get tired of hearing, “You don’t look like you have Fibromyalgia”. How does someone with the disease look exactly is what I want to ask. My back is my worst enemy and pain and burning in my feet and ankles. I try to exercise regularly which helps alot but I am exhausted when I finish which makes it difficult to make it to work.

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