Is It Possible to get the remission from fibromyalgia

Is It Possible to get the remission from fibromyalgia?

Is It Possible to get the remission from fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is neither easily diagnosed nor easily managed. It’s a sensitive disease. If trigger attacks you, you would experience the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia eventually.

Sometimes, you would observe that symptoms are coming and going away. Understanding fibromyalgia symptoms are very difficult though.

Fibromyalgia remission is possible, but everyone won’t get the chance to get rid of the severe symptoms of the fibromyalgia.

You would also be looking for the ultimate options to taper down the fibro troubling symptoms. During the fibro flare-ups, your main concern would be that when will the symptoms over and how would I get eventual pain relief.

The good news for all those is the periods occur when the fibromyalgia symptoms subsided totally and you would feel really, really good but, the remission could only be achieved only if you take care of your body and don’t ignore the symptoms.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on why pain comes and goes by the time and how would you know that you’re achieving the remission period.

Why does the fibromyalgia flare-ups and remits?

Almost all the people living with fibromyalgia ask this question that does the fibro symptoms constant?

How the fibromyalgia symptoms subsided? Can you work efficiently without having fibro flare ups?

Well, answer is yes! Remission can occur only if you’re not missing the pills and other alternative measures.

Whenever the pain knocks you down, you would rather isolate yourself and don’t socialize. Even if you’re taking a shower or doing any household chores, it would trigger the pain.

Still, the exact theory about the fibromyalgia pain is unknown, but some strong explanations would help you to find the answer of above all these questions.

First of all, you should know that fibromyalgia is the problem of nerves. When your brain gives you the pain signals against something not painful, the pain signals from the nerves would be high enough. And you would experience the heightened pain and fatigue.

Due to this, your functionality and productivity would be extremely affected. In extreme cases of flare-ups, a simple walking or household chores would be equal to climbing a mountain for you.

When you report these issues to your doctor, he may suggest you some lifestyle changes, including daily activities, diet, exercises, and ergonomics of  a workplace and home.

By the implementations of these changes, you may feel like pain and other problematic symptoms associated with fibromyalgia are going away from your life.

And you’re now pretty much afraid about what happens when it flare-ups again.

When the symptoms are minimized and you can get more control, then, these periods are known as remission.

In this period, your body won’t consider the unusual signals necessary and stop overreacting to it. Consequently, you won’t have to face the same aches and pains as in the time of flare ups.

Remission and flare ups episodes are not only just limited to the flare ups, conditions, like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis, also get these episodes.

Experiencing the severe and intense symptoms for few days and then, having no symptoms after few weeks are a normal mechanism.

What matters here is the treatment plan that you’re following, things that you’re doing and lifestyle that you’re living. Make sure that you know your triggers and measures to deal with them.

Symptoms of remission

So, how would you know that remission period is coming? How does fibromyalgia remission look like?

Well, if you’re observing that not a single symptom has occurred over the course of time or the symptoms are decreasing by the time, then, congratulations! You’re entered into the fibromyalgia remission period.

In fact, you won’t need anyone’s assistance to complete the task and you can perform each task more smoothly.

Being into the remission period can get you eventual relief from the standard symptoms of fibromyalgia. But anyhow, some people still reported the symptoms even going into the remission phase.

Hey! don’t get stressed out because it doesn’t mean that fibromyalgia flare up is activating, in fact, following symptoms would last longer but won’t disturb your functionality and quality of life.

Hence, read all of these and if these symptoms are happening with you, then, just take a deep breath and have some patience.

  • Inflammation at hands or feet
  • Sensitivity to light or smell or sensation
  • Little bit deviation in attention, but not on the drastic note
  • Disturbed sleep pattern
  • Unable to recognize too hot or too cold sensation
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Excessive sweating on specific areas of the body, especially, hands, face or feet

Flare-ups and remission are the part of the vicious cycle. If you’re feeling terrible pain and fatigue due to fibromyalgia, it doesn’t mean that your condition last longer, remission period will come in your life.

However, below are some ways through which you can get the remission period much earlier. Let’s explore them,

1- Acupuncture

Though, it is difficult to understand the science of pins and needles, but the treatment of fibromyalgia through acupuncture is outstanding.

Not only, your nerves will be soothed off, in fact, your other symptoms will be reduced. So, if you didn’t visit the acupuncturist yet, you should book your appointment now!

2- Supplements

Of course, supplements can help you but, it would have the severe side effects as well. Omega -3 carnitine, vitamin D, lysine, magnesium, a vitamin B complex, and turmeric are highly beneficial for you. Before buying it, don’t forget to get the doctor’s opinion.

3- Lifestyle changes

Abandoning your long-hour based work would be a plus point for getting the remission earlier. Exercising daily will improve the joint flexibility and muscle strength.

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol will help you to get rid of the flare-ups. Keeping meditation and Yoga in practice will enable the highest peace of mind and induce a positive vibe.

So, fibromyalgia remission can be achieved only if you’re willing to add certain changes in your life.


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  1. I can understand how fibromyalgia is not always first recognised, as the symptoms are so broad. It sounds like a horrible disease, however there is hope and there are so many different methods to help deal with the disease. I think lifestyle changes is a big one, but definitely necessary. I’m sure with the future research and advances in technology this list will grow and dealing with fibromyalgia will become easier.

  2. Wow, I like the idea of acupuncture and cutting down on coffee. One of my very best friends suffers from fibro and it’s an all-consuming challenge. The symptoms come and go and change from hour to hour, and you never know what or how much she’s able to do. She does a magnificent job of managing it, but I still feel her pain.

    I recently became acquainted with a young acupuncturist in the San Diego area. The stories I heard from her experiences prompted me to check it out on YouTube and I saw some sessions done with cats. Cats aren’t afraid of the needles and I saw the cats eager to get the treatments, so I realized that they’re effective even if some of us don’t understand how it works.

    I feel really enthusiastic about the possibilities of this as a treatment and I’m going to recommend it to my friend. Thanks!

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