What Fibro Fog Feels Like

What Fibro Fog Feels Like?

What Fibro Fog Feels Like

Many people who have the symptoms of fibromyalgia will also have fibro fog. The energy circulation problem in fibromyalgia patients is something that is very common.

Free flow of energy in the body is very important to keep the body healthy and relieved from the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Along with the other symptoms of fibromyalgia, problems related to brain activity is also something that is commonly seen and it can also be an outcome of depression or anxiety.

Fibromyalgia need not be always a pain symptom to affect you. It can also be like fibro fog that can create other complications to your body and mind. The stability of the mind is also affected due to such conditions.

There are many medications available to have fibro fog under control. These medications help in controlling the mind and providing good relief and calm feeling to the mind.

If unnecessary congestions in the mind are cleared, you will be able to easily overcome the problems with fibro fog.

The feeling that people experience from fibro fog can differ from one person to another person. Similarly the treatment to their mind can also differ from one person to that of another person.

Based on the mental strength of a person, these symptoms can vary. People share their experiences about fibro fog which can be very helpful for others to handle it.

The feel you get from fibro fog

As this is a symptom that is commonly experienced by people with fibromyalgia, the experiences are also almost similar. But some people say that their symptoms are strange to that of what we see as experience from individuals who report fibro fog.

Considering that as an exceptional case, we can see the following symptoms as common with people who have fibro fog.

Along with the problems of fibromyalgia, they will also have the below symptoms and problems which can also be dependent on their body condition making them feel very low.

Different conditions and explanations for them are as follows:

Difficulty in concentrating: With this condition people will find it very difficult to concentrate when someone is talking in front of them. They either feel lost or they will end up thinking about something else.

This is quite common when you are sitting in a boring lecture section. But for people with fibro body, this condition is very common in all the instances.

Getting easy distractions: Even when you try to focus on what you are doing, you will not be able to get good stability. You will get easily exposed to distractions. This will end up in incomplete work.

There can also be a case where due to distraction, they end up forgetting what they were doing earlier. This is a condition seen in people who are working in office in a stressful job.

For such individuals, it is very important to relax their mind. Relaxing the mind can be very helpful in handling such problems and provide clarity when they do the work.

Difficulty in finding words: This is a condition that usually happens to people who are on continuous calls and meetings. When they are addressing people in front of them or if they are giving a presentation to someone, they suddenly find difficulty in finding words.

It can also be a case where when someone in front of them utters a word, it takes quite some time for them to understand the work and respond to them.

Misplacing objects: This problem is quite common for almost everyone. But in the case of people with fibro fog, they have the problem of misplacing the objects.

It becomes very difficult to identify the objects that they have misplaced. In some cases they find it after a long time of search. But mostly people will end up getting a new item after getting frustrated from searching.

Difficulty in holding conversations: When people are making conversations, there will be a state where individuals with fibro fog suddenly feels blank.

They will find it difficult to continue with the conversation. Individuals working in important roles will have this problem as a major problem because they will easily lose control over the conversation and end up agreeing to something that they should have not agreed.

Feeling alert: When people are doing some activity, they suddenly get an alert feeling. This can be sometimes helpful but not all the time for individuals with fibro body. This can also increase the anxiety level complicating the situation that they are in.

Problem in remembering things: People can end up getting cheated because of their incapability to easily remember things. This is one of the major problems with fibro fog patients.

Sometimes individuals with the effect of fibro fog can also forget some people and also things happening around them. They will feel kind of lost in the crowd.

How to overcome fibro fog symptoms?

It may not be very easy to overcome the symptoms of fibro fog. But it is easy to keep the situation under control. There are many natural ways available to keep the situation under control.

Unlike other symptoms of fibromyalgia, fibro fog is not a disorder that is difficult to treat. There are many treatments or alternatives available to handle the problems and overcome the symptoms of fibro fog. Some of them are as follows:

Keep Notes: Having notes about everything that you do can be very helpful. If you are in a confused state, the notes that you have made can be very helpful to provide you guidance.

Avoid Multitasking: It is usually difficult for fibro fog individuals to do multi-tasking. They will end up straining a lot and that can also lead to other complications. So it is good to avoid multitasking.

Better sleep: Sleep is very important to heal your body from the stress and anxiety. Having a good sleep at the right time can be very helpful in relaxing the body and mind.

Healthy food: In order to keep fibromyalgia under control, it is also important that you should take healthy food to regulate proper energy flow in the body.

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  1. I have a close friend who has fibromyalgia so it’s actually really helpful to learn about the different affects that fibromyalgia can have on a person. The tips are also beneficial because it helps to understand how someone may have adapt certain things in their life to help them manage their symptoms…thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been diagnosed 16 years now. I did work full time as psychiatric nurse in a busy day hospital. I found it increasingly difficult to process information forgetting home visits or even patient names. I would get very embarrassed when my mind would go blank or searching for words. My employees were not very accommodating or supportive to the point I was threatened with demotion. It was a very difficult time and because of same took early retirement the fibro fog is still there but at least I am at home where I can withdraw when I need to

  3. So my GP told me “fibro fog” is not “really a thing” and I just needed to “get my sleep under control.”
    I even tangle, loose, or completely forget full words. I feel like I have all the symptoms of this in an extreme fashion when I used to be a high-functioning, very busy person. How do you convince the doctors that do not even believe the conditions of their own diagnoses exist?
    He has diagnosed me twice. I have been diagnosed by at least 2 other specialists, and was honestly diagnosed 20 years ago when it was still not considered a “real thing,” though other health factors such as arthritis and DDD have now triggered worsening symptoms. Any suggestions???

  4. This post helps me understand what a family member of mine is dealing with when it comes to Fibromyalgia. When they were diagnosed with the illness I was curious about how the illness would affect their overall well-being. Fibro fog would explain a few signs that I have realized upon reading this article. I am defiantly going to share the notes I took on how to overcome the symptoms. This website has been a great resource for me that isn’t trying to get to buy some type of western medicine.

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