fibromyalgia memory problems

Effects and Steps to Overcome Memory Loss Problems in Fibromyalgia Individuals

There are many symptoms associated with fibromyalgia that can make you uncomfortable in front of others. These conditions can either be a side effect of fibromyalgia symptoms or it can be a disorder.

The day to day activities become very difficult if you have symptoms of fibromyalgia. Memory problems are quite common in every individual even if they have fibromyalgia or not, the symptoms will be seen.

But in the case of fibromyalgia individuals, the sign of memory loss is commonly seen. This problem is also associated with another condition called Fibro Fog or it can be referred to as Fibro fog in other words.

Commonly conjunctive disruptions can cause stress and difficulty. For people who are used to remembering every minute details of the situation, conjunctive disruptions will be unacceptable.

But nothing in this world is permanent, there are also some measures available where you can enhance or improve memory skills.

As the problem is related to mind, there are some changes that can be made to the lifestyle to overcome problems related to memory loss in fibromyalgia individuals.

The reality of fibromyalgia memory problems

Most of the people find it difficult to believe that memory problem is actually real. People usually fail to understand that the symptoms of fibromyalgia are real.

This problem occurs with family members, partners, and relatives. As the affected individual looks normal from outside, they always have a thought that the symptoms of fibromyalgia may not be real.

Memory loss in fibromyalgia can occur in different ways. It can either be a short term memory loss or a symptom that emerges as mild one in the beginning and lead to complete memory loss.

Though this is a very rare scenario, people should be very careful about it. There are also research works going on to identify how memory loss and fibromyalgia are related.

Memory problems in the fibro body are also called fibro fog. It is a situation where people get a symptom where they feel like they are surrounded in a fog and the memories in front of them will also be unstable.

Comparison research was made between healthy individuals and fibromyalgia individuals. As an outcome of the research individuals with fibromyalgia showed some different symptoms and responses to that of healthy individuals.

This was also very useful to reveal the fact that the memory loss problem is real in fibromyalgia condition.

Tips to overcome memory loss problems in fibromyalgia

There are many methods available to overcome memory-related problems in fibromyalgia. Some of these tips come with changes to activities in day to day life.

A study was conducted at Northwestern University to understand the link between chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and memory loss problems.

The outcome of the research was very helpful in finding out methods to overcome these problems. Ways are available in which brain activities can be tracked and improved.

Enhancing brain activity can really help in overcoming problems related to memory loss. You can also exercise your brain with some puzzles and memory games.

Apart from these steps, there are also other ways in which you will be able to overcome memory problems in fibromyalgia.

Improve sleeping conditions

For any problem related to the body, sleep is very important to overcome stress and other problems in day to day life.

People who have less amount of sleep during the night time due to various reasons also develop fibro fog conditions during the day.

The drowsiness that an individual gets during the day time can be responsible for memory loss problems and confusion. Improving sleeping conditions and sleep quality can help in overcoming such problems.

Medication for memory loss

There are quite a few medications and drugs available to improve memory problems. People who are interested to take such medications can contact their doctors and get a medication prescribed.

These medications can be used only in unavoidable situations. Natural methods are always best to avoid side effects.


Brain exercises and activities are available to overcome stress and anxiety issues that can be responsible for causing memory loss problems.

People who are well aware of their day to day stress can use some of these activities to burst their stress.

Physical exercises can also be very helpful in calming and diverting the mind. This can take a person away from fibro fog.

Meditation and Yoga

When it comes to mind related problems, meditations are always better than medication. Though this may not be very comfortable for everyone, it is worth giving a try. People can approach meditation and Yoga experts to start practicing it.

People find good relief from mind related problems after the practice of meditation and Yogasana. Concentration power is increased with the help of continuous meditation.

Avoid multi-tasking

Multitasking may not be very comfortable for everyone. People who are not used to multi-tasking should avoid situations where they end up doing multi-tasking.

Exercising your brain takes some time and it is not possible for everyone to do multiple works at the same time. This can even involve discrepancies.

People who come across discrepancies are lead to other stressful situations and confusion. Scheduling the tasks can help in overcoming memory loss problems for fibromyalgia individuals.

Note making

This is a good practice that every individual should cultivate from a young age. It is not just for fibromyalgia individuals, but note-making can be very helpful in remembering all the things.

When you forget something you will be able to recollect it with the help of the notes that you made.

Solving puzzles

In order to improve the brain capacity and functions of your brain, puzzles can be very helpful. There are puzzles available at various levels which can improve concentration and brainpower. Some puzzles will also guide your brain to do the right thing at the right moment.

Scheduling tasks

It is a good practice to schedule all the tasks. People who schedule their tasks will be able to avoid problems that come as an outcome of stress and anxiety.

There is also a high possibility that you will not miss out on anything if you systematically schedule things and follow the schedule.