fibromyalgia and joint pain problems

Common joint pain problems seen in fibromyalgia patients

 fibromyalgia and joint pain problems

Fibromyalgia patients are exposed to various problems in their body. These problems include chronic pain syndrome, fatigue, mood swings, depression, anxiety, stress, memory problems, concentration problems etc.

For some people these problems are manageable to lead their day to day life with these problems. But for some people this can lead to challenges for them to continue with their day to day activities.

From various research works it is identified that fibromyalgia may not be related to one major problem in particular, it can be due to the combination of various disorders in the affected individual.

Hormonal changes can also be one of the reason why fibromyalgia is triggered. People who have common joint pain problems can also have fibromyalgia.

In fibromyalgia patients usually the pain symptoms are not seasonal and it is persistent. Also there is no proper cure available for all the symptoms of fibromyalgia. People go for medications and natural methods to find relief from the symptoms for a short period of time.

Problems related to joint pains can be treated with the help of methods that can provide good relief to them from the pain of fibromyalgia. Understanding their own body condition is very important before going for any medication in particular.

Joint pain problems and day to day activities

Not all the problems related to fibromyalgia are easily manageable. Some of the pain symptoms experienced in fibromyalgia can lead to stiffness and reduce mobility in fibromyalgia patients.

One such condition is the joint pain. Sometimes a normal joint pain is misunderstood with arthritis problem. Not all the joint pain relates to arthritis problem. There are several reasons on why people with fibromyalgia can get join pain problems.

Usually people who have fibromyalgia will have an increased weight situation. When the weight is increased the pressure on the bone joints that holds the body is also increased. This can be responsible for causing pain in the bone joints.

Imbalanced diet is another reason why people get pain in the joints. Our body requires rich nutrients in order to function without any pain and problems. Consuming a balanced diet can be very helpful in preventing from such complications.

Joint pains can also be an effect of muscle spasms that occur in fibromyalgia patients. Due to these a stiffness is created in the affected region preventing from mobility.

Continuous exercise for a long time can be responsible in complicating the fibromyalgia problem. Though physical activities are very useful for fibromyalgia patients to gain good mobility, there are also factors that needs to be considered. Too much of strain on the joints can create pain.

Natural methods to treat joint pain in fibromyalgia patients

There are many health supplements available that can be very helpful in treating problems related to the body. Based on the condition of the body these health supplements are prescribed to the patients by their doctors.

There are also people who use these supplements on their own without knowing the risk of side effects that they can create. In order to treat joint pain problems, natural methods have been proved to be very effective.

Some supplements that are available in the market are also natural and helps in providing good relief from joint pain. Other natural methods are as follows:

Yogasana and Meditation

For people who prefer natural ways to treat problems related to fibromyalgia can go for Yogasana which is one of the oldest methods to treat problems related to mind and body.

There are different asanas available as part of yoga therapy that can heal people from pain and fatigue condition. People who have joint pains can focus on that particular region and get a relief with the help of yoga practices.

Medication is used to calm down the mind from various stressful situations and focus on healing process. Meditation also provides good sleep to the individuals making them relax.


Acupuncture is an ancient method used to treat problems related to the body. It is believed that if energy flow in the body is regulated, all the problems in the body can be corrected.

With the help of acupuncture treatment the pain spots are identified and treatment is provided. There are two types of treatment available in acupuncture.

One is with the help of needle insertion and another is without needle insertion. Based on the condition of the pain in the joint region, the treatment is provided. For some people electric acupuncture also serves as a good relief from the pain symptoms.


Massaging the affected region gently helps in providing a good relief. There are various types of massages available to treat fibromyalgia pain.

For people who have pain in the joint regions, massage can be a very good solution that helps in relaxing the muscles and nerves in the region providing a good relief.

There are also methods available that can help in providing relaxation all over the body. Massage is usually done with the help of experts.

For those who need massage on a regular basis, can learn the technique by themselves and use it to heal the pain problems.

Daily exercises

There are various advantages associated with daily exercises. With the help of exercises, one will be able to get good mobility in their body.

Especially when it comes to joint region, it is very important to have good mobility because that is going to help you with your day to day activities.

In fibromyalgia patients, morning stiffness is something that is very common. People find it very difficult to move their joints when they get up from bed.

Gentle exercises every day helps in providing good mobility to the joints and muscles. This can also prevent from muscle spasms.

You can have a discussion with your doctors before you implement these natural methods to treat problems with joint pain. It may not be suitable for all the body condition.

Your doctor or a health expert will be able to provide proper guidance on which natural remedy can be very helpful for you.

There are also health supplements available that can help in healing problems related to joint pain if consumed regularly.

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  1. I have tried all medseven fibro centre at guys told me they know meds dont workand told me I have a severe case so now my husband importsmeds from the states I have started horse riding its very difficult but I think you have to set goals things to look forward to.iv sang all my life ,even on tv. And am hoping to sing in sth woodham ferrers christmas lights turning on show its different for every sufferer but this disgusting debilitating disease will not keep me sat in a chair chronic fatigue syndrome is the hardest to deal with

    1. Hi Bambi,
      I too have fibromyalgia though not the medical interventions that you have had , I also think that most meds don’t work, and we all have to find our own ways, aids etc. to manage our conditions. Good luck with the imported meds and the horse riding. I am having a flare-up which I am blaming on the damp weather

    2. I have found glucosamine works very well! Taken twice a day. Very good for joints. You may also try joint juice. Which is a liquid form… Takes about a month to notice results.

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