Clothing Pain and Fibromyalgia

Clothing Pain and Fibromyalgia: There is a Connection

Many of those who suffer from fibromyalgia are often complaining that no matter what they do, they hurt everywhere.

It has been found that those who often feel this pain will find that their clothing may be to blame. What does this mean?

For many of those who are confirmed to have fibromyalgia, they find that certain types of clothing can make their pain worse.

Those who have this experience often find that they have a burning or intense stabbing pain, located throughout their body.

However, due to trigger points and pressure points, the actual root cause of the pain may be from another part of your body.

This is a relatively new concept about fibromyalgia. While many of those who have suffered from this illness for years point out that they have always felt pain when they wore certain clothing, it was not a mainstream idea.

There are some sufferers who have described the pain they feel as though it is a horrible sunburn all over their entire body. Needless to say, it can make daily functioning harder than normal. So, what can be done?

This sensitivity to clothing cannot be completely ignored, after all, most sufferers must leave their home and continue with their daily life, thus clothes are needed.

However, there are a few tips that you can utilize in order to control the pain level that you feel when wearing certain pieces of clothing.

Pay Attention to your Waist

Did you know that waistbands can be one of the reasons that you feel pain when you are wearing clothing? This is true for both men and women who suffer from this illness.

Therefore, never wear a waistband that is super tight, as this can cause even more issues! Here are a few other tips to remember as well.

For Women:

  1. Pantyhose should be avoided. If you must wear something, consider thigh-highs. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel when these are not constricted your waist.
  2. Try to wear underwear and jeans that are considered low rise. While you may not like the idea of where this fashion trend, many women find that this is just what the doctor ordered and decreases their pain significantly.
  3. Consider shopping in the maternity section as there are softer fitting clothing in the waist area, and these clothes tend to be more forgiving!
  4. At night, try a nightgown instead of pajama pants. Many women have reported a more restful sleep thanks to not having anything around their waist.

For Men:

While many of the above tips can help men, here are some specifically for men as well:

  1. Lounging about at home? Consider drawstring pants instead of elastic that can be unforgiving to your waist!
  2. When wearing a belt, do not wear this so tight that you feel it pressing into your skin.
  3. Avoid putting a lot of weight into your pants, as this can make their pull on the waist even worse, resulting in more pain.

fibromyalgia and bra pain

The Bra Can be Torturous for Women

One of the pieces of clothing that women have a huge issue with is the bra. Most women find that after putting on a bra, in a few hours they have intense pain throughout their ribs and even into their backs.

When this happens, usually the woman is wearing the wrong type of bra. While a bra with underwire makes the breasts look nice, it is uncomfortable and can squeeze the body more, resulting in more pain. Instead, women should try:

  1. A soft cup bra that is going to be a bit more giving than an underwire bra. And don’t worry, you can still find ample support with a soft cup bra.
  2. Sports bras that are not too tight can also prove to be more comfortable.
  3. Ensure that whatever bra you are wearing has wide straps to help balance the weight.

While bras are a necessity, consider getting a professional fitting and explaining that you do suffer from fibromyalgia. They may have styles that would fit the situation perfectly!

Socks: Elastic Nightmare

When a person with fibromyalgia wears socks that have elastic in these that are rather tight, they will find that the pain becomes worse. They may have trouble walking, and can even feel the pain radiating from their lower back and hips.

Plus, it makes the skin feel as though it is on fire due to the pressure that is being felt. While no one wants to have constant cold feet, there are a few things you can do to avoid those tight socks that cause pain.

  1. Find a sock that is made from a thinner fabric. This way if it is slightly tight, the lighter fabric is not going to be cutting into your skin as bad as if you were wearing something heavy.
  2. Try a different length of sock, and find the one that offers the less pain.
  3. Diabetic socks can be a lifesaver for someone who is living with fibromyalgia as they are made to not be as tight on the foot and ankle.

Clothing Pain and Fibromyalgia

Clothing Material: It Makes a Difference

The clothing material makes a difference as to whether you feel pain or not when wearing it. For those who do have fibromyalgia, most people recommend:

  1. Cotton
  2. Silk
  3. Satin
  4. Knits that are stretchy
  5. Fleece
  6. Flannel

Also, consider the tag of the fabric, as many fibromyalgia sufferers have found that this too can cause pain throughout the body.

Washing Clothing

While most fibromyalgia sufferers speak of pain when wearing clothing, keep in mind that you should be careful what you wash the clothing in. Why is this? Many people may have slight itching from certain detergents.

Reaching up and scratching an arm when it is already sensitive to pressure can be excruciating. The recommendation is to use a detergent that is scent and dye free, and one that is for those who have sensitive skin to be on the safe side.

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